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October is a great time for some hands-on, fun Halloween STEM activities! Find all of our favorite spooky STEM ideas below!

20 Halloween STEM Activities including Halloween slime recipes, spooky science experiments, tricky and tasty treats, and monster themed activities.

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Halloween STEM Activities

Halloween is a fantastic time to break up your regular routine and do some hands-on learning with STEM activities and projects. The following 20 ideas will have your kiddos loving learning and digging into all new concepts in science and mathematics!

If you’re familiar with STEM activities and projects, you probably know that STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. But around here STEM projects take on a whole new meaning in October!

Our Halloween STEM projects stand for:

Read on to find 5 slime recipes, 5 tricky treats for some hands-on science in the kitchen, 5 Halloween themed experiments, and 5 monstrous activities!

Looking for a print-and-go activity? Check out these cut-and-paste picture sudoku puzzles with Halloween and fall themes. Fun logic puzzles for beginners!

Cut and paste sudoku

Find more print-and-go activities for Halloween at the bottom of this post!

Halloween Stem Activities: S is for Slime

There’s no stickier, gooier way to get in some hands-on science than slime! Check out these fun slime chemistry lessons perfect for Halloween!

20 Halloween STEM Activities: 5 Halloween Slime Recipes

Halloween Spider Slime
This purple, glittery, Borax-free slime recipe from the Tip Toe Fairy is equal parts creepy and sparkle!

Frankenstein’s Phlegm
This is exactly what it would look like if Frankenstein sneezed! Find this Borax based recipe on Dream a Little Bigger.

Bubbling Fizzing Slime Volcano
You’ll feel like a mad scientist in your lab with this cool chemistry experiment from Little Bins for Little Hands.

Pumpkin Guts Slime
Finally something fun to do with the inside of your pumpkin! Fun idea from Parenting Chaos.

Ghost Slime
Clear slime is the coolest! Check out this fun lesson from Preschool Powol Packets.

Halloween STEM Activities: T is for Treats

The holidays will soon have you cooking up a storm, but these recipes are more than just tacky treats. Measure, combine ingredients, and learn the science behind these creepy treats!

20 Halloween STEM Activities: 5 Halloween Treats

Pressed Sugar Candy
Make creepy candy with flexible molds and instructions from STEAM Powered Family.

Homemade Root Beer
Make your own spooky homemade root beer with instructions from Steve Spangler Science.

All Natural Color-Changing Witches Brew
Surprise your kiddos with a color changing brew, then learn the science behind the experiment! Recipe from Lo Carb So Simple.

Gross and Jiggly Halloween Jello Worms
Schooling a Monkey does a great job describing the science behind these creepy crawlers.

Candy Pumpkins STEM Challenge
If you’re not into cooking (or cleaning up), check out this fun alternative – a building challenge with candy pumpkins from Lemon Lime Adventures.

Halloween STEM Activities: E is for Experiments

Halloween is a great time to experiment with some new bubbling, fizzing, and tricky hands-on science!

20 Halloween STEM Activities: 5 Halloween Science Experiments

Dancing Frankenworms
These dancing worms are sure to give your kiddos the heebie jeebies! Experiment instructions from Playdough to Plato.

Wizard’s Brew
Make a bubbling wizard’s brew with yeast, hydrogen peroxide, and instructions from Little Bins for Little Hands.

Ghost Rockets
Use chemistry to make these ghost rockets fly! Instructions from Growing a Jeweled Rose.

Jack-o’-Lantern Optical Illusion
This is a cool experiment with no mess! Make a pumpkin turn into a jack-o’-lantern with instructions from Edventures for Kids.

Brain Surgery Experiment
What mad scientist hasn’t experimented with the brain? Try this cool experiment with directions from Schooling a Monkey.

Halloween STEM Activities: M is for Monsters

Ready for some creepy, scary, monstrous fun? These activities all about your favorite Halloween monsters will keep you busy all month long!

20 Halloween STEM Activities: 5 Halloween Monster Activities

Spiders with Light Up Eyes
Use circuits to create a cool spider with creepy light up eyes! Easy-to-follow directions from The Learning Hypothesis.

Monster Play Dough Invitation
Younger kids will love building and creating their own monsters with this invitation to play with monsters from Fantastic Fun and Learning.

Halloween Mystery Boxes
Use your sense of touch to figure out what monstrous mysteries are inside the box. Classic Halloween game instructions from Christina’s Adventures.

Bat Flyers
Create your own flying bat with printable instructions from

Jumping Static Ghosts
Learn about the effects of static electricity with this quick and easy static experiment from Science Sparks.

Check out these print-and-go activities for fall!

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