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50 Around the World Movies for Kids! Elementary geography resources and supplements for continent study

Welcome to Day 3 of our Around the World Hopscotch!

Today you’ll find movies to enrich your geography studies. Plus, you will find links to our 5 Days Around-the-World Series and resources organized by continent!

I’m so happy to be able to share these amazing resources with you. We went around-the-world with our kindergarten curriculum and plan on “traveling” again when my younger kids are in K and 2nd grade.

These resources are meant to complement and enrich your lesson plans. If you are creating your own plans, you will find resources here that certainly could fill up a year! Our family enjoys reading, crafts, hands-on activities, projects, and using media to support learning. We are truly an eclectic bunch!

These resources are appropriate for 5-8 years old, roughly primary grades k-2. As always, use your best discretion. 


Hop around to find a ton of resources to support your elementary continent studies!

Day 1 Sunday: Elementary Continent Studies
You’ll find: General geography resources and materials appropriate for elementary aged children plus all of the links to our resources by continent! Plus a free printable pack.

Day 2 Monday: Around the World Picture Books

Day 3 Tuesday: Movies Around the World. That’s this post!

Day 4 Wednesday: Shows Around the World

Day 5 Thursday: Apps and Websites for Elementary Geography

Find the additional 25 movies plus our other favorite resources,
be sure to grab your free Around the World Printable!

Movie Night!

We love using movies to supplement and support our lesson plans. It’s a fun way to extend our homeschool units and a memorable way to introduce the sights and sounds of countries and people across the globe.

Whether you’re watching animal documentaries or Disney movies, there is something to be gleaned from the depictions of the countries, continents, and habitats around the world. Movies are a hook into new material and can reactivate a child’s knowledge when used as review.

I hope you enjoy this movie list as much as we have! I found the material here to be appropriate for my five year old son, though my little ones often joined in. Some of the documentaries (and even cartoons) might be scary for a sensitive child. Everyone is a different.


1. Bambi – North American Forest

2. Pocahontas – Virginia

3. Princess and the Frog – New Orleans


4. Rio – Brazi

5. Emporer’s New Groove – Peru

6. Up – Venezuela


7. Robin Hood – England

8. The Little Mermaid – Denmark

9. Brave – Scotland

10. The Hunchback of Notre Dame – Paris

11. The Sound of Music – Austria


12. The Lion King – African Savannah

13. White Lion – Savannah

14. Madagascar


15. Zarafa – African Savannah


16. Aladdin – Fictional Arabian City, Agrabah

17. Mulan – China

18. The Jungle Book – India


19. Finding Nemo – Great Coral Reef

20. Lilo & Stitch – Hawaii

21. The Rescuers Down Under – Australia

22. Moana – Polynesian Islands, Hawaii


23. Mr. Popper’s Penguins

24. Happy Feet

25. March of the Penguins

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