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Online reading games for kids! Inspire a love of reading with FUN interactive games!

Disclosure: I received an extended trial free of charge and was compensated for my time. I was not required to post a positive review. All opinions are my own. 

Fun & Educational
Reading Games Online
for kids aged 3-13

We love learning to read in all different ways, so I was excited to try a trial of Reading Eggs over the summer. I’d seen the program recommended in homeschooling forums, and it was on a short list of materials I was considering for our first grade curriculum. I wanted to make sure that it was a good fit and sneak in some summer learning with online reading games.

I have a few, simple requirements for our online materials. If I am going to purchase a program, it needs to be engaging, educational, easy to use, and safe. That’s to say a good program makes my kids want to learn and allows them to do so independently.

Reading Eggs did not disappoint! We loved it so much that we are signing on as subscribers. I highly recommend that you give this program a try. At the end of this post, I will share the details of a 2 week trial so you can see if it is a good fit for your family, too.


√ Engaging
√ Easy to Use
√ Educational

My son is a first grader, but he is reading fluently. I’m never sure what reading materials to use because he hasn’t ever completed any testing. We go by: Is it too easy/too hard/just right? That’s great for choosing library books, but what level do I choose for a reading program?

I was thrilled to see that Reading Eggs places children by reading level, not by grade. Each child completes an assessment which tells you where to begin. Then, the child moves through the program at his/her own pace. The program does all the work for me!

This set-up has been key for my son. He started near the end of Reading Eggs and later moved up to the first level of Reading Eggspress. When he moved on to Eggspress he slowed down but is still mastering the material. All the games were exactly at his level, and he repeatedly told me that it felt “just right.”

Playing Reading Eggs, The online learning program for children aged 3-13


√ Engaging
√ Easy to Use
√ Educational

Excited about learning to read! Reading Eggs online reading program.

My four year old daughter had not yet shown an interest in learning to read. In fact when I asked her if she wanted to learn, she flat out said NO! But when she saw my son playing Reading Eggs, it sparked her interest, so I added her on the account.

I was shocked; she LOVED it! Even better – after a few days of playing, she began telling me letter sounds and asking me to help her read her favorite books. I couldn’t believe it! My child with absolutely no interest in learning to read was suddenly begging to play reading games and read books.

Reading Eggs worked perfectly with the browser on my tablet. Despite not playing many video games in the past, she was up and running in a matter of minutes. This program is incredibly user friendly, even for true beginners.


√ Engaging
√ Educational
√ Easy to Use

When you start using Reading Eggs, you’ll see that the educational activities are as engaging as the reward games (which are also educational – very tricky!). My kids were motivated to complete the levels, not only to earn more eggs but because the learning games are fun – never repetitive or boring.

This program is more than just learning to read, your children will also learn all about space, carnivorous plants, boats and ships, bugs, grammar, spelling, phonics, test taking skills, and more as they move through a variety of maps. Reading Eggs includes thousands of activities and books and hundreds of unique lessons.


√ Educational
√ Easy to Use
√ Safe

Reading Eggs has a very easy-to-use Parent Dashboard where I can find all the details about what my kids are reading. However, I barely remember to check if they brushed their teeth every day. I’m awful at checking on independent work!

Reading Eggs Progress Report, Details about learning progress and achievement.

That’s why my hands-down favorite feature of this program is that Reading Eggs sends progress reports and updates directly to my inbox. When one of my kids completes a map, I get a detailed report of what they read, current levels, and test scores.

Because of this handy report, I feel secure letting my kids play without constantly monitoring them.  I know that they are making progress each time they sign on, and I know that the books and materials are age-appropriate and always on the right level.

Reading Eggs online learning games for ages 2-13.


I’m so happy to offer you a 2 week free trial!

You will receive an 2 week trial period including Reading Eggs (ages 3-7), Eggspress (ages 7-13), Mathseeds, and the NEW program developed for toddlers, Reading Eggs Junior for children 2-4! Use the parent dashboard to sign up all of the children in your family. I hope you love it as much as we do!

Want to know more? Find Reading Eggs on Facebook and Instagram or visit their website.

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  1. Reading Eggs has been a favorite for years! Not only do my kids enjoy it while learning, but I get some free time to work with my older kids on their lessons.

    1. YES! I’m just starting to work with my daughter. It gives us some time alone while he’s still learning 🙂

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