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Roald Dahl Author Study

In this post you will find links and resources for a book-based unit study with Author, Roald Dahl. These books and activities are appropriate to share in a classroom or for your homeschool!

This guide provides book recommendations, reading resources, author links, and projects along with printable notebooking pages for your projects. Find out more about creating your own author study.

The engaging modern classics by Roald Dahl will inspire young writers as you share the love of reading with your child. Children from elementary through middle grade ages will love these exciting and funny adventures and memorable characters created by Roald Dahl.

Author Study Printable Pack Image. Click to download.

Don’t forget to pick up your free 8 page printable pack!

Book List

I would recommend starting with your child’s favorite Roald Dahl book (or reading one that inspired their favorite movie) and add at least two new titles. These surprising and fantastic stories are enjoyable for new and experienced readers.

Charlie and the
Chocolate Factory


James and the
Giant Peach

The Witches


Fantastic Mr. Fox

The Enormous

The Twits

Danny the Champion
of the World

For a full list of titles see Roald Dahl’s Amazon Page

Meet Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl’s Official Website  features places for teachers, kids, and grown-ups to explore. Don’t miss the kid’s quiz, “Which Roald Dahl Character Are You?” after you’ve read the stories!

Read About Roald Dahl on the website.

Wikipedia is another source for information about Dahl’s life and books.

The Life of Roald Dahl on YouTube

Runtime: 10min

Watch a YouTube BBC Biography: The Marvellous World of Roald Dahl
and in-depth biography appropriate for older children. Preview first for younger audiences. Runtime: 59min

Author Activity

Be sure to check out the interactive timeline on Use your printable pack to make your own timeline or author biography.  Look up facts together or have an older child research on her own. Be sure to check the author bio in your books!

Read in Different Ways

Roald Dahl’s books are imaginative and entertaining, so I hope you enjoy reading these stories side-by-side with your child. Since you’ll be enjoying several titles, try a few other ways of reading and see the characters and settings come to life!

Watch a Movie

Many of Dahl’s exciting stories have come to life on the big screen. Watch a new one or revisit an old favorite. Compare what happens in the book and the movie. Which version does your child prefer? What is missing in the movie? What was added? What things in the movie were different than your child imagined? 

Charlie and the
Chocolate Factory

The Witches

James and the
Giant Peach



Fantastic Mr. Fox

Read Along

Listen to the Original Broadway Cast perform Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Find unabridged CDs or purchase Audible books from Roald Dahl’s official Amazon store to read along with your favorite titles.

Love listening to audio books? 
Start with two free books from Audible.

Activities and Projects

A list of ideas about what to write, play, and create to bring your Author Study together. These activities will go well with your printable.

Be sure to really dig into Roald Dahl’s Official Website. You’ll find printables and lesson plans for all your favorite books alongside many fun games and activities to inspire your young reader.


Write a fan letter to your favorite character telling him/her all your favorite parts of their story!

Write a new story featuring the characters and themes from 2 or more of the stories you read. What would happen if Willy Wonka opened a Giant Peach factory? What if Matilda was mistaken for a Witch

Create a venn diagram and talk about the similarities and differences between two stories or between a story and the movie. Free printable Venn Diagram


Host a character party! Use the free printable party invitations and checklist to invite your friends, family, or stuffed animals and dress as a character. Find ideas for costumes on Pinterest.

Celebrate Roald Dahl Day on September 13th. Or mark it on your calendar for next year. Better yet, declare tomorrow September 13th! Change your calendar, and get a few ideas from Roald Dahl’s website.

Visit the Roald Dahl Museum in Great Missenden, the village where Roald Dahl lived. Can’t travel across the globe? Go on a virtual tour of the museum.


Learn to draw the characters from Quentin Blake on Roald Dahl’s YouTube channel.

Make Dahl-inspired treats with these Revolting Recipes.

Draw a comic strip sequel to your favorite book. But before you write the sequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, make sure to read Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. Create the trilogy! The third (unfinished) title in the series was Charlie in the White House.

Don’t forget to pick up your
free 8 page printable pack!

What’s your favorite Roald Dahl book? Leave a comment below.

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