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10 Fun LEGO STEM Activities!

Check out our top ten favorite LEGO STEM activities for kids of all ages! Encourage hands-on learning and fine motor practice with these engaging games and challenges!

10 fantastic LEGO STEM activities for kids of all ages! Encourage hands-on learning and fine motor practice with these engaging games and challenges! #stem #stemeducation #steam #lego

What child doesn’t love LEGO, am I right?! Girl or boy, all the way up to age 99 – LEGO blocks have stood the test of time. Any parent who has ever stepped on a LEGO brick will tell you they are strong, but teachers and parents will also tell you they are great educational resource.

LEGO activities can help strengthen fine motor skills and encourage older kids to have fun while they explore science, technology, engineering and math.

LEGO STEM Activities

LEGOs are some of the best hands-on tools for education. They make fantastic (and plentiful) manipulatives for young children learning to count all the way through fractions and multiplication. They are great for fine motor skills and learning about engineering all kinds of structures.

But the most important part is that LEGOs are fun. They provide opportunities for all kinds of learning and for imaginative, open-ended play. The ideas are truly endless.

The following list is our top ten favorite LEGO STEM activities that kids of any age will enjoy.

1. Coding with LEGO

Create A DIY LEGO Coding Game from Little Bins Little Hands. It’s awesome that my kids are into coding, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes they have to step away from the screen. This coding game is a great way to get kids coding in a new hands-on way.

2. LEGO Ice Fishing Experiment

Fishing for LEGO Ice Minifigures from Science Kiddo. Your kids will love this new twist on the classic salt and ice experiment, and Science Kiddo shows you the science behind the fun.

3. Math Challenge Game

LEGO Addition: Add & Fill a Base Plate from Creative Family Fun. This game is a fun challenge for one child to practice addition and subtraction, or go head-to-head to see who can fill up their base plate first. It gets a little tough at the end when you are trying to get the exact fit – that’s where we brought the subtraction into play!

4. Building Math Vocabulary with Bricks

LEGO Challenge Math Activity with Free Printable from Buggy and Buddy is a fun way to incorporate math vocabulary for beginners. Start with patterns and building tallest and shortest. We expanded on this by adding terms like taller, shorter, shortest; wide, wider, widest; large, medium, and small. There’s even a printable to use as a jumping off point!

5. Natural Disaster in LEGO City!

LEGO City Earthquake from Teach Beside Me is such a great idea for an afternoon of exploration. This is a particularly great one to go along with your weather or natural disaster lesson plans. Ideas to expand on this one: use wind to create a hurricane or get in the tub and create a tsunami!

10 fantastic LEGO STEM activities for kids of all ages! Encourage hands-on learning and fine motor practice with these engaging games and challenges! #stem #stemeducation #steam #lego

6. Mummy Minifigures

LEGO Gummy Mummy Experiment from Steam Powered Family. A cool experiment to watch over time. This project will have your kids making predictions and testing them against their observations. Plus, it’s a perfect pair for your ancient Egypt unit!

7. LEGO Math Manipulatives

LEGO Math Ten Frame Game from Laly Mom. What an engaging way to add some play to fact practice or make any worksheet more hands-on. Laly Mom shows you how to create the ten frame. Then, use legos to show what you know!

8. Fly Down the LEGO Zipline!

Simple LEGO Zipline from Little Bins Little Hands. An little physics and engineering challenge with a big WOW factor. Build this simple zip line for your minifigure, and later turn it into an experiment. How much can it hold? How does weight affect speed? And why?

9. Build a Solar Powered Car

Solar Powered LEGO Car from Teach Beside Me. Such an awesome project that combines engineering and technology – and makes a great addition to your Earth Day unit on conservation!

10. Wind Powered LEGO Challenge

Wind Powered Challenge – Mission LEGO Rescue from Steam Powered Family is another great activity for your studies of energy conservation and wind power. Plus, my kids get over-the-top excited when they spot a wind turbine. Seems like the right time to have them build their own!

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