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Young Jedi all over the world are going to love these Star Wars STEM activities we’ve collected from cyberspace! Read on to find fun, inspirational activities all about their (and your?) favorite fandom.

10 out-of-this-world Star Wars STEM Activities! The best hands-on science, technology, engineering, and math activities in cyberspace. #stem #steam #stemeducation #starwars #starwarsforkids

If you’re familiar with STEM activities and projects, you know that STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  These hands-on learning activities are designed to get your kid excited – and when you throw some of their favorite Star Wars characters and themes, you’re sure to get some WOW reactions!

Children will be inspired and engaged to improve their minds with the epic space opera franchise – Star Wars. We have Star Wars science lessons with Han Solo and math that includes their favorite Star Wars LEGO mini-figures. Read on for our favorite top 10!

Star Wars STEM Activities

Our whole family is super excited for the newest Star Wars movie release! So this is the perfect time to bring some themed activities into our lessons.

In this top ten list, you’ll find death star playdough fun, star wars slime, a “cool” rescue activity game, and so many more entertaining ways to keep children focused on learning through play!

1. Design a Death Star

Death Star Playdough Kit from Little Bins for Little Hands. Hands-on sensory play isn’t just for little kids! Kids of all ages will love designing their own Death Star with this easy set-up dough activity.

2. Crystals from a Galaxy Far Far Away

Galaxy Sugar Crystal Science Experiment from Steamsational. Growing your own crystals is a classic science experiment. Adding a Star Wars twist is a great way to make this classic newly engaging.

3. Star Wars Science + Sensory Play

Icy Rescue Star Wars Science Activity from Little Bins for Little Hands. Using ice is a super way to combine sensory play and scientific observations. Plus, it’s the perfect activity to keep little hands busy for a length of time.

4. Star Wars STEM Building Challenge

LEGO Star Wars Engineering Printable Game Cards from Sunshine & Hurricanes. Do you have a Lego lover? This simple, printable card game will provide hours of open-ended, engineering fun!

5. Molten Lava Slime Experiment

LEGO Star Wars Molten Lava Slime from Fun A Day. My kids are completely obsessed with slime, and they LOVE to mix their own. Add in some Star Wars dramatic play, and this simple starch & white glue recipe becomes a memorable afternoon activity at the kitchen table. Put the slime back on the table! Slime does not belong in your bedroom! 😉

10 out-of-this-world Star Wars STEM Activities! The best hands-on science, technology, engineering, and math activities in cyberspace. #stem #steam #stemeducation #starwars #starwarsforkids

6. Star Wars Math Manipulatives

Make Tens With Star Wars LEGO Minifigures from Inspiration Laboratories. Anytime I can add a little hands-on fun to math, I will! All of my kids (preschool, first, and third grades) loved this counting activity. Add a few extra dice for older kids, and use longer legos as tens or build your own hundreds block.

7. Baking Soda & Vinegar Rescue Mission

Rescue Hans Solo from Fun A Day. A new Star Wars themed twist on a baking soda and vinegar experiment. This one will inspire some imaginative play in your new little world and get them practicing social language as they perform the rescue!

8. Star Wars Obleek Experiment

Star Wars Galaxy Obleek from Nerdy Mamma. Making obleek is a cool sensory experiment created from the corn starch that you already have in your cabinet. With these easy directions, your kids will be able to combine the ingredients themselves and observe as they transform. My kids describe the interesting texture as “squeaky” and love to get their hands in there.

9. Light Saber Math

Star Wars Light Saber Math from Carrots Are Orange. This was such a fun activity to add into math time. My preschooler worked on adding one, while my third grader used the Darth mats to multiply! Not enough light sabers on hand? You can use mini figures, popsicle sticks, or base ten blocks to expand on this project.

10. Star Wars Math Card Game

Star Wars Minifigure LEGO Math Game from Inspiration Laboratories. Skip Bo is one of our old favorite card games – a great game for young kids that can be played with 2 or more players. This idea had us using this old counting game in a whole new way!

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