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Below is a list of resources compiled a unit study of Africa for kids.

Africa for kids! Movies, shows, playlists, and links to supplement your Continent Study.

Studying Africa was one of the highlights of our kindergarten year! We loved learning about different regions of Africa and all of the exotic animals and their habitats. We spent extra time in Africa completing projects and diving into vivid and humorous folklore.

This list is up-to-date as of January 2017. Lineups on Netflix and Prime change frequently and occasionally YouTube videos are deleted. If you see something that is no longer available, please leave a comment. I will update this as needed. Thanks!

Originally created to accompany Build Your Library Kindergarten.

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Africa puzzle map

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Playlists about Africa for Kids

Week 14 Africa – Overview

Week 14 YouTube Playlist African Animals, Geography, and Folk Tales

Week 15 Africa – Savannah, Dunes of the Desert

Week 15 YouTube Playlist African Animals, Geography, and Folk Tales

Week 16 Africa– Folk Tales

Week 16 YouTube Playlist African Animals, Geography, and Folk Tales

Week 17 Africa – Animals

Week 17 YouTube Playlist African Animals, Geography, and Folk Tales

Week 18 Africa – Geography and Review

Week 18 YouTube Playlist African Animals, Geography, and Folk Tales

Kids Movies about Africa

The Lion King 2, Simba’s Pride
The Lion King 1-1/2

White Lion
Madagascar 2


Disney’s Tarzan
Tarzan 2
Tarzan and Jane
The Prince of Egypt
Wild Madagascar
Wildest Africa

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Kids Shows featuring Africa

Acrylic Painting Project for Kids and Beginners: Maasai Warriors of Africa

Continents of the World Series For Kids – Africa Episode 1

Travel with Kids Season 5
12. Travel With Kids: South Africa Safari Family Adventure
13. Travel With Kids: South Africa Cape Town and Sharks

Travel with Kids Season 6
3. South Africa’s Garden Coast
4. South Africa’s Wildlife Adventures

Wild Kratts
Other seasons of Wild Kratts are available with PBS Channel Subscription – 7 day free trial
Wild Kratts Season 1
1. Mom of a Croc

Wild Kratts Season 2
7. Let the Rhinos Roll!

Wild Kratts Season 10
2. Tenrec Treasure Hunt
3. Lemur Legs
4. Golden Bamboo Lemur
5. Mini Madagascar
6. Fossa Palooza

Kratt’s Creatures
Seasons 2-5 Avail with PBS Channel Subscription – 7 day free trial 
Season 1
1. Big Five, Little Five
4. Running with Wild Dogs
7. Pan Troglodytes: An In-Depth Analysis

Season 2
1. Elephants I: Educating Emily
2. Elephants II: Wild Elephants Couldn’t Drag Me Away
6. Mgobo of Baboon Mountain
10. Heavyweights of Africa!

Season 3
3. Maximum Cheetah Velocity!
9. Hyenas Are Cool

Season 4
2. Lion, King of the Beasts?

Season 5
3. Leopard: The Prince of Death
7. Spots and Stripes Forever
10. Around Africa in Eight Hours


Jack Hanna’s Into the Wild (1 Season)
Episode 5, Race for Survival
Episode 6, Pride of Sanbona
Episode 7, Africa’s Big Five
Episode 8, Shamwari Soul of the Earth
Episode 9, The Cape of Good Hope
Episode 10, Sanbona Wildlife Reserve
Episode 11, Wildlife Vets
Episode 17, Elephants of Zimbabwe
Episode 18, Zimbabwe River of Life
Episode 19, Elephant Camp
Episode 20, Okavango Delta
Episode 21, Zimbabwe Cats and Dogs
Episode 22, The Wilds
Episode 26, Horn of Hope

Mouk (1 Season)
Episode 1 Part 1, Lucky Charm (Sahara Desert Camel Race)
Episode 3 Part 2, A Helping Hand (African Wedding)
Episode 16 Part 2, Sail Down the Nile
Episode 24 Part 2, Christmas in Madagascar
Episode 30 Part 2, The Barter (Sahara Desert)

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