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This year was off to an amazing start. My plans were made, my portfolio was set up, my kids were onboard… Then suddenly, completely out of nowhere my printer turned on me.

What’s up with that HP? I thought we were friends! I bought extra ink cartridges just for you. I was depending on you this year!!

Beautiful, affordable, on-demand homeschool printing by Family Nest Printing.

We received these materials free-of-charge in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Now, I have always had a sneaking suspicion that all printers are inherently evil, however mine had been chugging along fine for a couple years. You can imagine my dismay when I realized that in order to print my homeschool materials – to print anything at all, I’d have to uninstall, unplug, replug, reinstall, cross my fingers, and hop on one foot, close my eyes, and . Even then, my printer needed to be fed 6-12 sheets of paper before it would produce a single-sided page. Don’t even get me started about printing front to back!

So here I am on day one of homeschooling, handwriting my kid’s checklists for the day, desperately trying to get something, anything to print so we can get started. Of course, half of my son’s curriculum is digital PDFs, so that’s a bust.

Homeschool Printing by Family Nest

Then I found Family Nest Printing.

Family Nest Printing is an on-demand service that makes ordering printed copies of curriculum and workbooks as simple as uploading a file. Printed copies arrive at your home with glossy, beautiful pages on quality paper.

Above and below, you’ll see our printed and punched copy of Real Science Odyssey Biology 2. This was the main one my printer wanted to eat! Little did I know when I ordered, the full PDF contained over 700 pages – and that’s not including the teacher’s guide!

To be honest, I was kind of kicking myself for picking the PDF copy instead of printed – even before my printer turned on me!

Homeschool Printing by Family Nest

Having my son’s copy printed and punched has already saved me SO much time. Instead of struggling with my printer and printing page-by-page each day, we can grab this perfectly punched full color copy and get to the business of homeschooling!

I ordered my teacher’s guide and my son’s ancient history curriculum (pictured below) at the same time with a spiral binding and laminated cover. Being able to add a paperclip or fold back to the section we’re working on makes teaching and prepping faster and easier than scrolling, scrolling, and scrolling through a mile-long PDF.

Many homeschool curricula are available in PDF form – and some are only available as digital files. Dealing with all-digital teaching and learning or fighting your printer to do its job can be tough for parents. Family Nest Printing offers an easy and accessible middle-ground: a variety of custom options for your printed materials at affordable prices.

Homeschool Printing by Family Nest

Custom Printing for Homeschool Materials

Before ordering from Family Nest, I’d looked into different services, like FedEx and Kinkos. Their pricing was hazy (even after inputting all my information) and they had roughly a zillion options – but none that fit my needs. Most custom options appeared to be for business presentations, brochures, or handouts, not for parents with huge, monster curricula to print!

The ordering process on Family Nest Printing was super easy, and they have all the right options for homeschool printing. You can choose from a variety of options including coil bound or punched, single or double-sided, gray scale or color pages, paper weight, and custom cover options.

Both the coiled and punched pages we received were printed on quality, smooth paper with vivid, clear images. The coiled books are very secure and easily flippable (is that a word? It is now!), and the punched pages are even and secure in my son’s binder.

Homeschool Printing by Family Nest

Homeschool Printing Coupon for You!

Are you also kicking yourself for choosing a PDF-only curriculum? I get it. Printer struggles are no joke. The options we have are (1) waste our precious, limited time struggling to get it to work or (2) sink more money into a new printer that will probably give us the same guff in a few weeks.

Let me add an option #3 for you.

Head over to Family Nest Printing and take less than 3 minutes to upload your PDF and select your options. At checkout, enter code RESOURCEROOM10 for a special discount (expires 10/18/2020).

This will save you time (and headaches), help you stay organized for the year, and make planning and preparing your materials so. much. easier.