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40 fun and educational field trips. Check out these fantastic field trips ordered by category. Find likes and resources available in communities all over the US and virtual field trip resources too!

40 Fun and Educational Field Trips. Check out these fantastic field trips ordered by category: Science field trips, History field trips, Art and Music field trips, Field trips for every community, and virtual field trip resources! #education #fieldtrips #elementary

Ready to get your kids excited about learning? Take them out for a field trip! Check out these fun field trips listed by category:

  • Science
  • Art and Music
  • History
  • Community
  • Virtual Field Trips

Science Field Trips

Field Trips

1.Science Museum – Get hands-on with science at your local science museum or science center. Check for shows and special tours for kids.

2. Natural History Museum – See the history of science and learn about plants, animals, and the history of our natural world.

3. Planetarium – Look up for a tour of the starts and learn all about outer space with IMAX movies projected onto a dome.

4. Aquarium – Get up-close and personal with a variety of sea creatures at an aquarium.

5. Botanical Garden – Tour a beautiful botanical garden to see local and exotic plants.

6. Local Animal Sanctuary or Zoo – Animal lovers will love to visit their local sanctuary or zoo. Be sure to ask about demonstrations and animal feeding times!

7. Visit Local, State, or National Parks – Your park system has a lot to offer! Check the websites of your local, state, and national parks to find out about programs, tours, and the natural and historical landmarks you can visit.

Art and Music Field Trips

8. Art Museum or Gallery – Start here to get kids interested in art and culture. You’ll find everything from ancient artifacts to today’s contemporary art.

9. Art Walk or Outdoor Craft Fair – When the weather is nice, take a walk around a local art walk or craft fair. A great time to meet local artists and talk to them about their craft.

10. Orchestra – Don’t miss a trip to the orchestra or children’s orchestra. A field trip that both a budding musician and music novice will love.

Field Trips

11. Ballet, Play, or Concert – Whether you’re watching community theater or seeing a Broadway show, a field trip to a performance is a must!

12. Tour Urban Art or Music – Search for urban art, street musicians, and outdoor art. A great way to explore and learn about your city.

13. Local Music Festival – Hit a festival and enjoy some music from your local musicians.

History Field Trips

14. Presidential Library – A fantastic field trip if you have one near you! Learn all about the president’s life and work. 14 Presidential Libraries

15. Renaissance Fair – What a fun way to get your kids into history! Look for local Renaissance or Medieval Fairs. List of Renaissance Fairs by State

Field Trips

16. Reenactment – Do you live by a historical reenactment site? Check your local tourist attractions to find all kinds of reenactments from Civil War battles to early American daily life.

17. Native American Historical Sites – Delve deeper into US history by visiting a Native American historical site near you. A list of sites from the National Park Service

18. Holocaust Museum – Learn about the history of the Holocaust and how the events still impact us today at one of our nation’s Holocaust Museums.

19. African American History Museum – Tour an African American History Museum in the US to learn about civil rights, culture, and history of black Americans.

20. Local Landmarks and Historical Sites – Learn this history of your town or city by finding local historical sites. A great place to start is your city or town’s library or visitor’s center for information.

21. Visit your State Capitol – Make a trip to your state capital to visit the Capitol Building and your state’s historical sites. Request information from the city’s tourism website for free guides and details about what to visit.

22. Memorials or Monuments – Do you have a National Memorial near you? Visit memorials or monuments to learn about the people and events that changed our country’s history.

Community Field Trips

23. Fire or Police Station Tour – A great way to learn about our community helpers and safety for young children.

24. Library Tour – Go behind-the-scenes in your local library to see how books are processed and repaired.

25. Farm – Learn about life on the farm, the food we eat, and farm animals when you visit a local farm and meet a farming family.

26. Farmer’s Market – Check out local produce grown by farmers in your area. A great time to meet a variety of people and learn about different jobs in your community.

27. Grocery Store Tour – Contact your local grocery store for a tour of the store! You’ll meet your local butcher, baker, see the big freezers, and the loading dock where deliveries are made. A great field trip to pair with the farm or farmer’s market to learn where our food comes from.

28. Recycling Center or Local Dump – A surprisingly fun and interesting tour. Learn all about where our trash goes after you put it in the bin. Also, check out our Garbage and Recycling unit!

Field Trips

29. Local Factory Tours – Contact a local factory for a tour. You’ll meet the factory employees and see how things are made, by hand or by machine.

30. Sporting Events – Root for your local teams or make a trip to a professional sporting event. Learn about all types of sports from baseball and basketball to swimming or rowing.

31. Dentist, Hospital, or Veterinarian Office Tour – Take a tour or schedule a presentation with your group at a local dentist’s office, hospital, or vet’s office. A great way to learn about these careers.

32. College Campus Tour – Checking out college campuses isn’t only for seniors! Tour your local campus, take a look at student exhibits or displays, or catch a game while you’re there!

33. Television or Radio Station Tour – Contact local stations or colleges for a tour of their studios.

Virtual Field Trips

If you want to travel somewhere a little more exotic, you can find a slew of virtual field trips free online.

Through Google Arts and Culture you can visit places all over the world including:

38. You can also tour the Presidential Libraries through their individual websites. List of 14 Presidential Libraries from the National Archive

Head on over to Google Streetview to tour historical and natural sites around the world including:

  • 39. Australian Parks and Wildlife
  • 40. International Space Station
  • 41. Machu Picchu
  • 42. The Amazon River

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