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Twenty July Writing Prompts to inspire elementary students to think, respond, and write! Fun and interactive writing prompts in a variety of topics. Read on to find your FREE printable May writing prompt calendar!

20 FREE January Writing Prompts for elementary students. January writing prompt calendar - fun ideas for a variety of thought provoking writing prompts.

July writing prompts

November Writing Prompts - FREE writing prompts calendar including 20 FUN and engaging writing prompts for elementary students. Click through to get a copy of these fun journal prompts! #writing #elementary #languagearts

July Writing Prompts

Encourage your kiddos to imagine, play, and write with these engaging and fun prompts that will get their creativity flowing! July writing prompts cover:

  • Writing about real and imagined events
  • Stating an opinion with reasons
  • Informative/explanatory writing
  • Writing a letter
  • Personal narrative
  • Recalling experiences

This list includes This list includes a wide variety of topics including narrating real and imagined events and summer themed prompts!

These fun topics are great for getting your kids really thinking. You’ll find a weekly pattern for your July writing prompts calendar:

Movement Monday – Get moving before you write!
Ex: Parade time! March along and put on a show. Then write a story from the perspective of someone watching the parade.

How-to Tuesday – Write directions, instructions, how-to’s, and recipes!

Wild Wednesday – Anything goes with these funny prompts to get your kiddos thinking and smiling!

Thoughtful Thursday – Thinking about others and remembering events from the past.

Friday Favorites – List all your favorites (great for sticking close to a topic) or tell about your favorite things.

July Writing Prompts

Use Writing Prompts to Practice…

• focusing in on a specific topic
• telling a story
• giving instructions
• using transition words
• putting events or instructions in order in a way that makes sense!

July Writing Prompt Printables

Need a quick, no-prep solution for writing prompts? Check out our popular doodle-style journal pages with space to write, draw, and color.

20 printable write & draw pages that coordinate with your 20 July writing prompts! Find them here!

July Writing Prompts

Download Your July Writing Prompt Calendar

Click to download your calendar

July Writing Prompts

Writing prompts are essential for elementary students! Find out how writing prompts create better writers and find a list of all our monthly writing prompts on this post.

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