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I’m so excited to share SEVEN free printable education quotes to keep you inspired this school year!

Printable education quotes

7 Free Printable Education Quotes for a little back to school inspiration! Gray scale, doodle style printables are great for binder covers, 8x10 frames, or use to create your own planner inserts or dashboards!

Feel like you’re losing your teaching mojo? Need a little boost to get back into the swing of things?

Look, I get it. Teaching is hard. Homeschooling is hard. Doing both can sometimes be a nightmare. But you must have a good reason to be homeschooling, so let’s keep at it.

What inspires you?

I love to read. Do you? Too bad I never have time to do it anymore!

I wish I still had the time and energy to read after the kids go to bed. But honestly, between 3 kids, homeschool, working 6+ hours a day, and (omg) laundry, I’m lucky to get two episodes of Netflix in before I’m crashing out on the couch – and I have an abnormal amount of energy to begin with!

I can no longer devour thick novels 2 or 3 times a week. Now I look for inspiration in short snippets – in the form of quotes.

Free Printable Education Quotes

Quotes that speak to YOU

If you follow this site, you probably already know that I love planners. But there’s one thing I can’t stand about the recent, popular planners – the quotes.

I have been going between a Happy Planner and a Day Designer for about a year, and each day there’s a new inspirational quote. One that will inevitably be covered up by a sticker or washi tape.

People seems to love quotes in planners, but not me. Most of them are irrelevant that day. Sometimes they’re distracting. Other times they’re downright defeating. But it’s not that I don’t like quotes.

I want to read quotes that speak to me. To my heart.

So I started making my own dividers and book marks for my planners – out of my very favorite (mostly educational) quotes.

Once I started, I couldn’t stop. I started sticking quotes everywhere! Great places to keep them:

  • Sticky notes on your computer or bathroom mirror
  • Framed on your desk or on a wall you pass by frequently
  • Use as a binder cover
  • Use as binder or planner dividers
  • Make a bookmark (laminate these and they will last)
  • Use inspirational quotes as copy work!

Free Printable Education Quotes

Free Printable Education Quotes

I chose *just a few* printable education quotes to share with you to get you started. You can download these FREE printable quotes from my Teachers Pay Teachers store. A few details:

Size: These were created as 8×10 frameable printables. If you want to resize for a small bookmark, print at 50%. If you want to resize for standard sized Happy Planner inserts, print at 83%.

Theme: I’ve used some of my favorite clip art and handwriting fonts for this doodle inspired theme!

Color: These are ink-saving, gray scale, color-able quotes.

View/Print Your Education Quotes

Free Printable Education Quotes

More inspiration from the Resource Room:

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