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Below is a list of resources compiled an elementary North American unit study for kids. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy!

North America for kids! Movies, shows, playlists, and links to supplement your Continent Study.


This list is up-to-date as of August 2016. Lineups on Netflix and Prime change frequently and occasionally YouTube videos are deleted. If you see something that is no longer available, please leave a comment. I will update this as needed. Thanks!
Originally compiled to accompany Build Your Library Kindergarten.

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Introduction to Elementary Geography Week 1  – Apples, Maps

YouTube Playlist: Week 1 – Apples and Maps

Unit Resources:

YouTube Playlist: Little House Playlist – Complete Little House in the Big Woods Read Aloud by chapter, Little House picture books to supplement.

YouTube Playlist: Grizzly Bears – We used this to learn more about grizzlies for our animal report.

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Kids Movies about North America

Bambi – North American Forest
Fox and the Hound – North America Forest
Pocahontas – Virginia / Native American History
Princess and the Frog – New Orleans

Week 2 – North America, Bread

YouTube Playlist: Week 2 – North America Introduction, Bread and Butter, Little Red Hen

Wild Kratts – Prime
S1E8 Voyage of the Butterlier XT (Trans-North America)
S2E9 The Blue and the Gray (Easter North America)

Magic School Bus – Netflix
S1E9 Gets Ready, Set, Dough

Super Why – Netflix
S1E27 The Little Red Hen

Week 3 – Mexico, North American Deserts

YouTube Playlist: Week 3 – American Deserts and Forests, Native American Literature, and Paul Bunyan

Mouk – Netflix
S1E10 Part 1 (Mexico)

Magic School Bus – Netflix
S1E7 All Dried Up (Desert Animals)

Doki – Netflix
S1E5 Ups and Downs (Mexico)
S1E10 Play with Clay (Mexico)

North America for Kids

Week 4 – United States of America

YouTube Playlist: Week 4 – American Symbols, Animal Tracks, and Maple Syrup

Little Einsteins – Netflix
S1E9 Go West, Young Train (Wild West)

Wild Kratts – Prime
S1E5 Mystery of the Squirmy Wormy (New York)
S1E7 Build it Beaver (Maine)
S1E10 Bass Class (Wisconson)
S2E11 Falcon City (New York City)

Magic School Bus – Netflix
S4E12 In the City (City Animals)

Justin Time – Netflix
S2E1 Part 1, Tower of Justin (NYC)
Justin Time Go
S1E11 Part 2 Pinata Smash Party (Mexico)

Mouk – Netflix

S1E11 Part 2 Don’t Judge a Cactus by its Prickles (Arizona)
S1E18 Part 2 A Message for You (New York)
S1E20 Part 2 Dinosaur Trail (Utah)

Doki – Netflix
S1E8 Part 1 Sky’s the Limit (NYC)

Kratt’s Creatures – Prime
S1E3 Sharks (Florida)

Week 5 – Alaska, Canada, Native Americans

YouTube Playlist: Week 5 – Four Seasons, The Boy who Cried Wolf, Wolves, Alaska, Totem Poles, and Cheese

Mouk – Netflix (All episodes below are in Canada)
S1E2, Part 2 Stone Giants
S1E11 Part 1 In Search of Caribou
S1E16 Part 1 Yummy Maple Syrup
S1E22 Part 1 Shooting Stars
S1E28 Part 1 Two Wheeled Hero
S1E30 Part 1 Hockey

Little Einsteins – Netflix
S1E18 The Northern Night Light
S1E20 A Tall Totem Tale

Justin Time – Netflix
S1E11 The Pancake Express (Canada)
S2E12 Voyage of the Voyageurs (Canada)
S2E13 Atuk’s Inukshuk (Alaska)

Magic School Bus – Netflix
S3E8 Goes Upstream (Salmon in Alaska)

Doki – Netflix
S1E4 Part 2 Down By the Bay (Canada)
S1E17 Treetop Team (California Redwoods)
S1E19 Part 1 Deep Freeze Doki (Canada)

Kratt’s Creatures – Prime
S1E8 The Great Canadians

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