Amber homeschools to give her children an individualized, one-of-a-kind education that will prepare them for the future. Check out her story.
One-of-a-Kind Homeschool: Setting Our Kids Up for their Future
Amber shares her story of homeschooling to create a one-of-a-kind, individualized education for her children. Part of our series: 10 Great
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Read Erin's account of her high school experience and, ultimately, her decision to homeschool.
I homeschool because my Public School Experience Sucked.
Erin shares how her personal experiences in high school led her to choose a different path for her children. Part
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June chose a minimalist homeschool. She desires the slow, simple life homeschool can create. Read about her journey and reasons for homeschooling.
Minimalist Homeschool: I homeschool because I want a simplified life.
June celebrates her minimalist homeschool. Homeschooling allows her to live a slow-paced, simplified life with her family. Read her story.
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The unrealistic expectations of public school caused Heather's son a lot of stress and anxiety. Here's how one family handled it and why they chose to homeschool. Part of our 10 reasons to homeschool series.
Unrealistic Expectations of Public School Caused Stress & Anxiety in my Child
Read Heather’s story about coming to homeschool after the unrealistic expectations of the public school system caused stress and anxiety
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Twice exceptional children, sometimes known as 2E, have some special challenges when it comes to their education. Read Ginny's story about why she chooses to homeschool her children.
I Homeschool because… My Children are Twice Exceptional.
Ginny shares why homeschooling is the best choice for her twice exceptional children. Part of our series: 10 Great Reasons to
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Finally! Summer screen time you can feel GOOD about! Check out these 10 FREE online summer programs for kids. The fun way to summer school with coding, math, grammar, latin and more! Offered for a limited time through Homeschool Buyers Co-op!
10 FREE Online Courses for Kids! Screentime You can feel GOOD about!
I’m excited to introduce ten totally FREE online courses for kids that are perfect for the summer. As parents, we
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Do you have a child who just HATES worksheets? Create your own fun and interactive homeschool workbooks that your child will love! Easy and FREE!
Homeschool Workbooks: Easy & FREE Solution for Kids that Hate Worksheets
Homeschool workbooks are a great solution for kids who just hate worksheets. Let me show you how to build your own
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Hear Kirstee's story about how her time spend homeschooling brings her family together. Part of our Reasons to Homeschool series.
Homeschool for your Family: Spending Time Together Brings Us Closer
Kirstee tells how the decision to homeschool brought her family together. Part of our series: 10 Great Reasons to Homeschool ‘Why
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A full BookShark review. Take a look at BookShark Science, Level 2 and what sets this homeschool science curriculum apart from the rest!
Complete BookShark Review: Science Level 2, Ages 7-9
I am excited to share my BookShark review! This year we used the Science Level 2 program with my seven
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Unschooling Homeschool because I’m Against Common Core & Standardized Testing
Hear from Katrina, a mama unschooling homeschool because she doesn't agree with common core and standardized testing.
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10 Great Reasons to Homeschool - Why do you homeschool? Does your child have dyslexia or another learning disability? Do you have a gifted child? Was your child bullied? Find just a few of the many reasons people choose to homeschool in this article.
Reasons to Homeschool – What’s Yours?
There are so many reasons to homeschool – perhaps as many unique reasons as there are homeschool families. I’m excited
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I homeschool because: My kids have dyslexia and learning differences. A look into the life of homeschool mom, Kim, and her reasons behind choosing to homeschool her children.
I Homeschool Because… Dyslexia & Learning Differences
Kim shares why she chose homeschooling for her children with dyslexia and learning differences. Part of our series: 10 Great
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24 Pages of Summer Printables PLUS a fun Library Reading Challenge for summer! Stop the summer slide with a bit of fun practice. Distribute these at your library, camp, co-op, or in your own homeschool for fun summer literacy practice!
FUN Summer Printables + Library Reading Challenge!
I absolutely love these summer printables and NEW library reading challenge! Read on for all the details! Summer Printables &
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10 Free Summer Programs for kids available nationally - reading programs, national and state parks, in-store crafts, hands on maker activities, and more. Appropriate for elementary aged children! Get out and have fun this summer!!!
10 FREE Summer Programs for Kids for Fantastic FUN & Learning!
There are so many fantastic and FREE summer programs for kids available nation wide. I’ve rounded up ten of our
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10 FUN Alternatives to Summer School - Avoid the summer slide with these fun and engaging learning ideas perfect for summer!
10 FUN Alternatives to Summer School: Avoid the Summer Slide!
Looking for a few alternatives to summer school? Trying to keep kids focused on learning during the summer months can
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How to teach Spanish - even when you don't speak it! 3 tips for parents who don't speak Spanish. You CAN do it!!!
How to Teach Spanish When You Don’t Speak It?!? 3 Options!
Your child wants to learn a foreign language, but you don’t know how to teach Spanish!!! Don’t worry. I’ve got
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Kindergarten Spanish Lessons! Resources for a fun and gentle introduction to the Spanish language.
Kindergarten Spanish Lessons – A Gentle Introduction to Foreign Language
Looking for a few ideas for simple kindergarten Spanish lessons? Introduce your children to a foreign language at home, even
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Easy Spanish Songs to Sing
7 Easy Spanish Songs to Sing – Lyrics, Videos, plus a Free Printable!
This page includes seven easy Spanish songs to sing to help your child learn Spanish through music! Read on for
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Homeschool Spanish Curriculum - fun an interactive Spanish Lessons for kids.
Fun & Interactive Homeschool Spanish Curriculum!
I’ve found a fun and interactive homeschool Spanish curriculum that I am so excited to share. Read on for a
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10 Sneaky ways to teach poetry by incorporating them into other subjects.
10 Sneaky Ways to Easily Teach Poetry with Other Subjects
Are you looking for an easy way to teach poetry? Try incorporating your poetry lessons into other subjects with these ten
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