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Flexible and fun math subscription program by Discovering Learning delivers engaging and educational booklets to your door each month.

I received this product free of charge and was compensated for time spent writing this review. A positive review was not required; all opinions are my own. 


Our eclectic approach to kindergarten math inspired a real love for numbers in my son. We loved mixing materials, using math literature, videos, songs, and games. This hands-on approach was a great way to get started with math in gentle and fun way.

However, like many homeschool moms I worry about gaps. I worry that a mix-and-match approach won’t work long-term. 

I wanted to continue our child-led, hands-on math education AND make sure that we were building a strong math foundation in the early years – not leaving gaps that would be difficult to build on later.


I was excited to find Discovering Learning Math Subscription. It’s a subscription that sends colorful math booklets to your home each month. I was immediately drawn to the idea as an alternative to traditional year-long workbooks!

Discovering Learning Math Subscription, Fun Math Education

This program has both the novelty of a subscription box and the focused skill-building of a year-long program. It’s more than a fun and games subscription – just don’t tell my son that!


What a fun surprise when the box came in the mail. My son enthusiastically tore into it and got started right away!

√ Easy-to-understand, visual directions
√ Written instructions to read together
√ Colorful booklet and answer guide
√ Red grading pen

I’ll be honest the fancy red pen was a big hit!

This package was open-and-go! After showing my son the simple visual instructions he was ready to get started. Each page contained colorful and simple directions with lots of room to practice.

Discovering Learning Fun Math Education Books


Discovering Learning Math Subscription comes with the workbook/booklet and a twin answer book that makes it easy for children to compare their work to the answers side-by-side.

This answer book was fun! My son loved marking all of his right answers, but soon found out that all of his answers weren’t correct! He was missing and skipping problems, but after a few days of checking his own work I noticed he was paying more attentioncarefully completing each section, and reviewing his work to make sure it was complete.


I really enjoyed the flexibility of this program. There is not an elaborate checklist of what items we need to accomplish every day. Just simple directions for daily practice. With more than enough practice to fill the month, my son completes 1-1/2 to 2 pages each school day.

Discovering Learning Math Subscription, Fun Math Education

Discovering Learning Math Subscription is motivating, flexible, and fun! This program is a great addition for an eclectic math curriculum. Perfect for kids who are bored with the standard 400+ page newsprint workbook and parents who want a program that will fill in the gaps.


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