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We are excited to share a brand new reading surprise box for kids – the Booknicks subscription box and online book club. This box is a unique book club experience for older kids in the 9-14 age range.

My kids love to get things in this mail, and this book box is sure to get your kids excited about reading, too!

Book subscription box for kids! Book Nicks unboxing and review. #raisingreaders #homeschooling #education #literature

Sponsored post: I received this product free of charge and was compensated time spent to share my opinion and an honest review.

Take a Look Inside Our First Box

We received our first box from Booknicks, and it was adorable. Here’s what you get with your box:

  • Personalized box with your child’s name on the front
  • A welcome letter
  • A book – 2017 Newbery Medal-Winner The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill
  • Origami paper
  • A lavender sachet
Book surprise box for kids! Book Nicks unboxing and review. #raisingreaders #homeschooling #education #literature

Surprise Box for Kids Opening Experience

My son, 9, was very excited to get a surprise box for kids with his name on it. He opened the box to a wonderful sensory experience – the smell of lavender, and he learned a new word sachet. Booknicks was teaching him new vocabulary, and he hadn’t even cracked open the book.

He loves origami, so he was immediately interested in the origami paper and wondered what kind of activities he might get to do.

Book subscription box for kids! Book Nicks unboxing and review. #raisingreaders #homeschooling #education #literature

He was so enthusiastic that he began reading the book right away. A little bit into the book, he started to drift away, as he often does when reading longer texts.

This is where Booknicks succeeds over other book clubs. The upcoming activities were the perfect motivation to guide and encourage him to complete the book.

Book subscription box for kids! Book Nicks unboxing and review. #raisingreaders #homeschooling #education #literature

Book Club Component

After receiving your box, you will receive emails each Thursday with progress markers and questions to ponder. This email helps younger readers and parents because it keeps your child moving through the novel and facilitates a conversation about what he or she is reading.

On the second Thursday, you receive a link for a video demonstrating how to use the origami paper to fold the paper cranes mentioned in the text. This activity is a great hands-on tie in with the novel.

During the last week of the month, you will be able to participate in a Zoom call with other kids to discuss the book. This book club meeting is lead by a professional educator.

Book subscription box for kids! Book Nicks unboxing and review. #raisingreaders #homeschooling #education #literature

Overall Thoughts on Booknicks Surprise Box for Kids

Overall, Booknicks was an excellent experience for my 9-year old son. He was excited to get his box and do the activities that went along with the book.

This surprise box for kids is unique because it is dedicated to middle-grade readers, a group that is often overlooked in both reading and age-appropriate subscription boxes.

Booknicks is ideal for a variety of kids.

If you have a homeschooler or an avid reader, it is a way to let your child interact with others who enjoy reading.

It is also a good fit for reluctant readers because the activities encourage your child to keep reading.

And, if you are looking for an awesome gift for a kid who loves to read, this takes subscription boxes to a new level!

Book subscription box for kids! Book Nicks unboxing and review. #raisingreaders #homeschooling #education #literature

While the box is intended for kids between the ages of 9-14, it can also be used by younger and older kids or even the whole family as a read aloud. Even though the box was intended for my son, my other kids were interested in the box as well.

The program does offer adaptations for different reading levels. Each month you can choose from one of three middle-grade novels, each geared to a different reading level. The lower book would be suitable for younger readers, while the higher level book would interest older readers.

Booknicks is a great surprise box for kids that puts a new spin on reading for your child. I encourage you to visit the Booknicks website & give this wonderful new company a try!

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