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Below is a list of streaming resources compiled an elementary South American unit study.

Central and South America for kids! Movies, shows, playlists, and links to supplement your Continent Study.

This list is up-to-date as of August 2016. Lineups on Netflix and Prime change frequently and occasionally YouTube videos are deleted. If you see something that is no longer available, please leave a comment. I will update this as needed. Thanks! 
Originally compiled to accompany Build your Library Kindergarten.

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Central and South America Unit Resources

The Great Kapok Tree Read Aloud, YouTube

Pandora Station: Samba Mix Radio

Kids Movies about Central and South America

Rio and Rio 2– Available to Rent on Prime (Brazil)

Emperor’s New Groove – Available to Rent on Prime (Peru)
Kronk’s New Groove – Netflix
Up – Available to Rent on Prime (Venezuela)
*If your kindergarten will tolerate it, there are many episodes of Go Diego Go streaming on Prime featuring South American animals and habitats, even Carnival. This show is aimed at 3/4 year olds, but some kindergartners might still enjoy it, especially if watching with younger sibs.

Week 6 – South America Overview, Bolivia, Animals

YouTube Playlist: Week 6 South America Intro, Animals of the Amazon, Coconuts

Magic School Bus – Netflix

S3E12 In the Rain Forest

Justin Time – Netflix
S1E6 Part 2 Show and Tell (Galapagos Islands)

Mouk – Netflix
S1E4 Part 2 We Missed the Bus (Andes Mountains)
S1E14 Part 2 Above the Trees (Amazon River)
S1E18 Part 1 The Cloud Catcher (Chilean Desert)
S1E25 Part 2 The Parrot Feather (Bolivia)

Week 7 Argentina, Storms, Caribbean

YouTube Playlist: Week 7 Amazon Rain Forest, South American Animals, Argentina, Costa Rica, Accordions, Storms

Wild Kratts – Prime

S2E5 Walk on the Wet Side (Costa Rica)
Kratt’s Creatures – Prime
S1E9 Rain Forests: Under the Canopy (Costa Rica)
Magic School Bus – Netflix
S1E13 Kicks Up a Storm
Doki – Netflix
S1E16 Part 2 Catch a Falling Star (Puerto Rico)
S1E18 Part 2 Doki’s Egg Experiement (Equador)
S1E21 Part 2 Fixed in a Flash (Venezuela, Storms)
S1E26 Part 1 Stuck on Carnival (Caribbean)
Mouk – Netflix
S1E5 Part 1 The Great Crossing (Venezuela)
S1E6 Part 1 The Stick that Walked Away (Venezuela)
S1E10 Part 2 Pink Dolphin (Venezuela)
S1E25 Part 2 Instruments Do Grow on Trees (Venezuela, Maracas)
S1E13 Part 1 Yee Ha Cowboy (Argentina)

Rainforest Lap Book

Week 8 Brazil, Landmarks, Carnival

YouTube Playlist: Week 8 Easter Island, Machu Picchu, Rain Forest Animals and Fruits, No Sew Rag Doll, Bees and Honey

Magic School Bus – Netflix

S1E5 Hops Home (Frogs)
S3E4 In a Beehive
Doki – Netflix
S1E24 Part 1 Traders of Taters (Peru)
Mouk – Netflix
S1E8 Part 1 Goal! (Brazil)
S1E23 Part 2 Bossa Nova (Brazil)

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  1. Thank you so much for putting these together and sharing them! My boys really love your playlists. I noticed that the link for A Child’s View of Bolivia isn’t working anymore. Any suggestions for something to replace it? What particular part of childhood in Bolivia did it cover?

    1. Thanks you! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the playlists 🙂 Glad you caught that. I went ahead and removed the link. The video was a day-in-the-life of a child living in poverty in Bolivia. It was heartbreaking for me to watch, but my son loved the upbeat little boy and seeing all the things he did in a day – working, going to school, and playing with his brother. It was an interesting peek into life in Bolivia.

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