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Around the World for Kids! Elementary geography ideas and resources for continent studies!

Welcome to the first day of our Around the World Hopscotch!

Today you’ll find books, activities, and resources to support your geography studies. Plus, you will find links to our 5 Days Around-the-World Series and resources organized by continent!

I’m so happy to be able to share these amazing resources with you. We went around-the-world with our kindergarten curriculum and plan on “traveling” again when my younger kids are in K and 2nd grade.

These resources are meant to complement and enrich your lesson plans. If you are creating your own plans, you will find resources here that certainly could fill up a year! Our family enjoys reading, crafts, hands-on activities, projects, and using media to support learning. We are truly an eclectic bunch!

These resources are appropriate for 5-8 years old, roughly primary grades k-2. As always, use your best discretion. 


Hop around to find a ton of resources to support your elementary continent studies!

Day 1 Sunday: Elementary Continent Studies. That’s this post!
You’ll find: General geography resources and materials appropriate for elementary aged children plus all of the links to our resources by continent!

Day 2 Monday: Around the World Picture Books

Day 3 Tuesday: Movies Around the World

Day 4 Wednesday: Shows Around the World

Day 5 Thursday: Apps and Websites for Elementary Geography

Be sure to grab the Around the World printable pack at the bottom of this post! Find our very favorite resources, printable lists, and a few ideas that will work with any continent or country study!

Continent Study Resources

The links below lead to our other posts created to enrich our elementary continent studies. Click a link or browse all of our around-the-world posts here.

Kid’s NORTH AMERICA Resources and Activities

Animal Studies: North American Grizzly Bear
Books, activities, playlists, and a lapbook project.

Kindergarten Books & Activities: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt
A full unit study inspired by the classic children’s story.

North America Streaming Resources
Movies, shows, and playlists to supplement your lesson plans.

SOUTH & CENTRAL AMERICA Activities and Media for Kids

Rain Forest Unit and Animal Study: Poison Arrow Frog
Learn about the tropical rain forest with through beautiful books, create your own kapok tree, and make a lapbook about the poison dart frog (aka poison dart frog).

South & Central America Streaming Resources
Movies, shows, and playlists to supplement your lesson plans.

Cultures around the world

EUROPE Unit Studies and Resources for Kids

Unit Studies: We spent extra time in Europe, and gathered excellent projects, books, and resources for a few country studies.
United Kingdom Unit
France Unit
Greece Unit

Kindergarten Books and Activities: Ratatouille Movie Unit Study
A full unit study based on the Disney movie.

Europe Streaming Resources
Movies, shows, and playlists to supplement your lesson plans.

Activities and Resources for Kids about Africa

Elementary Introduction to Africa
Books, activities, and media to introduce children to Africa’s habitats, people, and animals.

Jane Goodall Lapboook and Animal Study: Chimpanzees
Create a DIY lapbook, read about this ground-breaking scientist, and discover online resources and printables to support your unit.

Africa Streaming Resources
Movies, shows, and playlists to supplement your lesson plans.

Resources About Asia for Kids

Asia Streaming Resources
Movies, shows, and playlists to supplement your lesson plans.


Oceania Streaming Resources
Movies, shows, and playlists to supplement your lesson plans.


North and South Pole Streaming Resources
Movies, shows, and playlists to supplement your lesson plans.




National Geographic Kids First Big Books
We referred back to these books many time over the year. With large text, charts, and gorgeous images, these texts are a great reference for Around the World studies. Take a at the Big Book of Animals for animals categorized by habitat, well-known scientists, philanthropists, artists, and more in Big Book of Who, and landmarks arranged by continent Big Book of the World.

How to Make and Apple Pie and See the World by Marjorie Priceman
This was an adorable introduction to our Around the World activities.

View the read aloud here or watch our Apples and Maps playlist!

Magic Tree House Series by Mary Pope Osborne
See the full list of titles organized by continent .

Our hands-down favorite from our around-the-world studies, Magic Tree House has books for every continent. We listened to audio books, read aloud together, and eventually my son started reading them on his own. A wonderful series to motivate a beginning reader.

Around the World ARTS & CRAFTS for Kids

We created so many projects over the course of the year. If you have an artistic child, looking at art and architecture around the world is so inspiring. Below is my five-year-old’s Greek Mosaic from our Greece Unit Study.


Around the World Coloring Book by Winky Adam
World facts like a text book and more engaging than a workbook, this coloring book was a great companion for our Around the World studies.

Art Around the World: Loo-Loo, Boo, and More Art You Can Do by Denis Roche
We tried several around-the-world art books over the year, but this was our favorite. The colorful illustrations, interesting facts, and simple directions make the activities accessable for pre-k and primary aged kiddos.


Africa for Kids

If you love puzzles and art studying geography, don’t miss these fabulous GeoPuzzles! We learned so much by putting together these durable, thick, bright puzzles. Each puzzle is a different continent with countries in by shape. They also offer a world map puzzle. They look complicated at first, but with around 70 pieces each, your child will be putting them together independently in no time.

Use these puzzles to discuss continents, countries, and regions of the world. Practice reading the names or sounding out new words. Name the oceans, look at a compass rose, and compare the sizes of countries from around the world or each continent.

Around the World Enrichment Pack

Download Your PDF

Around the World Resource Pack


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