Are you required to keep a homeschool portfolio?
Not sure where to start? What to track?

Tired of messing around with printable pages, two-inch binders, and dozens of sheet protectors?

Maybe you don’t want to waste hours scrapbooking worksheets together to prove your child is learning. Or maybe you waited until the last minute and need to put something together… fast!

There’s a simple, convenient solution.

Take a peek inside the new Homeschool Portfolio that will take the hassle out of homeschool record keeping and reporting and look fantastic on your desk!

Three designs available now with 2 day Prime Shipping. Post contains affiliate links.

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Printable version also available.

NEW! Just released:
Digital Version of our popular Homeschool Portfolio

The interactive PDF makes tracking progress, assignments, and attendance easier than ever. Import virtual school reports, add photos of work samples, and more! At the end of the year, export & email to your advisor or portfolio reviewer. They don’t even need a special app to read it. Complete, neat, and organized. You will be ready to go!

Digital Homeschool Portfolio

Designed to be used with PDF annotations apps like GoodNotes or Notability on iPad with Apple Pencil. Get the specifics here: Digital Homeschool Portfolio

Reporting Made Easy with the Homeschool Portfolio

For many of us, state requirements, charter schools, and online courses are making homeschool reporting more and more complicated.

What’s even more confusing? Some states require you to keep a portfolio, but provide no details about what needs to be included!

Where do you even begin?

Homeschool Portfolio for record keeping

Start here. With the simple, straightforward forms and checklists in your homeschool portfolio.

This versatile portfolio will fit your unique reporting needs. You’ll find a variety of pages to record:

√ Attendance or Hours
√ Curricula and Pacing
√ Assignments by Subject
√ Co-op dates
√ Reading List

With plenty of room for curricula, assessments, projects, and classes, you will be able to record all of your child’s learning experiences in one place for the whole year.

Truly Flexible Homeschool Record Keeping

As homeschoolers we know not all learning takes place behind a desk. The flexible design of this Homeschool Portfolio allows you to record learning activities beyond the standard curriculum checklist.

Whether you are using the

√  Classical Method
√  Charlotte Mason Method
√  Crafting your own Unit Studies
√  Unschooling
√  Using an Eclectic mix of curricula
√  Virtual school curriculum or using online classes

…this portfolio is for you.

Easily track unit studies, field trips, and extra curricular activities throughout the year. Plus, use the spacious subject pages to record all of your educational endeavors by subject.

Homeschool Portfolio for record keeping

Homeschool Journal

The funny thing is that many of us are required to keep records and work samples, but we may never have to show these to anyone. We need to have them… just in case. But that time may never come.

That’s why I designed the Homeschool Portfolio to be more than just a functional record keeper. It’s also a lovely journal that will become a cherished keepsake.

Homeschool Portfolio for record keeping

No more cobbling together assorted printables and slippery plastic sleeves. No more two inch binders taking up space on your bookshelf. No more notebooks that look like they were designed for a child. 

√ Simple, classic design
√ Printed in gray scale to avoid stark contrast
√ Standard letter paper for plenty of writing room
√ Slim design for easy storage
√ Smooth, matte cover looks great on your desk!

Keep homeschool memories together, beautifully with fifteen full size pages for child work samples and notes.

Homeschool Portfolio - Versatile journal for homeschool record keeping. Available in 3 designs.


Homeschool Portfolio

56 page portfolio with a variety unique pages to meet your needs, including:

  • Homeschool Requirements
  • Attendance Log: choose any month and date to start and end your school year
  • Holidays & Important Dates
  • Curriculum and Supplement List: two-page spread with space to track eight subjects and list materials used throughout the year
  • 8 Subject Spreads: featuring Curriculum Checklist and Assignments tracker. Track lessons, chapters, or pages completed, assignments, assessments, and grades
  • Unit Studies & Project Tracker: twelve unit study and project tracking boxes with room for topic, date(s), subjects, materials, and notes
  • Co-ops & Classes
  • Extra Curricular Activities
  • Field Trip Log
  • Reading Log
  • Child Work Samples: ten pages featuring a variety of lined and unlined pages to keep your child’s completed work, photos, and notes
  • Notes
Homeschool Portfolio review from Courtney at Homeschool Mastery Academy
Homeschool Portfolio review from Kim Santee of Learning Hypothesis
Homeschool Portfolio review from Sara of Embracing Destiny

Use this versatile homeschool portfolio as a functional homeschool record keeper to comply with state guidelines or keep as a personal homeschool journal to see your child’s progress and hold your most cherished homeschool memories. Order yours today.

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Printable versionDigital version

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  1. Is the printable version no longer available? When clicking the provided link in the post it directs me to a Page Not Found.

  2. Should I be buying one for each one of my students or are you able to use one for multiple children?

    1. If you’d like to purchase the printed version, yes, 1 per child. The printable is also available (linked at the bottom of the post) which can be printed, punched, and put directly in a binder for each of your kids. Thanks for your question, Lauren!

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