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20 FUN October Writing Prompts to encourage thoughtful daily writing. No extra imagination required from you!

20 FREE October Writing Prompts for elementary and middle school grades. Fun ideas to get kids thinking and writing daily!

More About the October Writing Prompts

This list includes a wide variety of topics – it is NOT only focused on Halloween. You will find other celebrations such as “Do Something Nice Day,” “World Egg Day,” and Fire Prevention Week, too! The prompts follow a weekly pattern:

Movement Monday – Get moving before you write! Ex: Do 20 jumping jacks. Then write about what is happening to your body.

How-to Tuesday – Write directions, instructions, how-to’s, and recipes!

Wild Wednesday – Anything goes with these funny prompts to get your kiddos thinking and smiling!

Thoughtful Thursday – Thinking about others, gratitude, and remembering events from the past.

Friday Favorites – List all your favorites (great for sticking close to a topic) or tell me about your all-time-favorite…

These writing prompts cover:

  • Opinion pieces
  • Informative/explanatory writing
  • Friendly letter
  • Personal narrative
  • Recalling experiences
  • Writing about real and imagined events

Writing prompts can help your kiddos…

• focus on a topic
• tell a story
• give instructions
• use transition words
• put events or instructions in order in a way that makes sense!

These fun topics are great for getting that pencil moving across the page.

Printable Writing Prompts for October

Find a quick, no-prep solution for writing prompts: doodle style journal pages with space to write, draw, and color. Great for grades 1 through 5 – not too childish for upper elementary kids!

20 printable write & draw pages that coordinate with your 20 October writing prompts! Find them here!

October Writing Prompts

Your October Writing Prompt Calendar

Download your October writing prompts

October Writing Prompts

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is exactly the collection of prompts I was hoping to find for my 5th Graders. Please tell me you’re working on November!?!? 🙂

    1. I am! I’ll have them up mid-month in October 🙂 I’m going to be putting up all 12 months. So glad this will help you!

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