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I’m excited to share our first Moving Beyond the Page Review. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of MBTP and why it is my top choice for all-in-one curriculum – and the one I picked to use with my kids this year.

PLUS, at the bottom of this post, I’m going to give you my tips for making MBTP more affordable for your family!

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I am so excited to finally be using Moving Beyond the Page with my kids! This is my first year homeschooling all three at once – formally, anyway. My 5 year old and 7 year old will be using MBTP together. Yes, one all-in-one curriculum for two kids!

So, I’m going to share my 3 top reasons for picking Moving Beyond the Page with a little review.

AND then I’m going to tell you how you can make this convenient, solid, secular all-in-one program more affordable for your family.

Moving Beyond the Page Review

Benefit #1 MBTP is your one-stop-shop!

MBTP contains everything you and your child will need to complete homeschooling this year. The curriculum includes Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

There is even a placement test available for free on the MBTP website so you can see exactly where your child needs to begin and select the right program for them.

Working with 2 or more kids & need one curriculum that does it all?

You can mix-and-match programs to fit one child’s specific needs or customize a package to cover 2 or more kids who are close in age.

The elementary and middle school programs span three years. This is great if you teach multiple children who are close in age, especially since it seems like the little ones are always trying to catch up to their older brothers and sisters!

For example, we are using the 5-7 year old curriculum for my 5 & 7 year old. Then I’m going to purchase an extra package of math one level for my daughter because she is flying through the concepts. Yay go K! #proudmama

Did you look at the price and have a minor heart attack just now? Don’t worry, I’m going to show you how to make this program affordable below!

Benefit #2 Moving Beyond the Page Covers all the Standards but better

MBTP covers the standards in an entirely new way. This isn’t just your average curriculum in a box! The lessons are short and engaging, and the activities are project-based and open-ended, leaving room for flexibility.

I can use one level and adjust it up and down for both kids – adding a little more support for my 5yo and encouraging my 7yo to be more independent and expand on the topics she enjoys.

For our family, it is a priority to make sure each child is keeping up with traditional-schooling kids in the same grade. So it’s comforting to me that each level of Moving Beyond the Page covers all of the Language Arts and Math common core standards as well as national standards for Science and Social Studies.

Benefit #3 MBTP is Hands-on and Open-and-Go!

Wait. What? How could this package be both?!?

Open & go for parents:
If you decide to purchase the full package, you’ll have everything you need for the entire year. This includes a scripted teacher’s manual, every book and workbook you need, consumables and manipulatives pack (clay, construction paper, play money, popsicle sticks, etc.).

Hands-on for kids:
MBTP includes daily activities for you and your child as well as open-ended projects. There are math manipulatives (and others) to make learning much more exciting.

It’s easy to implement because everything you need is on-hand. And it’s great for kids because of the project-based, hands-on activities. Your children can dig into ready-to-go units and projects – adding their own creativity and imagination. Without any extra creativity and imagination required from you!

Moving Beyond the Page on a BUDGET. How to afford a premium all-in-one homeschool curriculum without breaking the bank. #homeschool #homeschooling #homeschoolcurriculum #secularhomeschool #education

Moving Beyond the Page Review Part 2:
Let’s talk budget.

If you are looking at Moving Beyond the Page as your all-in-one curriculum this year, you’re not alone. It’s very popular in the homeschool community. Additionally, aside from the benefits listed above, it’s one of the very few (only that I know of???) all-in-one, secular programs that includes math and gives you a variety of options with placement tests and customized packages – in a text based format (opposed to online).

This is not a sponsored post! I purchased full packages of Moving Beyond the Page for this review. With that in mind, know that I understand that it is pricey – I like to call it premium to make our homeschool feel fancy. And honestly, it is premium. However, this curriculum can be affordable.

There are customization options and some tricks that you can use to make MBTP fit into your budget – even as low as 1/3 of the whole-package cost. Below I share my 3 (Update #4!!) ways to save a little on MBTP.

MBTP Package Customization Options:
Lower the overall price of materials

The entire MBTP all-in-one package includes printed manuals, materials, consumables, literature, and workbooks. But price could take your breath away. It’s everything you need to get through the school year but surely not affordable for every family – and especially big families.

But, there are variety of ways to personalize your package. When you investigate, look for the customization drop-down menu. Play around with it a little and see what you can come up with.

A few custom options to try:

• Opt for digital guides and workbooks. The online curriculum is about ⅓ the price, and you can print enough for each child you are currently teaching. You can print extra for younger children who will be able to use the curriculum a few years down the line.

• Pick up your books from the library instead of purchasing the entire package.

• Use consumables that you have in your home or buy separately in bulk to save money (craft materials, paper, glue, etc.) or even from the $1 store as you need them.

Teach Multiple Children with ONE Moving Beyond the Page Package

The age range for all-in-one programs spans three years and can be flexible if needed.

What do I mean by flexible?

MBTP is a gifted curriculum, so you can use placement tests to determine level by ability rather than age. The 5-7 package, for example, could fit an advanced six year old or an on-level 9 year old who turns 10 this year.

Also some things to keep in mind:

1.Younger children can follow along on many of the projects, with a little extra support from you

2. You can purchase an LA program and then buy each child’s math program separately

3. There are free placement tests available on the MBTP website so you know exactly what you need

Spread Out Your Curriculum Purchases

You can purchase the MBTP curriculum by year, however if you are on a budget, consider buying a single semester, quarter, or even one unit at a time. Start with a quarter or a single unit. This stretches out your budget out over time. Also you’ll have the opportunity to see if you like the teaching style.

See how much curriculum you need. You could need less curriculum than you think, especially if your children love to follow rabbit trails. You might extend units with field trips, digging deeper in to the topic at the library, adding games or projects.

Review Update:
Use Moving Beyond the Page Over a Longer Period of Time

I began this Moving Beyond the Page Review after using a few units. Now, nearing the end of the school year, I’d like to share the one tip that will save you the most on this wonderful curriculum: Spread the units out over a longer period of time.

These units are LOADED with content. As we went through the first few units, we picked and chose what we wanted to complete. Usually skipping a few, small activities to keep things moving along. Later in the year, we decided rather to complete each activity, which takes us a few extra days to a week to complete the entire unit.

In addition to adding a few extra days, we’ve begun taking about a week break in between units. During this time we read a book related to the unit we completed, science (like when we read Old Yeller when my son was learning about rabies and other diseases in biology!), social studies, or a novel that we are just interested in apart from the curriculum. Because we started moving more slowly through the curriculum, this one set will last a bit longer. My guess is that it will take us mid-way through next school year.

Pace the curriculum to fit your child’s needs & your budget

One of the beauties of this program is that it covers a range of ages, you have the flexibility to move through it at your own pace. Additionally, each unit can stand on its own. For us, that meant that we could move a little slower, diving a little deeper as we go through the year.

With this in mind, if you’re on a budget, purchasing one quarter at a time makes sense. See how long it lasts you. Alternatively, make the big purchase at the beginning of the year and move through it at a pace that suits you. This curriculum, in particular, is full of content that could last beyond one school year. I’d venture to say 1-1/2 or even closer to 2.

Where to go next?

Using these tips alone or in combination can save you hundreds on MBTP. If it’s the curriculum you want, explore the website, download the placement tests, and fiddle around with the customization options until you work out the package that best fits your kids.

Visit Moving Beyond the Page Now

If you’re still on the fence, you can find more secular options in our homeschool curriculum guide.