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With the Easter holiday coming up, it’s a great time to take a break from your regular routine and enjoy learning with a few fun, hands-on Easter STEM activities! Read on for a round up of egg projects and ideas about what to do with all those leftover Peeps.

Easter STEM Activities - 15 fun and engaging STEM activities for elementary ages.

Look, February has been over for a while. The weather is finally breaking, and it’s time to get out of that slump!

I get it. This time of year is hard. You’ve been in your school routine for ten thousand months, and summer still feels like five years away. It’s time to mix it up with some hands-on learning, and STEM activities are where it’s at!

If you’ve been around the educational block, you know that STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Using STEM activities is a great hook to get young kids interested in these subjects early on. And a serious interest is something we can build on later…

Easter Egg STEM Activities

5 Easter Egg STEM Engineering Challenges

Easter Egg Towers Challenge
What can you do with all those plastic eggs after the candy is gone? The Resourceful Mama has an idea for a very simple Easter Egg STEM Challenge – stack them up and see who can get the highest tower. Check out this post for some good ideas about how to make this simple challenge into a learning experience.

Easter Catapult STEM Activity
Little Bins for Little Hands shares the science behind building this simple machine that is – let’s just face facts here, perfect for launching plastic Easter eggs at your little brother. Find information on Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion and how to build your own catapult in this post.

Egg Parachutes
If the weather is nice where you are, JDaniel4’s Mom has a great idea about how to get your kids outside and learning in the spring. You might even have all these materials on hand. Bonus. Find instructions on how to make your own egg parachutes on this post.

Egg Zip Wires
Science Sparks shows us how to turn this cool egg engineering challenge into an exercise on testing variables on this post. Your kids will feel like real scientists as they test and retest their creations, finding the fastest and safest way to get your eggs down the zip line.

Easter Egg Rockets
Okay, this one says right up front that it’s science for preschoolers, but I will tell you that older kids will like this one too – and it’s a project they can complete safely by themselves. No rocket fuel required. Check out this post for super simple instructions (that you can even print out and hand to your older kid).

Easter STEM Activities: Peep Science Experiments

5 Easter Peep STEM Activities

Dissolving Peeps Science
How long does it take to kill a peep? Your kids will enjoy finding out with this simple experiment from A Dab of Glue will Do. Check out this post for the set up and the science behind dissolving your favorite (or least favorite) Easter candy.

Change in Mass Peeps Science
Possibly more fun that dissolving a peep is watching one double or triple in size. Observe and record what happens to your sweet little Peep when you put it in the microwave, and find out more about the effect of heat on your Peep in this post from The Homeschool Scientist.

Density Experiment with Peeps
This is a cool experiment that explores the density of liquids and solids – which is a neat comparison and great expansion on the regular sink or float activities you might find in your curriculum. Schooling Active Monkeys shows us how its done in this post.

Edible Easter Slime
You know there’s a recipe for Peep slime – and yeah it’s as stretchy and fragrant as you’re imagining. Check out the simple directions from Buzzfeed in this post to create your own. Then head over to Little Bins for more information about the science of polymers (because that’s what you should be learning when you make slime).

Exploding Peep Geysers
Housing a Forest shows us how to complete this sticky, fun experiment. If you’ve already microwaved a Peep, this post will bring experiment to the next step. Make predictions and observations about what your peeps will do when they’re contained. I mean, can you even contain a Peep? Or your excitement?

Jelly Bean STEM Activities

5 Jelly Bean STEM Activities

Jelly Bean Multiplication Arrays
Check out this smart math idea from Creative Family Fun. A great way to use your Easter candy to make arrays – which are essentially a visual multiplication problem. This post has all the details.

Jelly Bean Graphing
Recipe for Teaching has a fantastic printable pack for graphing your bag of jelly beans. These pages are appropriate for primary grades and includes skills like counting, graphing, comparing, and analyzing a graph. See this post for instructions and the free download.

J is for Jelly Bean
Confessions of a Homeschooler created some super cute activities in this free printable jelly bean packet. These are appropriate for preschool and kindergartners, and the free download includes early math skills like counting, shape and number recognition, and number correspondence. Find the download on this post.

Easter Sequence Coding
Check out these patterning and sequencing worksheets from Our Family Code. Developed for preschoolers, this is a very simple jelly bean activity. Take it to the next level by examining the codes and then creating your own. Printable and some thoughts on teaching coding can be found on this post.

Engineering with Jelly Beans
A cool challenge to build a structure with jelly beans and toothpicks. If you’re a STEM regular, you’ve probably tried something similar with dough, gum drops, or marshmallows. Don’t shy away from the jelly beans! This is a fun project to come back to again and again. Watch as your kids grow to understand how these building materials work, and encourage them to try new, bigger, better structures with their greater knowledge. Find instructions on this post from Lemon Lime Adventures.

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