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Get ready to dig into these hands-on fall STEM activities! Interesting, open-ended projects and experiments to get elementary-aged kids excited about science!

10 FUN Fall STEM Activities! Hands-on science experiments, projects, and exploration for the changing season.

The change in seasons is the best time for observations and exploration. Your kids will use their senses to notice that thing are changing all around them!

The temperature feels different. The landscape looks different. You might hear or see different animals flying, crawling, or walking by. The air might even smell a little different… if you’re smelling very closely.

This is a great time to encourage our little scientists to really engage with nature. To explore the season and make those scientific observations!

Fall STEM Activities

If you’re familiar with STEM activities and projects, you probably know that STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

For autumn, I’ve rounded up 15 fall STEM activities that will allow your child to discover some of the magic of the changing season! You’ll find some hands-on nature exploration, experiments with fall foods, and some science exploration that you can take indoors when the weather gets chilly.

You’ll also see some links to other STEM posts, here in the Resource Room. So when your child gets hooked into a particular activity, you can expand on it and encourage them to delve deeper!

Check out these print-and-go activities for fall!

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1. Preserve Your Fall Leaves

Fall STEM Activities 1

Red Ted Art brings us six ways to preserve fall leaves. Try one or all of these methods to save those beautiful fall colors! Later, you can use your preserved leaves for fall crafts or decorations.

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2. Fall Salt Leaves STEM Activity

Fall STEM Activities 2

Little Bins for Little Hands has a great idea for creating your own special fall leaves with this engaging salt crystal science experiment.

3. Popcorn and Salt Experiment

Fall STEM Activities 3

Awe Filled Homemaker brings us a super simple fall science experiment with popcorn and salt. A great last minute activity with materials you probably already have in your kitchen!

4. Nature Sun Catchers

Fall STEM Activities 4

Sixth Bloom brings us a fun project that brings art and science together! Collect natural materials around your home or in a park and make a beautiful fall sun catcher.

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5. Pumpkin Sensory Bags

Fall STEM Activities 5

Messy Little Monster brings us a no-mess activity for exploring the insides of your pumpkin. A great solution for kiddos who are anxious about touching the slimy material. Or another way to extend the life of your pumpkin exploration!

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6. Pumpkin Math for Fall

Fall counting activity

Sixth Bloom reminds us that math can be fun in fall with this great pumpkin math activity.

If you don’t have mini pumpkins, consider bringing nature into your math lessons by using pumpkin seeds, acorns, leaves, or other natural fall materials as manipulatives and counters!

7. Fall Oozing Pumpkin STEM Activities

Fall STEM Activities 7

Team Cartwright brings us a fun fall STEM activity with oozing pumpkins! This experiment will take your run-of-the-mill baking soda and vinegar exploration to the next level!

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8. Pumpkin Slime with a Real Pumpkin

Pumpkin slime

Little Bins for Little Hands shows us a fun way to make slime right inside your pumpkin! A really fun chemistry experiment and new way to explore pumpkins with our senses.

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9. Halloween Shooter Toys

Halloween shooter toys

Red Ted Art has a fun engineering project that your kids can play with for hours! Create these monster themed shooter toy craft and follow up with a competition. Track your distance to include math skills like measuring and comparing, too.

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10. Dancing Corn STEM Activities for Fall

HooplaKidzLab brings us easy to follow video directions for the classic dancing popcorn experiment. Watch with your kids to get a mini science lesson on what happens and why. Then try your own experiment!

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Ten fall STEM activities! Hands-on science experiments, projects, and exploration for the changing season.

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