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The fascinating classics by Lewis Carroll will excite young readers and inspire young writers as you share the love of reading with your child. Children from elementary through middle grades and beyond will love the fantastic adventures and memorable characters created by Lewis Carroll.

Read on for Alice in Wonderland activities as well as free resources to create a full author study about author, Lewis Carroll.

Alice in Wonderland Activities, a Lewis Carroll author study

In this post you will find links and resources for a book-based unit study with Author, Lewis Carroll. These books and activities are appropriate to share in a classroom or for your homeschool! This guide provides book recommendations, reading resources, author links, and projects along with an eight page printable.

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Author Study Printable Pack Image. Click to download.

Book List

I would recommend starting with your child’s favorite Lewis Carroll book (or reading one that inspired their favorite movie) and add at least two new titles. These surprising and fantastic stories are enjoyable for new and experienced readers.

Alice's Adventures
in Wonderland

Through the
Looking Glass

Hunting of the Snark

Alice's Adventures

Jabberwocky and
Other Nonsense:
Collected Poems

Poetry for Young

For a full list of titles see Lewis Carroll’s Amazon Page

Meet Lewis Carroll

Lewis Carroll Society of North America features teaching resources and directories for Carroll’s life and works.

Read About Lewis Carroll and watch a short video on Biography.

Wikipedia is another source for information about Carroll’s life and books.

Ten Wonderful Facts about Lewis Carroll on YouTube

Author Activity

Use your printable pack to make your own timeline or author biography.  Look up facts together or have an older child research on her own. Be sure to check the author bio in your books!

Read in Different Ways

Lewis Carroll’s books are magically entertaining, so I hope you enjoy reading these stories side-by-side with your child. Since you’ll be enjoying several titles, try a few other ways of reading and see the characters and settings come to life!

Watch a Movie

Lewis Carroll’s exciting stories have come to life on the big screen. Watch a new one or revisit an old favorite. Compare what happens in the book and the movie. Which version does your child prefer? What is missing in the movie? What was added? What things in the movie were different than your child imagined?

Alice in
Wonderland 2010

Alice Through the
Looking Glass

Disney's Alice in

Alice in
Special Edition 2010

Alice's Adventures
in Wonderland,

Alice's Adventures
in Wonderland
Musical, 1971

Read Along

Listen to the Alice in Wonderland Ballet with music by Tchaikovsky. Match the titles to parts of the book and discover how music can tell a story.

Find unabridged CDs or purchase Audible books from Lewis Carroll’s official Amazon store to read along with your favorite titles.

Love listening to audio books? 
Start with two free books from Audible.

Find public domain books to read free online in their original version read now.

Activities and Projects

A list of ideas about what to write, play, and create to bring your Author Study together. These activities will go well with your 8 page free printable pack from our Resource Library.


Write a fan letter to your favorite character telling him/her all your favorite parts of their story!

Write a sequel featuring the characters and themes from the Alice series. What new, fantastic place will Alice visit next?

Create a venn diagram and talk about the similarities and differences between your favorite book and the movie. Free printable Venn Diagram


Host mad tea party! Use the free printable party invitations and checklist to invite your friends, family, or stuffed animals and dress as your favorite character. Find costume ideas on Pinterest.

Go on a yoga adventure with Cosmic Kids Yoga, Alice in Wonderland episode.
Solve a maze with Alice Mazes on


Make a diorama of your favorite Alice setting. Use playing cards, tea cups, and other fantastic found objects to create a magical world.

Create a lovely golden afternoon with printable flowers from Disney Family.

Make a bookmark with printables from Disney Family or create your own featuring your favorite characters or quotes from the books.

Don’t forget to pick up your
free 8 page printable pack!

What’s your favorite Lewis Carroll book? Leave a comment below.

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