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A mom's permission to take a break this summer. Do something just for YOU!

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for a break this summer! Don’t get me wrong – I love spending time with my kids. I’m so glad we have this homeschool time together. Watching my oldest learn and grow through his kindergarten year has been amazing, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Kids 24/7/365

Everyone needs a break. I actually had my first honest-to-goodness vacation this year. My first nights away since before my six-year-old was born. It was amazing.

But now I’m back to reality. Our reality is that we don’t live by much family. We don’t have a network of family to babysit. My husband works in a restaurant. If you aren’t familiar with this schedule – basically he could be working all day everyday or all night every night or both. Usually both.

So most days it’s just me and the kids.

But not this summer!

This year my kids are going to camp. It’s a big decision to make – sending your kids to someone else all day. Well, it was a big decision for us.

I do realize that something like 97% of all other kids go to school 180+ days a year. But our kids have never been away that long. We’ve done a bit of preschool – half days and partial weeks, but WOW goodbye from 9 AM to 5 PM five days a week? What ever will I do with myself?

Don’t worry, I’ve got 101 ideas in my back pocket.

It’s funny with homeschoolers, though. I feel like I have to defend my choice to send my kids to camp. Some people homeschool because they would never, under any circumstance, leave their child in the care of another adult.

But their hangups aren’t my hangups. Not that I don’t have hangups. It’s just that the reasons we choose to homeschool don’t have to do with sheltering my kids or mistrusting teachers. I love teachers. I love camp counselors. I love sending my kids to camp.

Grab your sunscreen and a cocktail
with an umbrella. It’s summertime.

Whether you’re sending your kids to camp, getting a babysitter for a night out, hiring a mother’s helper, or dropping them off with family for the week: Let the guilt go!

You now have permission encouragement! Do it. Take a break this summer. Take time off from homeschool. Take time away from your kids. Take some time for you.

101 Reasons to take a break this summer

Reasons a break will be good for you, for your family, for your life. Taking time for a break is not wasting time. It’s a relief from the everyday. Revel in it. Soon it will be back to the grind.

  1. You’ll have time to do something just for you

  2. You won’t have to write lesson plans

  3. You don’t have to make a library list

  4. You don’t even have to go to the library

  5. Exhale

  6. You can step away from the stress being with kids all day can cause

  7. You can step away from the stress that working and taking care of the kids can cause

  8. Time to pursue your own interests

  9. One on one time with younger kids

  10. One on one time with older kids

  11. One on one time with your partner
    It’s hard to come by!

  12. Step out of the teacher role

  13. Step out of the Mom role

  14. Catch up on Orange is the New Black

  15. Get into your own summer reading list

  16. Spend hours pointlessly surfing Facebook without guilt

  17. Declutter the house

  18. Clean behind the stove, finally

  19. Move the furniture around

  20. Redecorate your office

  21. Play in your planner

  22. Create something beautiful

  23. Shop for something beautiful

  24. Shop by yourself

  25. Take as long as you want in the dressing room

  26. Eat lunch by yourself

  27. Not share your lunch

  28. Go to the movies

  29. Pick which movie you want to see without compromise

  30. Keep all the popcorn to yourself

  31. Go to the bathroom in the middle of the movie
    without having to take the whole crew along

  32. Go to the bathroom by yourself

  33. Have time for all of the well visits you’ve been skipping

  34. Go to the dentist

  35. Let your mind rest

  36. Pick up a hobby you’ve been thinking about

  37. Catch up at work

  38. Get ahead at work

  39. Work without feeling like you should be doing something else

  40. Take time to plan your upcoming year

  41. Visit a friend you haven’t seen in a while

  42. Have a day out with the girls

  43. Have a day out on your own

  44. Have a day when you can take your own sweet time and not have to report to anyone, be anywhere, or do anything for anyone else.

  45. Your kids might want a break, too

  46. Do something you’ve always wanted to do

  47. Do something that would even surprise yourself

  48. The kids can try something new

  49. They can meet some summer friends

  50. Explore their own interests independently

  51. Or watch TV until their eyeballs fall out

  52. Then they’ll realize they’d rather be doing other things than watching TV until their eyeballs fall out

  53. You can watch TV until your eyeballs fall out

  54. Watch a whole season on Netflix in one day. In bed.

  55. See why everyone is always talking about The Walking Dead

  56. Watch shows for grown-ups without worrying that a kid is going to come in during a shoot-out

  57. You’ll have more time to nurture your adult relationships

  58. Have a park day with your spouse and no kids

  59. Just relax

  60. Go back to your yoga class or try it for the first time

  61. Go swimming without having to monitor children

  62. Go camping without thinking about where to stash the diapers

  63. Just hang out with another adult

  64. Make plans on the spur of the moment

  65. Cancel plans because you plain don’t wanna

  66. Have a wild night out

  67. Have a wild night in

  68. It’s natural to want a break

  69. It’s okay to need a little down time

  70. Change is good

  71. Have a day that you’re just yourself and not MOM

  72. Everybody Else is doing it.

  73. You’ll get that schools-out feeling again

  74. After a break, you’ll look forward to school being back in again

  75. There won’t be anyone asking you for snacks today

  76. You don’t have to share your snack today

  77. Summertime day drinking.
    No judgement.

  78. Go places you usually
    wouldn’t take your kids

  79. Try a new bar

  80. Get your nails did

  81. Get your hair did

  82. Have a day of pampering rather than a day of Pampers

  83. Have room to breathe

  84. Create some space or margin in your routine

  85. Take time to meditate

  86. Start a gratitude journal

  87. Volunteer

  88. Start a garden

  89. Pick flowers

  90. Visit a farmer’s market

  91. Lay on the beach all day

  92. Lay on the couch all day

  93. Write down some goals you’d like to accomplish

  94. Take time to reflect on your life

  95. Make a plan to change things that aren’t working

  96. Do all the little things you don’t usually have time to do

  97. Do nothing at all and don’t feel bad about it

  98. Miss your kids

  99. Look forward to the end of your break

  100. Look forward to getting back to your regular routine

  101. Appreciate the life you’ve created


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  1. Woohoo! Enjoy your summer break. We have thought about summer day camps and my kids have participated in a week or a 1/2 day camp here and there but I have never had all three kids in one camp to have time to myself. It just never seems to work out that way.

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