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It’s finally springtime and have a few fun, hands-on spring activities for kids to share! Whether you’re a homeschool parent, teacher, or just looking for a way to keep the kids occupied for spring break, read on for fun ideas for learning outdoors and in!

Spring activities for kids - ideas, books, activities, and printables for fun and learning in the springtime!

Spring is here, and we have been having so much fun getting out into the beautiful weather!

We’ve incorporated a lot of outdoor  exploration and activities. It’s the best time of year to study nature! When we can’t learn outdoors we bring nature inside with books and activities about about spring!

Spring Gardening activities for kids

20170214_101114After attending the grand opening of a new Children’s Garden near our home, my oldest has become enamored with plants.

Following his lead, I created an Introduction to Plants Unit to help us dig deeper into gardening!

But you don’t have to execute a full unit study to enjoy gardening with kids! A few hands-on ideas to get you started:

  • Visit a botanical garden or children’s garden
  • Sprout seeds on a windowsill in your home
  • Nurture a house plant if it’s still too chilly outside
  • Plant seeds, bulbs, or seedlings – make sure it’s the right time of year!

You can still plant a small garden even if you are in an area where it is still cold, don’t have a backyard, or plain don’t like to garden. Plant kits for kids make sprouting seeds really easy! All you need is the kit and a sunny spot by a window. Buy from Amazon

Explore State & National Parks in Spring

We have been busy exploring State Parks this spring. I love hiking the trails with my kids, identifying plants and animals along the way.

This year, he is completing Florida’s Junior Ranger Program. What a fantastic opportunity to learn about local history, community helpers, and get out into nature. Explore a new state or national park near you, and check out the Junior Ranger Program!

National Parks Junior Ranger Program
State Parks listed by state

Koreshan State Historic Park

Spring Books and Activities with Eric Carle 

All of my kids (ages 2-7) will sit down and listen to an Eric Carle read-aloud. He is one of a few authors that we all can enjoy.

What is it about Eric Carle that brings us together? The gentle story-telling? The beautiful, interactive pictures in his books? Whatever it is, Carle makes a comeback each spring.

Eric Carle Books that are perfect for spring:

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Find a complete in-print Eric Carle book list with links to read-alouds on YouTube. 

Spring activities to pair with your read-alouds

Painted rocks: Find rocks or stones outdoors, bring them inside, and paint them to resemble the ladybug or caterpillar.

Paint a butterfly: Create your own beautiful, symmetrical butterfly by painting one side with craft paint and folding your paper to create the other half.

Plant your own tiny seed: See the growing process when you plant a seed in a jar and see what happens when it sprouts! Easy instructions from Little Bins for Little Hands.

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