You want to foster a love of learning…

But seat work is a struggle. Worksheets are a headache.

And let’s not even get started on that expensive curriculum that looked so amazing and turned out to be… well, not.

You rush through school to get to the fun stuff. But even fun can be a slog – 20 minutes setting up that fantastic activity that only takes five? Ugh!

You want your children to learn, and you want them to enjoy it.



It’s beautiful to see the magic of learning and inspiration happen in children. Thank you for sharing your reflection and resources you use.


I’m glad I came across your article. It gave me an idea of what to expect, what to watch out for and more importantly, how to deal with it.

        Just imagine…

…what your home and homeschool would be like if you and your children looked forward to school every day.


…what it would feel like to relax into a rhythm that you enjoy and that helps your kids thrive.


…what it would look like to see your children excited about their education and know they’re making progress.


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Hi, I’m Ashley


When my son turned four, I dutifully packed his tiny backpack and sent him off to preschool. He was eager to learn, and I was looking forward to a bit of a break. But preschool didn’t turn out as we expected.

The resistant kid I dragged to school day after day wasn’t the same curious little explorer anymore. And by the end of it, I was afraid traditional schooling would extinguish any glimmer of enthusiasm he had. The clock was ticking for public kindergarten enrollment, and I found myself frantically looking for alternatives.

I knew the love of learning was still inside him – but it couldn’t grow behind a desk.

Suddenly homeschool was on our radar. I’d never even met another homeschooler. Was I cut out to be one? How could I manage this with two little ones underfoot? I knew I needed to set aside those fears and focus on rekindling my son’s enthusiasm. So we made a plan to ditch the desks and focus on authentic, hands-on learning experiences. That’s when I saw a change.

His passion for learning was reignited, and 3 years later, I still see it in his eagerness and willingness to learn every day. I want to help you light that fire in your children – so your curious little explorers can grow into the inquisitive trailblazers they were always meant to be.


Thanks for the encouragement! We’ve recently decided to homeschool our kids (4 & 2) because we believe it’s the best lifestyle choice for our family as a whole. But people are NOT happy with us… It’s nice to find some support for our unpopular choice!



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