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I’ve rounded up my ten favorite fun, functional, and FREE homeschool planners! Find links below to download, print, and customize your own homeschool planner.

If you’re new to printables or just need a little help to get your planner in order, you’ve come to the right place! Read on for everything you need to get started with printable planner inserts with a ring or disc planner. 

Create your own Free Homeschool Planner with printables and this simple guide.


Create your own Free Homeschool Planner with printables and this simple guide.

My love affair with planners started when I was a teacher. I customized my own teacher planner for years – creating my own printables with Microsoft Excel. Ah, the good ole days. Well, not that good. Custom creating printables in Excel took forever!

But no more! Now with a little virtual leg work, you can find amazing free printable planners online to create your very own personalized homeschool planner. 

Check out my top ten favorite free homeschool planners below – created by homeschoolers for homeschoolers. Then mix, match, and customize your own planner!

Note: These FREE homeschool planners are all printable. If you’re looking for a printed paper planner for your homeschool year, head over here>>> Find the BEST Homeschool Planner! Flip Through and Compare

Printables are fun and flexible. You can find them for free and very inexpensive online, which makes the planner possibilities endless! But after you find something you love, what do you do with it?

Make Your Own Homeschool Planner

The major items you’ll need to get started are a computer and printer. Since you found this post, I’m going to just assume that you have access to these and area ready to start printing ASAP. So, let’s start with what you might need.

A Fun Binder…

The most common size printables you will find online are letter sized, 8-1/2 x 11 inches. These will fit into any standard size three ring binder. Three ring binders are readily available anywhere office or school supplies are sold and come in a variety of styles and colors.

Be sure to choose one YOU love. You’ll be using it nearly everyday. Get a binder that you look forward to picking up!

…Or Discs

A different option is to set up your printables in a disc bound planning system. I love disc-bound because I can fold my planner back and have today’s page face up. Disc planners have the ease of a spiral notebook with the flexibility of a three ring binder.

Both Happy Planner and Arc have disc systems. You’ll need 11 discs and an 11 hole mushroom punch (because the holes look like mushrooms) to put together your planner.


You’ll be dividing your planner with different sections – monthly or weekly pages, by subject, or a section for each child. Your organization options are endless. But no matter what way you divide them, you’ll need dividers.

Hole Punch

For punching a few pages for your binder, a manual punch will work. However, if this is your main planner, invest in a hole puncher to match your binder.

If you’re using a letter size binder and printables, you likely need a basic three-hole punch. I use a high volume punch for large printables – left over from my teaching days. This particular one can punch 40 sheets at a time, which is FANTASTIC if you are printing daily planner pages for the month (or 24 pages for the year, or 56 weeks of planner pages, or or or).

Disc systems also have high volume punches available.

*Note: The punches will tell you how many pages they punch – this is the number for your run-of-the-mill thin copy paper. If you are using quality 27lb paper (more details below), you will not be able to punch as many at once. When you feel your punch get jammed, you’re trying too many pages at once.


You have plenty of great options for paper. My personal preference is bright white paper that will not bleed or shadow (a.k.a. no ink will get through the paper). Make sure whatever paper you choose matches your style of printer: laser or inkjet.

If you’re opting for a thick, smooth finish, look for premium matte paper or presentation paper with a weight of 27 or 32lbs. This weight paper will last longer without ripping near the rings, and it allows you to print and plan on both sides of the page.

FREE Homeschool Planner

When you’ve chosen your tools, next it’s time to shop around for your perfect printable planner!

There are hundreds of options out there – homeschool planners, teacher planners, and daily calendars for family life. You can find free printables online or purchase larger premium printable packs in any style from Etsy and other online shops.

The important thing is finding the printables that fit your needs and your family.

Start by checking out a few free homeschool planners created by homeschoolers.

Homeschool Attendance Record for Multiple ChildrenHomeschool Attendance Tracker
Homeschool Home Life Planner
Color coded free printable family organization calendarFamily Organization and Homeschool Planner
Homeschool Expense TrackerFree printable Homeschool Expense Trackers
Free Homeschool PlannerHomeschool Planner Mini Kit by Pam Barnhill
Free Homeschool Planner7 Step Curriculum Planner by Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus
Free Homeschool PlannerPrintable Planner for Relaxed Homeschoolers by This Simple Balance
Free Homeschool Planner2018-2019 Planning Pages from Classically Homeschooling
The Ultimate Homeschool Planner from The Relaxed Homeschooler
Free Homeschool PlannerWeekly Assignment Planner from Five J's.
Free Homeschool PlannerPrintable Homeschool Planner from The Homeschool Mom

Printing Your Homeschool Planner

Color coded free printable family calendarPrinting tips are going to be bit tricky. Every printer I’ve ever owned has been completely different and equally evil.

I have been printing planner pages and stickers for years, and I still mess up all. the. time. I had to add a sticker that says, “FACE DOWN TO PRINT!” because I double printed so many times.

My best advice is to get to know your printer and printer settings. Which way to put the paper in – right side up, upside down, where is the top, where is the side? How many pages can you print before it starts eating paper?

More ways to SAVE on back to school supplies!

Using your Custom Homeschool Planner

This is the most important piece of the planning puzzle!

Now that you have your tools and printables, you’re all set to start using your planner. Don’t forget to use it!

Set aside a little time either weekly or daily to sit down and make your plans. I promise, 5 minutes of planning and getting organized will save you time (and headaches) long term.

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