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Shows and Playlists around the world for kids! Elementary geography

Welcome to Day 4 of our Around the World Hopscotch!

Today you’ll find shows and playlists to support your geography studies. Plus, you will find links to our 5 Days Around-the-World Series.


Hop around to find a ton of resources to support your elementary continent studies!

Day 1 Sunday: Elementary Continent Studies
You’ll find: General geography resources and materials appropriate for elementary aged children plus all of the links to our resources by continent! Plus a free printable enrichment pack.

Day 2 Monday: Around the World Picture Books

Day 3 Tuesday: Movies Around the World

Day 4 Wednesday: Shows Around the World. That’s this post!

Day 5 Thursday: Apps and Websites for Elementary Geography

Around the World SHOWS for Kids

These shows have proven educational and memorable. They are appropriate for elementary aged children. As always, use your best discretion.


Wild Kratts
PBS Kids and Prime
Visit new habitats and meet animals on every continent with the Kratt Brothers.


Tinga Tinga Tales
YouTube Channel
Vivid animation and lively characters bring African folk tales to life.


Join Mouk for colorful and whimsical adventures around the world.


Justin Time
Justin and Olive travel around the world and back in time. A fun introduction to historical figures and events around the world.


Reading Rainbow
Classic episodes of Reading Rainbow features a variety of books. Several feature international stories.


Planet Earth
Netflix and Prime
A look at nature’s most amazing features across the globe. Beautiful photography capturing a variety of animals and habitats.


Magic School Bus
Netflix and Prime

Look for episodes featuring Miss Frizzle and the kids traveling to habitats around the world: the Arctic, a pond, the desert, and the rain forest!


This adorable cartoon will introduce the sights and sounds of Paris. Be sure to check out the books as well!


Continents of the World
An introduction to each continent with a look at the land features, animals, cities, and people.


For more explore my YouTube playlists or find shows and playlists organized by continent on the streaming resources posts below!

North America Streaming Resources

Animal Study Playlist: North American Grizzly Bear

South & Central America Streaming Resources

Animal Study Playlist: South American Poison Dart Frog

Europe Streaming Resources

Africa Streaming Resources

Africa Animals Playlist

Asia Streaming Resources

Asian Animals Playlist

Australia and Oceania Streaming Resources

Animals from Australia and New Zealand Playlist

North and South Pole Streaming Resources

North Pole Playlist

Antarctica Animal Study: Penguins

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