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No Lego Brick Separator? Try this Hack & Save Your Nails!!!

An easy and safe way to get Legos apart without ruining your nails or losing your mind.

No lego Brick Separator?
Try this Hack & Save Your Nails!!!

No Lego Brick Separator? Try this hack and save your nails!

My son lost his first tooth! Such an exciting time. With Tooth Fairy money burning a hole in his pocket, he headed straight to the Lego aisle in Target and comparison shopped until he found the box with the largest number of pieces for the price. He really got the most for his money. That’s my boy!

Fast forward four hours and we’re still putting together the van and trailer set, and I’m crawling around on the floor looking for the Lego brick separator.

I’ve chipped all the nails on my right hand, and the only advice I can find about how to take Legos apart is with scissors. That’s gonna be a no.

Sure let me just hand my five year old a pair of scissors. Actually with my track record of breaking stuff and injuring myself, it’s probably not safe for me either.

Then inspiration struck. Without further ado, allow me to present:

Lego Brick Separator Hack
Take Legos Apart Safely & Save Your Nails!

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Hope this helps save your sanity! Or at least your manicure!

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