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We are so excited about our 5th grade homeschool curriculum for the upcoming year. These programs are for my oldest, W, a little about why we chose them, and some details about the programs in case you’re interested in checking them out for your homeschool!

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He is brilliant and also autistic, so he has a lot of needs that I have to meet through our curriculum. He is very bright, so he needs to be challenged. If he gets bored with his schoolwork, he gets frustrated, which then leads to a meltdown.

I do everything I can to get ahead of these meltdowns. This year we’re loading up on exciting curriculum to keep his mind occupied and interested in a variety of subjects that interest him. He is going into 4th grade, but he skipped a grade in math, so we will be working on two math programs and some extras.

5th Grade Language Arts Curriculum:
Moving Beyond the Page

Moving Beyond the Page is a multidisciplinary program that uses conceptual units to teach language arts, science, social studies, and math. Everything is usually integrated around a novel. This is great for W because the program can bring literature to life for him by making connections with his interests.

About MBtP:

MBtP was created for gifted children, but the program can be used by all kids, no matter their ability level. The company’s website offers helpful guides and placement tests in language arts and math to help you decide the level for your child.

With its conceptual unit, MBtP puts a lot of focus on creativity and critical thinking. The activities are designed to be hands-on as much as possible, and even the worksheets are more than just simple question-and-answer. Everything is more open-ended, which encourages deeper thinking.

Why we picked MBtP:

We will be working on level 9 to 11, which should be an engaging experience for W. There are five awesome literature units, and then for the 6th unit, he will design his own literature unit using the MBtP framework. I think that is the COOLEST thing about this level. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with!

One of the best things about MBtP is that it is open-and-go and hands-on. The program provides you with everything you will need to do the many projects and activities at each level. You do not have to do a lot of prep, but your child gets the full hands-on experience.

I also like the flexibility of this program. You can choose between a 9-month schedule or a year-round schedule to fit your lifestyle and your child’s pace.

Find out more about Moving Beyond the Page & how to fit this premium program into your budget on this post.

WriteShop Junior Curriculum to Help Him LOVE Writing!

Writing is challenging for W, so I wanted something both structured and fun for him so that he can both improve and stay engaged. I am so excited to get started with WriteShop, an innovative writing curriculum that teaches writing through hands-on methods.

About WriteShop:

There’s a lot to love about WriteShop. Writing can be intimidating both for kids and the parents who have to teach it. WriteShopdecreases some of the stress by making lessons that are multi-sensory and incremental. Kids are never expected to do everything at once. Parents will appreciate that the program includes a lot of scripts to help them teach the material.

Why we chose WriteShop:

I love that this program takes your child through the steps of the writing process, and because it was developed for homeschoolers, your child can work at his or her own pace. I like that WS will give him an opportunity to work the the writing process with a little more structure while keeping it fun and pressure-free.

WriteShop has placement tests to help you choose the best level for your child, and each level has accommodations for kids who are either excelling or struggling. With a kid who (almost equally) excels and struggles, this was a big reason we chose WriteShop. Honestly, it’s difficult to meet all of his needs!

 WriteShop graciously extended a discount just for my readers! Check out this program and use code: RESOURCEROOM at checkout for 25% off their digital bundles!!

Our Go-to Library App

We’ve been using Epic! for about five years, but we’ve really leaned into it this year. With libraries closed or doing pick-up only after the last 6 months, we’ve had limited access to books.

W loves to read chapter books on his kid’s Kindle with FreeTime. However, the black and white images and funky formatting that happen with non-fiction books

With Epic! we have access to a massive variety of books including NatGeo, picture books, and audiobooks. We’ve always loved this app, but this year it has been essential in our everyday routine.

Epic! is available on the following platforms (and once you have a subscription, you can sign in on any device). Try it for 30 days, free:
Android – iOS – Computer/browser

An Eclectic 5th Grade Math Curriculum!

Math is my least favorite subject to teach, so I needed to find some programs that would offer lots of support and do some of the heavy lifting when it comes to presenting the material.

On the other hand, W is very gifted in math, so we are opting for a few courses to meet his interests and talents. 15-20 minute lessons are perfect for the majority of kids, but W is going to demand more math! And if I don’t give it to him via homeschool curriculum, he will hammer me with algebra questions from the backseat of the car. That’s no good for anyone!

For covering all my 5th grade homeschool curriculum bases:

Teaching Textbooks, the main program we are using, will make sure he is solid on all of his 5th grade standards. The course is presented through interactive video lessons that hold your child’s attention and also offer a thorough, progressive approach to the concepts. One lesson a day, totally hands-off for me. Check out our full review of Teaching Textbooks here.

Plus a little extra:

I will also supplement W’s math education with Kumon Workbooks for Word Problems and Pre-Algebra grades 6-8! Kumon is a great supplement to have on-hand. The workbooks are easily-digestible with clear explanations and focused practice pages without a lot of extra distractions. Each sheet reviews the concept and then gives your child some extra practice.

Look, I’m not suggesting that you need 2 curricula + workbooks. I would, however, recommend CTC or TT to anyone looking for an online program for their kids. We’ve used them both before and each program is excellent entirely on their own.

But hey, if homeschooling is all about meeting your child where they’re at – and you’ve got a child who eats curriculum for breakfast, they also work very nicely side by side!

5th Grade Homeschool Curriculum: Real Science Odyssey

We will be using Real Science Odyssey with W this year. He chose to work on Biology Level 2 this year, and he is so excited to dig into this course!

RSO is a secular science program that offers two levels of study, one for elementary and one for middle / high school. Each level covers a range of ages, making this a good choice if you have two or more kids in different grades but still close in age.

Lessons involve reading and written work and incorporate labs and other types of hands-on learning to make the course engaging.

5th Grade Social Studies Curriculum: History Odyssey

We will be using History Odyssey this year for our 5th grade homeschool curriculum. W did Ancients Level 1 in first grade, and he is so excited to revisit some of his favorite parts of history. I like that the course will build on his knowledge at a deeper level.

History Odyssey is a popular choice with secular homeschoolers, and for a good reason. This history course does more than just present information. Kids are introduced to a variety of historical sources and literature and do activities that go beyond worksheets.

The course is split into three levels, designed for elementary, middle, and high school. Each course can be used with multiple kids across similar grades.

Each level teaches four topics: Ancients, Middle Ages, Early Modern, and Modern Times. As kids move through levels, the course encourages them to become more independent and focuses on skills like logical thinking and investigating different viewpoints. We are excited to be coming back around to Ancients in level 2!

Music Appreciation: SQUILT

I plan to use SQUILT‘s music appreciation courses for W. SQUILT is an easy way to teach your kids music appreciation, especially if you are not musically inclined. SQUILT has several different courses, including composers, instruments, famous works, musical eras, and even fun themes like movie music.

Each course contains ten lessons. Each lesson has a PDF printable notebooking sheet that guides your child through listening to a piece of music. Older kids will write, while younger kids will draw. There’s also detailed background information about the composer, work, or era and links to videos where your child can see and hear the music being performed.

SQUILT not only introduces kids to classical music – it helps them to understand what they are listening to. It teaches concepts such as dynamics, tempo, rhythm, mood, and instrumentation. As kids work through a course, they are encouraged to think about music on a deeper level.

Art: Kitchen Table Classroom

While many homeschool art programs may feel like you’re doing crafts, Kitchen Table Classroom is different. It was created by an art teacher and homeschooling mom and focuses on developing and understanding important concepts in art.

Artists and the Elements teaches kids about famous artists, art history, design, and more, all through interactive online lessons. There are also other courses in drawing and digital design.

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