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I’m so excited to share this Teaching Textbooks review! Read on to find out more about this affordable, engaging, and complete online math program.

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Complete Teaching Textbooks review - a complete online math program for homeschool. Find out how this affordable, engaging program will fit your family's needs.

I received this product free of charge and was compensated to provide a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

I will be honest here: I never pictured using an online program as our full math curriculum. I just didn’t. It was never in my vision of homeschooling.

I began homeschooling my son with an individualized hands-on math program I designed and literature – tons of math books every week. I thought that’s what homeschool was all about.

After two years of homeschool, I’ve learned that my vision and my son’s needs don’t always align. And his needs come first. Every. Time.

Why Choose an Online Math Program?

It has become more and more clear that my son wants to learn math independently. I’m not his favorite math teacher. Have you experienced this?

We enjoy exploring other subjects together, but not math. Over the last year he has become resistant and math instruction became an obstacle. Which was hard to swallow because my kid has always loved math. Not anymore, it seemed.

What did he like? He enjoyed the math apps and online supplements we tried. He even liked doing math workbooks independently. Looking back at this year, I realized math itself was not the issue. The problem was he didn’t like my math instruction. Cobbling together supplements to make a math program just wasn’t working anymore.

It was time to find a single program that could meet his needs… and mine.

Finding an Online Math Program that Meets Your Needs

I usually review products after we’ve been using them for months. But I’m writing this after only a few weeks. Why? I believe Teaching Textbooks is the online math program that meets BOTH of our needs. I think that it might meet yours, too. 

This is the time of year that you might be looking for new curriculum to better suit your homeschool. I am so excited about this one, I just couldn’t wait to share. Teaching Textbooks is a program that is:

  • Affordable and valuable
  • Engaging without being a video game
  • Complete and easy-to-use

Teaching Textbooks has my son up and working on his math first thing in the morning… in July! Homeschool in pajamas? Well, I can’t  stop him at 6 am in the summertime! 

Teaching Textbooks Review: Affordable and Valuable

Isn’t this the first thing we all look at? Seriously.

Teaching Textbooks is affordable. But it’s not just a excellent price point – you are getting a great deal of value for your money.

→ What You Get

Teaching Textbooks 3.0 edition. I’ll describe other options below. For full details, see the website.

A 12 month subscription currently (2018) varies from $43.08 to $67.08 USD. I’m already intrigued. This subscription fits my budget, and is one I can manage in years to come.

With your Teaching Textbooks 3.0 subscription you receive:

  • Online access to the full program
  • Over 100 hours of engaging instruction
  • A full year of lectures, practice lessons, and quizzes
  • Lifetime access to the teacher gradebook
  • Printable ebook workbook and answer key
  • Online tech support and help over the phone – Yes! You can even talk to a real person if you have any problems!

→ Take advantage of a 12 month subscription that you can PAUSE

Teaching Textbooks ReviewWe aren’t always on a public school calendar. In fact, a lot of the time we are just the opposite. When public school is in session we are out and about in the empty museums, parks, and playgrounds – or even on vacation.

Teaching Textbooks’ 12 month subscription plan is perfect for varying schedules and year-round homeschoolers.

Even better – there’s a pause feature which allows you to pause your subscription for up to three months! Now you won’t feel like you’re losing time or wasting money if you take a couple weeks off in the summer or even take a long break from Thanksgiving to New Year, like we do!

→ More Options for Big Families

Teaching Textbooks ReviewIf you have a big family, the thought of a curriculum subscription might make your stomach knot up. After all, most subscriptions have a flat rate that you’re paying per kid every year.

Teaching Textbooks has better options.

If you have 4-8 children, check out the large family discount plan. One reasonable flat rate for all your kids.

Or you can purchase the CD and workbook option (version 2.0 of the program). Both the CDs and workbooks are also available for individual purchase.

Try Teaching Textbooks 3.0 before you buy. Find out more about the Free Trial or tap the image below to try it now.
Teaching Textbooks Review - Free Trial

Teaching Textbooks Review: Fun… but not all games

Am I the only one that doesn’t want an online math curriculum that looks and feels like a fast-action video game? Or a quiz game that gives your child question after question, and they are supposed to learn… how? By trial and error? Guessing?

Some programs leave me wondering, “Where’s the math lesson? Where’s the instruction?”

Other programs can be very dry. We tried one popular free program online. I could tell it wasn’t going to work because my son wasn’t paying any attention to the actual lesson. “Boooor-ring,” he said as he stared into space.

Enough about what I don’t like – because you’ll see that Teaching Textbooks is different.

• Each lesson starts with an interactive lecture. Your child won’t be passively watching a video. They will be interacting, answering questions, and practicing the whole way through.

• Your child can pick a “Buddy” (or turn the buddy off) – a character that cheers for them and gives them hints when they need it. This is a fun feature that is engaging but doesn’t distract from learning.

• There are some games! On my son’s level, Math 4, he gets to play a bonus round. The bonus round is a fast-paced video game – with a purpose. He is practicing his math facts here: addition, subtraction, and later multiplication and division. The speed of this round is purposeful because it helps him increase his speed with basic facts.

I love the balance of interactive lectures, practice questions, and games. The variation of activities in this program keeps kids engaged while thoroughly teaching the material.

Teaching Textbooks Review: A Complete Curriculum

Teaching Textbooks is a complete curriculum from beginning to end. A few of the features I’m most impressed with:

√ Placement Test

As homeschoolers, we know there’s no one-size-fits-all grade level for our kids. But many math programs leave you guessing what level to choose. This can be a costly – especially if you’re buying a year’s worth of textbooks!

Not with Teaching Textbooks. Before you even begin, go over the placement test with your child. This will help you find the level that best fits your child before you begin.

√ One Lesson Per Day

Can I just describe the relief I feel that I don’t have to worry if my son is doing enough math each day? That I don’t have to assign 1-3 lessons – or a certain amount of time – or learn some kind of new system of a path to a program where I don’t even know what he’s learning?

I can simply tell him, “Complete one lesson per day.” Ahhhhh.

The numbered lessons on each level fills the requirement for a year of math. I can even read the full lesson and questions on the ebook to see what he is learning each day without peeking over his shoulder.

√ Easy-to-understand Grade Book

The grading is simple and easy for a parent to understand. The report you receive looks and feels like a regular grade book. You can see what questions your child got right, what questions they got wrong, if they tried again, and if they viewed the solution.

Here’s a peek inside my grade book:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

√ Extra Help

There are a few ways your child can get extra help.

  1. Use hints and second chances
    You have the ability to turn hints and second chances on and off. Does your kiddo need a little assistance? Keep them on. Turn them off when your child is ready for a challenge.
  2. Access help for themselves
    If your child gets a question wrong, s/he can view the solution to the problem. This is a little mini-lecture on that specific problem. You can see when your child used this feature in the grade book!
  3. Review lectures and lessons
    If your kiddo was having an off day or was distracted during a particular lesson, they can go back and try again. Lessons don’t lock after they’re completed.
  4. Print the ebook for pencil and paper practice
    There might be times when sitting down side-by-side and going through a lesson makes sense. The printable workbook is quick and easy. No searching for extra supplemental material.

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Find Out More about Teaching Textbooks

If you’ve made it through my Teaching Textbooks review, you already know that this is a program that meets our needs. Does it meet yours? Find out more about the program with the following links:

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