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Want to get started with notebooking but don’t know where to begin? I’m excited to share a thorough and realistic how-to guide that will equip you with the tools you need to support your lesson plans and enrich your homeschool with notebooking.

How to get started with notebooking in your homeschool. Disclosure: I received a free copy of Notebooking Success in exchange for an open and honest review. All opinions are my own. For more information, see my disclosure policy.

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A Guide to Notebooking

In kindergarten, our homeschool was full of lapbooks. They were great culminating projects to each of our continent studies, and my son loved creating them. Plus, we got to work on those fine motor skills.

When we began first grade, the way we studied changed. We are using a variety of curricula – science is separate from social studies, literature is separate from spelling. I found myself throwing worksheets and projects at all these different subjects with nothing to link them.

I wanted to bring our lessons back together to help my son organize and process what he was learning without spending hours creating extra projects and searching for materials.

Enter notebooking.

Getting started with notebooking. Love the fresh notebook feeling.I’d used notebooking printables with no real sense of organization. They end up on my desk with other worksheets and drawings, and when my kids weren’t looking I’d sweep them all into the trash.

I started looking more into notebooking, but the amount of information out there was overwhelming. Everyone does it a little differently.

How-to articles range from creating complicated interactive notebooks with origami springing out  to plain hand-written journal pages.

When I found the Notebooking Success Ebook, I jumped at it. This is what I needed.

One place, one source to help me get started with notebooking.

Get Started with Notebooking

Notebooking in your homeschool.I’m excited to share this Ebook because I think it can help a lot of families get organized and on the right track with notebookingespecially if you’re starting for the very first time.

In this book you will find out what materials you need and tons of ideas about what to put in your notebook. But the content goes much deeper.

You’ll find out:

√ How notebooking can improve your homeschool
Realistic tips about how to incorporate notebooking into your lesson plans
√ Printable notebooking pages to get you started right away

Improve Your Homeschool with Notebooking

Guide to getting started with NotebookingI wanted to make our lessons more memorable and help my son get organized. Notebooking will help me accomplish this and so much more.

Notebooking Success presents the ways notebooking can help your child learn and how notebooking can help you teach.

Do you want to incorporate more writing daily? Trying to find a way to help your children retain what they’ve learned?

Maybe, like me, you want to help your child develop organizational skills, encourage independence, and take ownership in their lessons.

Are you looking for an easy way to create a portfolio of your child’s work?

You’ll learn how notebooking can answer these questions.

How to Use Notebooking

The Notebooking Success Ebook provides simple and realistic guidance. This is not a guide on how to make Pinterest-worthly, parent-intensive, perfect works of art. These are real tips on how to make notebooking work for YOU.

The focus is the process – not the final product.

It will be unique, possibly with errors or crooked writing and stick figure drawings. That is okay. As a document of his learning, these imperfect pages are exactly what you want – a true snapshot of that child’s learning and skills.

Jimmie Quick, author of Notebooking Success

You’ll read about what notebooking looks like at various age levels. You’ll even receive separate guides for grades 1-3, 4-6, and 7+. Use notebooking to improve your homeschool.

Notebooking Pages to Get You Started

One of my favorite tips from Notebooking Success is to keep notebooking pages on-hand. After years of budgeting my limited paper supply for a class of 20+ children, this never occurred to me!

The Ebook comes with tons of printable pages that you will always have ready. Perfect for when you don’t have time to scour the internet looking for printables.

Free printable notebooking pages from The Notebooking FairyWhen you do need subject-specific printables, be sure to visit

You’ll find over one hundred Free Printable Notebooking Pages for every subject – from math to music, science, social studies, art, and more.

You can easily search for any subject or topic, and more printables are being added all the time.


Notebooking Success Ebook

I would highly recommend the Notebooking Success Ebook to anyone who wants to begin notebooking in their homeschool. This is an excellent guide that will help you improve your homeschool with practical tips and all the resources you need to get started.

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