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South and Central America Unit – Streaming Resources

Below is a list of streaming resources compiled an elementary South American unit study. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy!


This post contains affiliate links. See my affiliate disclosure for details.

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This list is up-to-date as of August 2016. Lineups on Netflix and Prime change frequently and occasionally YouTube videos are deleted. If you see something that is no longer available, please leave a comment. I will update this as needed. Thanks!

Originally compiled to align with Build Your Library‘s Kindergarten Around the World curriculum.

Unit Resources

Where the Flame Trees Bloom Read Aloud, YouTube Playlist – Play All
By Chapter:
Introduction     The Teacher     Choices
The Surveyor     Lightning     Samone
The Legend     Canelo     The Rag Dolls
Mathematics     The Ice-Cream Man
The Feast of San Juan     Epilogue

The Great Kapok Tree Read Aloud, YouTube

Pandora Station: Samba Mix Radio

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Rio and Rio 2– Available to Rent on Prime (Brazil)
Emperor’s New Groove – Available to Rent on Prime (Peru)
Kronk’s New Groove – Netflix
Up – Available to Rent on Prime (Venezuela)
*If your kindergarten will tolerate it, there are many episodes of Go Diego Go streaming on Prime featuring South American animals and habitats, even Carnival. This show is aimed at 3/4 year olds, but some kindergartners might still enjoy it, especially if watching with younger sibs.

Some additional South and Central American resources and projects:


Week 6 – South America Overview, Bolivia, Animals

YouTube Playlist: Week 6 South America Intro, Animals of the Amazon, Coconuts

Magic School Bus – Netflix

S3E12 In the Rain Forest

Justin Time – Netflix
S1E6 Part 2 Show and Tell (Galapagos Islands)

Mouk – Netflix
S1E4 Part 2 We Missed the Bus (Andes Mountains)
S1E14 Part 2 Above the Trees (Amazon River)
S1E18 Part 1 The Cloud Catcher (Chilean Desert)
S1E25 Part 2 The Parrot Feather (Bolivia)

Week 7 Argentina, Storms, Caribbean

YouTube Playlist: Week 7 Amazon Rain Forest, South American Animals, Argentina, Costa Rica, Accordions, Storms

Wild Kratts – Prime

S2E5 Walk on the Wet Side (Costa Rica)
Kratt’s Creatures – Prime
S1E9 Rain Forests: Under the Canopy (Costa Rica)
Magic School Bus – Netflix
S1E13 Kicks Up a Storm
Doki – Netflix
S1E16 Part 2 Catch a Falling Star (Puerto Rico)
S1E18 Part 2 Doki’s Egg Experiement (Equador)
S1E21 Part 2 Fixed in a Flash (Venezuela, Storms)
S1E26 Part 1 Stuck on Carnival (Caribbean)
Mouk – Netflix
S1E5 Part 1 The Great Crossing (Venezuela)
S1E6 Part 1 The Stick that Walked Away (Venezuela)
S1E10 Part 2 Pink Dolphin (Venezuela)
S1E25 Part 2 Instruments Do Grow on Trees (Venezuela, Maracas)
S1E13 Part 1 Yee Ha Cowboy (Argentina)

Rainforest Lap Book

Week 8 Brazil, Landmarks, Carnival

YouTube Playlist: Week 8 Easter Island, Machu Picchu, Rain Forest Animals and Fruits, No Sew Rag Doll, Bees and Honey

Magic School Bus – Netflix

S1E5 Hops Home (Frogs)
S3E4 In a Beehive
Doki – Netflix
S1E24 Part 1 Traders of Taters (Peru)
Mouk – Netflix
S1E8 Part 1 Goal! (Brazil)
S1E23 Part 2 Bossa Nova (Brazil)

S1E17 Part 2 Giant Drawings (Peru)

More resources for your South American continent study.


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12 thoughts on “South and Central America Unit – Streaming Resources

  1. Angel says:

    Thank you so much for putting these together and sharing them! My boys really love your playlists. I noticed that the link for A Child’s View of Bolivia isn’t working anymore. Any suggestions for something to replace it? What particular part of childhood in Bolivia did it cover?

    • Some Random Lady says:

      Thanks you! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the playlists 🙂 Glad you caught that. I went ahead and removed the link. The video was a day-in-the-life of a child living in poverty in Bolivia. It was heartbreaking for me to watch, but my son loved the upbeat little boy and seeing all the things he did in a day – working, going to school, and playing with his brother. It was an interesting peek into life in Bolivia.

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