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I’m so excited to say goodbye to snow and welcome the new season with some spring STEM activities! Read on for great ideas to get your kids excited about the new season and hands-on learning!

15 Spring STEM activities to encourage hands-on learning in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics!

Hands-on learning with STEM has really enhanced our homeschool this year. Science has become a really enjoyable part of our homeschool routine that my kids look forward to.

This spring, I’m planning a “spring break” of sorts focused on STEM activities. If you’re not familiar, STEM focuses on hands-on learning for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

I’m no scientist, so I follow some fantastic activity-based and science blogs for experiments and activities. Check out the following list of spring STEM activities, and have fun learning!

Spring STEM Activities: S is for Science

Dissect a Flower
What is spring without flowers? This activity on The Learning Hypothesis will have your child taking an up-close look at flowers and their parts. An excellent first step into learning the process of dissection and making powerful observations.

Color Changing Flowers Experiment
This is a classic for spring. Go Science Girls explain how flowers absorb water and give simple instructions, recommendations for older kids, and a link to a close up of the botanical aspects of the gerbera daisy.

Seed Jar Science Experiment
Little Bins for Little Hands shows us a great way to take a clear look at a seed sprouting. A great project for little ones to see how things work. Older kids can practice observing and recording results over time.

Egg Geodes
Tinkerlab shares a unique experiment with three different materials with egg shells. A great experiment to practice the scientific method, make predictions, watch and record results over time.

Walking Rainbow
Steam Powered Family brings us a traveling rainbow experiment where we examine the capillary action of water traveling. One of the most beautiful experiments you can try!

Spring STEM Activities: T is for Technology

Static Electricity Butterfly Experiment
This is a fun and simple, kinda crafty electricity experiment that your kids will enjoy. I Heart Crafty Things teaches us how to make a tissue paper butterfly flap its wings using a balloon and static electricity.

Circuit Bugs
Explore electrical circuits with Steam Powered Family. Get crafty creating pipe cleaner bugs and light them up with LED lights powered by circuits you create!

Making Paper
Recycling is at the forefront of our minds around Earth Day. Schooling  a Monkey brings us a hands-on way to learn how paper is recycled. Great to pair with your Recycling Unit Study!

Digital Flower Still Life
Such a cool twist on your run-of-the-mill still life. Kids Steam Lab brings us step-by-step directions on how to turn a flower drawing into a digital work of art. Great introduction into digital art for your little artists!

Spring STEM Activities: E is for Engineering

Egg Parachutes
JDaniel4’s Mom brings us a fun engineering project with plastic eggs! What a great project for those leftover Easter eggs! This project uses simple items that you may already have at home and turns it into a fun exercise in wind resistance!

Make a Kite
Do you have a breezy spring? If so, check out Buggy and Buddy’s instructions on how to build your own kite. A great engineering activity and so much fun to get outdoors and fly a kite in the springtime!

Weather Vane Project
123 Homeschool 4 Me gives us great visual instructions for building your own homemade weather vane and a few learning points about wind. A fun project to keep an eye on in the changing weather.

Spring STEM Activities: M is for Mathematics

Geometric Shape Flowers
Fun-A-Day shows us a great activity with felt flowers (surely can be completed with construction paper as well). Use geometric shapes to create a pattern. Fun and creative play with geometry and would make a great gift for grandparents 😉

Telling Time Match Up
Another fun use for leftover plastic eggs! The STEM Laboratory shows us how to use your leftover eggs to practice telling time. The mathing possibilities with this are endless: addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division problems, shape or pattern matching, even matching the number of dots and a digit would be great for little ones!

Jelly Bean Graphing
We always have tons of leftover jellybeans – because yuck. Well, Simply Centers has a great idea to do before you toss those gross little sugar bombs. Use their free printable to practice your graphing skills.

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