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If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out these fun and educational STEM Games¬†for kids of all ages!

10 fun STEM games for kids of all ages! Engaging, educational games that make learning FUN! #stem #stemeducation #games #gamification

Learning doesn’t have to be boring! There are SO many different tools that you can use to make learning engaging – even exciting… dare I say FUN?!?

STEM is already a favorite of our, and adding games and game-i-fying projects takes our science and math lessons to the next level.

10 Fun STEM Games for Kids

In this post, you’ll find our favorite homemade STEM games and printables that will add a little fun to your lesson plans. Some are stand-alone activities and others will enhance your science and math lessons.

1. LEGO Star Wars Printable Game Cards from Sunshine and Hurricanes

Give new life to your old LEGOs with this fun open-ended challenge! Sunshine and Hurricanes shares free printable challenge cards that you can use as inspiration!

For more LEGO STEM ideas see this post.

2. Marshmallow and Toothpick Geometry Cards from Teach Beside Me

Karyn shares a fun twist on an engineering challenge with 2D and 3D challenge cards. Pick up a set of cards from the Teach Beside Me store or create your own geometric shapes and patterns.

3. Hide and Seek Oobleck Game for All Ages from Steam Powered Family

Steam Powered Family has a great idea for making this hands-on sensory and chemistry experiment into a hide-and-seek game! Learn about states of matter as you explore this cool mixture that acts like a solid and a liquid.

4. Escape Room Puzzle Ideas from Learning Hypothesis.

I love Kim’s gamification twist on traditional escape rooms. Kids use logic to solve puzzles and crack codes and find answers. Find great ideas, and pick up a free printable logic puzzle while you’re there!

5. Matching Math Game from Steam Powered Family

Find a fun, printable math game on Steam Powered Family that will challenge your kids to add, subtract, or multiply while working on memory and strategy skills.

6. Money Smarts Money Math Games for Kids from Left Brain Craft Brain

Pick up the free printable Money Smarts game and learn about spending, saving, and giving money. A great game to play with your kids that will open up conversations about what to do when they receive or earn money.

Find more money games here: 10 FUN Money Games for Kids

10 fun STEM games for kids of all ages! Engaging, educational games that make learning FUN! #stem #stemeducation #games #gamification

7. Printable Algorithm Coding Game from Little Bins For Little Hands

Take coding off the screen and into life with this great game from Little Bins. Download the free printable game board and use with your favorite LEGOs, superheros, or figurines.

8. Origami Frog Games from Steam Powered Family

Combine engineering, art, and math with this fun game. Steam Powered Family shares step-by-step directions to create an origami frog that really jumps.

We LOVE origami at our house! It’s fantastic for working on those tricky fine motor skills and following directions slowly and carefully.

9. Butterfly Garden Life Cycle Game from Life over Cs and I Teach Too

A fun way to explore the butterfly life cycling in the spring. This free printable board game is set up like Candyland – so kids can learn the game from you and then play with each other.

10. The Great Graphing Race from Teach Beside Me

Karyn shares a cool game that will have your kids practicing graphic and strategy skills as they move across the graph board toward the finish line.

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