yOUR Complete Guide to Secular Homeschool Curriculum

You have options - a lot more than you think.
Now they're all in one place.


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I’ve spent five years researching and reviewing secular resources for my website and my kids. Let’s put that research to work for you.

✔ Comprehensive catalog of secular curriculum

✔ Brief, informative descriptions of each resource

✔ All of your options neatly organized by subject

✔ Links directly to publisher’s websites

✔ Instant download, full color, interactive PDF

✔ Instant download, grayscale PDF for printing


We’ve updated the guide with dozens of new resources including a brand new section all about app-based learning! You’ll find educational apps for all ages from preschool to high school.

Educational Apps - Secular Homeschool Curriculum Guide

Your Style

Online courses and virtual schools, literature & text-based, hands-on, options for every learner.

Your Budget

A wide variety of opportunities from free classes to premium virtual schools and everything in between.

Your Needs

Curriculum from preschool to high school including programs created for exceptional and gifted children.

Know Your options

Everything you need to make informed decisions and find the best fit for your family.

Hey I’m Ashley, founder of The Homeschool Resource Room, mom of three, and education enthusiast. When I began this journey, I was shocked to find such a shortage of secular curriculum. There were so few options available that religious materials were repeatedly recommended – even when I asked for secular suggestions.

“Just skip over that part if it bothers you.” Have you heard that one before?

That’s when I began a running list of resources. It has grown substantially over the last five years, but I keep seeing homeschoolers who are frustrated with the lack of secular choices. I knew it was time to share my years of research with you.

You have options – more than you think. Now they’re all in one place.


Homeschooling is hard enough...
curriculum shopping should be easy!


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No. You will not see curriculum that is described as “neutral,” purposefully omits concepts such as evolution, and/or presents biblical history as fact while stating that other religious texts and stories are myth.

Yes! This guide is for ANYONE seeking secular options.  You do not have to be a secular family to use secular curriculum.


Secular means that the resources in this guide are without religion – not anti-religion. That is, they are not created from any particular religious perspective or world-view.

In short, no. However, all of the curriculum and resources are fully vetted and secular. I confirmed this by contacting representatives from the companies and/or viewing the FAQs on every website.

Additionally, if I couldn’t find a definitive answer to the question: “Is this product secular?” or “What specific components of this product are/are not secular?” I did not include it in this list.

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This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.