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Best around the world apps and sites for kids! Supplements for your elementary geography and continent studies.

Welcome to the final day of our Around the World Hopscotch!

Today you’ll apps, websites, and YouTube channels to support your geography studies. Plus, you will find links to our 5 Days Around-the-World Series. 


Hop around to find a ton of resources to support your elementary continent studies!

Day 1 Sunday: Elementary Continent Studies
You’ll find: General geography resources and materials appropriate for elementary aged children plus all of the links to our resources by continent! Plus a free printable enrichment pack.

Day 2 Monday: Around the World Picture Books

Day 3 Tuesday: Movies Around the World

Day 4 Wednesday: Shows Around the World

Day 5 Thursday: Apps and Websites for Elementary Geography. That’s this post!


PBS Kids App
on your app store

Wild Kratts and Plum Landing are two of our favorite shows to support our continent studies. Stream episodes and clips right from the app. This app is completely free, updated regularly, and appropriate for all ages.

Stack the Countries
Available on your app store

See national monuments and landmarks from around the world as you learn facts and trivia. This game is great for playing side-by-side with an emerging reader. Read the quizes together, and let your child stack up the countries!


Free 30 Day Trial

I love using the Epic! reading app. They have a great selection for around-the-world titles including many of the picture books we read together and National Geographic readers that really got my son’s attention. I installed this on his tablet and on my phone so I don’t have to worry about carrying around library books anymore (or him playing Candy Crush for an hour at the doctor’s office).

nat geo

National Geographic Kids


Nat Geo Kids has an outstanding website packed with rich information on every science topic from animals to habitats to landmarks around the world! The kid-friendly interface encourages kids to click around and explore videos, games, and maps.



Ology is the American Museum of National History’s website. This site’s user-friendly interface is loaded with videos, games, and online books to read together. Explore by the Earth, Zoology, and Marine Biology alongside your continent studies.

Scholastic Games

Magic School Bus

Explore games and videos to experience new habitats and meet new animal! You’ll probably want to play side-by-side, as this site requires a bit of reading. There are also printables and lesson plans to add to your units.

Cosmic Kids
on YouTube


All three of my kiddos get in on the yoga fun. But it’s not just yoga. Jaime, your friendly and engaging host, encourages your children through the movements with all kinds of funny stories perfectly suited for young kids. Look for animal episodes to complement your lesson plans such as Pedro the Penguin, Lulu the Lioness, and We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.

on YouTube


I love using the FreeSchool videos to support our curricula. These videos are perfect for elementary aged kids. The videos are a little longer, a little slower. They present information in a way that is easy for kids to follow and understand. FreeSchool covers a wide range of topics from science to geography, artists and musicians, animals, and habitats. It’s a great support for our units, and I’m not afraid to let the channel play.

All Things Animal TV
on YouTube

All things Animal TV

All Things Animal TV is a great source for short, fact filled videos about all kinds of animals, but our favorite is going exploring with Ed and Eppa in the Wild. This short, engaging series (9 episodes, under 7 minutes per episode) is a fun introduction to new species in their natural habitat.

Story Bots
on YouTube


Those silly Story Bots are a top favorite around our house for adults and kids. Full episodes are streaming on Netflix, but you can explore many more topics on YouTube. Memorable songs and videos explore a variety of subjects appropriate for preschool and elementary aged kids. Just a warning: the songs are super catchy. Don’t be surprised if you’re singing “Walk Like a Camel” right along with your kindergartner for the next week.

Reading on Epic!Instant access to thousands of high-quality ebooks for Kids 12 and under.

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