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Looking for an easy way to keep homeschool attendance records? I’ll show you a super simple way to keep track of attendance with a flexible free printable attendance log that will work for one or more children!

Homeschool Attendance Record by The Homeschool Resource Room

Do you need to track attendance? Most homeschoolers are required to track attendance – even if we never have to submit it.

We are part of that group. We school under Florida’s umbrella school laws. My children are required to attend school for 180 days in the calendar year, and we report quarterly.

This year, I’m excited to keep all of our records in one place in our homeschool portfolios – including attendance with this very simple year-at-a-glance tracker for our homeschool attendance records.

Homeschool Attendance Record

Do you need to track more than just attendance for your children? Try THIS simple, no fuss solution!

Keeping Homeschool Attendance Records Simple

The attendance log from our portfolio is a very simple, dated system to keep all your attendance records in one place.

  • Twelve month tracker on one page
  • Flexible start and end dates
  • Use for calendar year, academic year, or year round schooling
  • Track days or hours
  • Use for an only child
  • Color code for multiple children

Homeschool Attendance Record

How to Record You Homeschool Attendance

This attendance log is super simple to use and flexible enough to be used year after year. Let’s take a look at how to use it.

Start by writing down the number of days or hours required by your state or charter. Then, choose your start and end dates.homeschool attendance records

Next, list the months in the large boxes on the left. Start with the month you begin schooling.

Our attendance log (below) starts in January because we are schooling on the calendar year. But you can start with any month.

Next black out the invalid dates on your calendar. Remember the rhyme:

“30 days hath September, 
April, June, and November.”

For my son I add:

“All the rest are really fun,
All the rest have 31.”

Then he shakes his finger at me and says, “Except for February.”

I also go through and black out weekends. Do you school on the weekends? Many homeschoolers do.

You can mark holidays or planned vacation days in advance or track as you go.

If you’re homeschooling an only child and tracking days, your attendance records might look something like this:

Homeschool Attendance Record for only child

Color Code Homeschool Attendance Records for Multiple Children

This log can easily be used for families with multiple children. You can either track each child separately or use color coding.

Add a key to the top of your log with each child’s name and designated color.

Track attendance daily using the dates as a guide to keep your marks going straight across. Three or four children would fit nicely in this tracker.

Have a big family? Print two and make a full spread to keep everyone together.

Homeschool Attendance Record for Multiple Children

Attendance Records for Homeschoolers Tracking Hours

Are you required to track hours?

If so, you can either add a single number to each day (6 hours on the first, 5 hours on the second, 6 hours on the third…) or use the color coding system above to track for each subject. Simply assign each subject a color and track each day.

Each month has a box on the far right to total up the number of days or hours attended, so just count it up once a month to make sure you’re on the right track!

Homeschool Attendance Record Monthly Tracking

Bonus Holiday & Important Date Page

Homeschool Attendance Record Holidays and Special DatesI’ve included our Holidays & Important dates page in your free printable. Keep track of the holidays that are important to your family:

  • Birthdays
  • School or bank holidays
  • Religious holidays
  • Planned breaks and vacation days
  • Mandatory reporting days
  • Pi Day (3-14 of course!)
  • Anniversaries
  • Graduation Day!

This page is also included in our Homeschool Portfolio. Right across from the attendance log. It’s nice to have a list of important dates available at-a-glance.

Download your FREE Homeschool Attendance Record!

Pick up your free attendance records here.

Homeschool Attendance Record Free Printable (1)

Printable includes:

One 2-page PDF (letter size, ready-to-print)
Page 1: Attendance Log
Page 2: Holidays & Important Dates

Want an even easier solution to Homeschool Attendance Records and Reporting? See the full Homeschool Portfolio. 

Homeschool Attendance Record Free Printable Attendance Log

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  1. I’m not in a state that requires tracking days or hours — but I love the simplicity of your forms. They are like habit tracking forms that let you SEE what you’re accomplishing (or not!).

  2. I have been trying for several hours to print the attendance PDF. I have downloaded it 13x and it is always a corrupt. I have tried 4 other types of attendance logs and they do not work for our family. Is there any other way to access this file?

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