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Looking for a few ideas for simple kindergarten Spanish lessons? Introduce your children to a foreign language at home, even if you don’t know how to teach (or speak) Spanish. Read on for a list of activities, books, and videos that will get your little one started with Spanish!

Kindergarten Spanish Lessons! Resources for a fun and gentle introduction to the Spanish language.


Kindergarten Spanish Lessons

Our kindergarten year was very exploratory. We chose an around-the-world curriculum that really worked to introduce my kids to a huge variety of cultures, experiences, and foods.

My son’s interest in Spanish came about after we learned about South America and listened to the Samba station on Pandora!

Since then, his interest in foreign languages has grown. I credit that to the gentle and fun introduction to Spanish we used in kindergarten. Kindergarten Spanish lessons can be very simple and enjoyable.

Here are a few of our favorite materials and resources for teaching Spanish in Kindergarten.

Kindergarten spanish lessons

Kindergarten Spanish Lessons at the Library

First stop, library! Never underestimate the power of your library card.

Ask your friendly librarian to point you to the foreign language section. You will find great picture books, vocabulary books, and introductions to Spanish words and phrases.

I’ve been known to check out every single book on the subject.

Also, don’t miss out on the Spanish versions of your favorite picture books. Your child already knows and loves the story. Seeing a familiar book in Spanish is a fun way to introduce vocabulary and translation skills – beyond words and simple phrases.

Workbooks & Worksheets for Kindergarten Spanish Lessons

If you’re looking for a Spanish workbook or worksheets for kindergarten, check out the Teach Them Spanish! series. These contain black line worksheets that are great for copying, coloring, and learning Spanish.

Check out the peek inside on the Amazon site before you order. You might be using similar worksheets in English. If your child likes these types of worksheets/printables, it will make it easy to introduce kindergarten appropriate Spanish vocabulary like letters, numbers, colors, animals, and family words.

Buy from Amazon

Keep in mind that this introduction to Spanish should be fun! If the sight of a worksheet sends your child running in the other direction, or if you’re working on taming that handwriting, worksheets might not be the most appropriate introduction to Spanish.

I have one child that LOVES worksheets like these. She colors every inch. Points to the words and tells me what everything is. Tells me all the directions before I tell her. Loves worksheets. These are fantastic to use with her.

My other child hates workbooks. They make him antsy and resistant (yes, I’m blaming the workbook for this). We didn’t use workbooks with him, rather we focused on introducing Spanish through music, shows, and books.

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Spanish Shows for your Kindergarten Lessons

You can find great shows that will get your kids learning Spanish words and phrases pretty quickly. Don’t be afraid to use immersion with your children!

They will understand what’s going on in Spanish-only shows and can benefit from hearing the accents and picking up some language as they follow along.

Some great shows for your kindergarten Spanish lessons:


YouTube Channels for your Kindergarten Spanish Lessons

Kindergarten Spanish LessonsWinged Lion has charming songs and videos for young children. Here you can view many of the English and Spanish versions. Winged Lion aslo has a Spanish-only sister channel, Leoncito Alado with an even larger collection of videos.

SésamoKindergarten spanish lessons is Sesame Street’s Spanish-only channel. If your kindergartner still loves Elmo, this is a great place to start. Videos range in length from about 2 – 12 mintues. This is a fantastic, commercial free channel that you can feel good about leaving on while you take a shower.

Kindergarten Spanish LessonsA Tiempo Preescolar is a cute channel with videos that my kids love. They range from short clips to full length episodes with songs and episodes completely in Spanish.

More Spanish from the Resource Room:


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