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Europe Unit – Streaming Resources for Build Your Library Kindergarten

Below is a list of streaming resources for any European unit study. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy!

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This list is up-to-date as of November 2016. Lineups on Netflix and Prime change frequently and occasionally YouTube videos are deleted. If you see something that is no longer available, please leave a comment. I will update this as needed. Thanks!
Originally compiled to align with Build Your Library‘s Kindergarten Around the World curriculum.
Mosaic Project
Greek Mosaic Project. More resources for Greece.

Unit Resources

YouTube: Linnea in Monet’s Garden

YouTube: Virtual Tours Around Europe, Some of these are included in the weekly playlists, but there are many more cities to check out.


Robin Hood – England
Wild Europe

Continents of the World Series for Kids: Europe, Episode 5

Borrow or Rent on Prime 

The Little Mermaid – Denmark
Sword and the Stone – England
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – London
Mary Poppins – London

Brave – Scotland
Hunchback of Notre Dame – Paris
Ratatouille – Paris
Sound of Music – Germany

Week 9, Europe –

YouTube Playlist: Week 9 Introduction, Scandinavia, Birthdays, Chickens

Madeline – Season 1 on Prime
Episodes 1 & 2 Spain

Little Einsteins – Netflix
S1, E6 Birthday Balloons
S1, E19 O Yes, O Yes, Netherlands
S1, E26 Birthday Machine

Doki – Netflix
S1, E3, Part 2 Hot Bath, Iceland
S1, E6, Parts 1&2 Pipe Dream, Spain, Clean, Rome

Building the Eiffel Tower. Ratatouille Unit Study (France).

Week 10 Europe – Switzerland, Hungry, England

YouTube Playlist: Week 10 The Alps, Castles, England, Hungary

Madeline – Season 1 on Prime
Episode 3, London

Justin Time – Netflix
S1, E2, Part 1 Yodel, Swiss Alps
S2, E2 Part 1 Mystery, England

Justin Time GO – Netflix
S1, E3, Part 2 Scottish Highland Games, Scotland

Week 11 Europe – Poland, France

YouTube Playlist: Week 11 Poland, New Year Celebrations, Pastries, Pansky Egg, Notre Dame

Madeline – Season 1 Prime
Episodes 4-6 Paris

Little Einsteins – Netflix
S2, E11 Big Race, Monaco
S2, E31 The Song of the Unicorn, France
S2, E33 Silly Sock, France

Building a Castle Moat for UK unit Study

Jumping over a moat filled with alligators! UK unit study resources.

Week 12 Europe – France, Russia

YouTube Playlist: Week 12 Linnea, Paris, Monet, Russia, Nesting Dolls

Doki – Netflix
S1, E7, Parts 1&2 Bike Challenge, Tour de France, France
S1, E8 Nutcracker, Moscow
S1, E9, Part 1 Big Picture, France
S1, E13 New Year, London

Justin Time – Netflix
S2, E10, Part 2 Circus, Russia

Week 13 Europe – France, Greece

YouTube Playlist: Week 13 France, Eiffel Tower, Different Kinds of Families, Greece, Turtles

Mouk – Netflix
S1, E2, Part 1 Urgent Delivery, Greece
S1, E19 Part 1 Little Fish, Crete
S1. E29 Parts 1&2 Pottery, The Village Greece

Justin Time – Netflix
S2, E3, Part 2 Golden Yarn, Greece
S2, E4, Part 2 Cupcakes, France
S2, E11, Part 2 Gretel, Germany

North America Unit – Streaming Resources
South America Unit – Streaming Resources

More resources for your Europe continent study.

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