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You want to foster a love of learning...

But seat work is a struggle. Worksheets are a headache.


And let’s not even get started on that expensive curriculum that looked so amazing and turned out to be… well, not.


You rush through academics to get to the fun stuff. But even fun can be a slog – 20 minutes setting up that fantastic activity that only took them five to do and set aside? Ugh!


You want your kids to learnBut not just learn. To hold on to that spark. That excitement. That love of learning and exploration they had when they were little…

I believe you can teach your kids everything they need to know and still hold on to their natural love of learning.

Just imagine...

…what it would be like to go into your day feeling confident

…seeing your kids get excited about learning

…knowing your kids are getting everything they need to be successful

Welcome to the resource room.

Hey, I’m Ashley. I’m so glad you’re here.


I created The Homeschool Resource room in 2016 in the hopes that it would become a special space for all types of educators – to learn, grow, collaborate, and find support. A judgement-free zone open to to anyone caring for a child.


As a former teacher, current homeschooler, and mom of three with one on the spectrum, I’ve been there. I’ve sat on both sides of the IEP table. Taught all kinds of kids and my own. Woke up in the night fretting that I was doing the wrong thing for them. For us. 

Life isn’t all Instagram-perfect white carpets and quietly making hand-made crafts. It takes time and effort to create that easy, rhythm – the kind you can relax into. But we got there. I believe you can, too.  

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