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If you are looking for some outdoor play inspiration, we have 12 exciting outdoor STEM activities for you and your kids to try! Find creative science experiments, challenges, and hands-on projects that will get your kids off the screens and learning through play!

12 fantastic outdoor STEM activities for hands-on fun and learning in the summer! Screen free summer activities. #stem #summer #summerschool #stemeducation #getoutside

The weather is lovely, and I’m ready to get out in the fresh air. My kids are… well, sometimes they need a little encouragement to join me.

As my kids have grown, a lot of their schooling and favorite activities take place indoors. Science at the kitchen table and reading on the couch. Not to mention math and other learning games on the computer…

There are so many ways to take learning outside, and including outdoor STEM activities is our favorite.

Taking STEM Activities Outdoors

If you’re not familiar with STEM education, it stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Subjects that lend themselves to hands-on exploration, fun projects, and lots of learning through play.

Taking STEM outdoors adds to the creative, playful side of these subjects. Nature harbors a lot of tools that can be used for fun and engaging learning outdoors. And best of all, outdoor STEM activities require minimal supplies, most of which can be found in your backyard. Learning with nature doesn’t have to cost a thing!

12 Exciting Outdoor STEM Activities

Create an outdoor learning adventure with the following STEM experiments, projects, and challenges. You’ll find your child (and maybe yourself) looking at nature in a whole new way!

1. Backyard Railroad Engineering from Adventures in a Box

2. Bottle Rockets from Steam Powered Family

3. Bursting Bags from Little Bins For Little Hands

4. DIY Solar Oven from The Craft Train

5. DIY Sundial For Kids from KC Edventure

6. Finding Symmetry in Nature from Buggy and Buddy

12 fantastic outdoor STEM activities for hands-on fun and learning in the summer! Screen free summer activities. #stem #summer #summerschool #stemeducation #getoutside

7. Natural Balance from Steam Powered Family

8. Rainbow Burning Dandelions from Teach Beside Me

9. Sidewalk Chalk 100 Chart from Teach Beside Me

10. Simple Soil Science from Left Brain Craft Brain

11. Testing Rocks and Minerals from KC Edventures

12. Toy Zip Line from Little Bins for Little Hands

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