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I’ve gathered the best science resources for homeschool for an eclectic, and well rounded elementary science education. Read on to find books, activities, curriculum, and media resources that will excite and engage STEM enthusiasts and absent minded professors alike.

Best secular science resources for homeschoolers

Disclosure: I have received some of the following products free in exchange for my honest review. I’m excited to share the resources we love with you, reader.

My son is passionate about science.

He lived and breathed dinosaurs from age 2-4, and since then it’s been astronomy, the inter workings of the human body, archaeology, and bubbly vinegar mixtures all over the kitchen.

I’ll admit, I’m not the most science-minded individual.

I’d rather paint a flower than dissect one, so I’ve needed to find some resources to help me give him the best science education possible.

The following is a list of science tools that we absolutely love. These resources have inspired my son to dig deeper into science topics. Learning about science with the right tools is engaging and exciting!

7. Hands-On Science Toys

Learning through play is not just for toddlers! So much learning happens through hands-on experimentation and play. Science is a great subject to encourage play as you learn the steps to the scientific method.

Best Science Resources for Homeschool, Independent Science Experiments
Setting off a rocket with a KidzLabz kit.

6. Hands on STEM Activities

I love incorporating STEM activities into our homeschool routine because they are FUN and teach more than just straight science. We are hitting other topics as well. (If you’re not familiar with STEM, it stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.)

There are a slew of STEM activities, projects, and challenges online, but it can be difficult to find good ones – especially when you find yourself scrolling and scrolling through Pinterest and finding lots of dead links.

For that reason, I started creating seasonal STEM resources – lots of options with less searching. Check out all our favorite STEM activities here.

5. Online Unit Studies

Techie Homeschool Mom offers a variety of science unit studies online. These are my go-to resources when my son suddenly jumps up and says, “I want to learn about the solar system!” Because I know he means right NOW!

I don’t need to prepare anything to get him going. I just need to pop it on the laptop, and we learn side-by-side together (or he pushes me away when I start acting overly enthusiastic).

Start here >>> FREE Stars Lesson FREE Marie Curie Lesson <<<

4. National Geographic

With a wealth of knowledge on their website, documentaries, YouTube channel, and huge variety of books covering almost every subject, National Geographic is one of our top favorite resources for science education.

I love how National Geographic makes science accessible for every age group. Nat Geo Kids’ resources start introducing real science concepts in preschool and will engage and excite you all the way through adulthood.

nat geo

Epic! has thousands of STEM Books & videos on every subject – and carry a ton of National Geographic titles! I love that reading online encourages him to learn independently. See what Epic! has to offer >>> grab a free 30 day trial here

3. Bookshark

When I saw that my science-minded kiddo needed a little more structure to his days, I went looking for a comprehensive science program. Bookshark was the answer.

I’ve come to really value the open-and-go quality of this package. The books and materials for experiments are always on-hand, and the curriculum moves at a pace that keeps learning moving. No more hold-ups because mom forgot to pick up rubber bands. No more running to the dollar store in the middle of a lesson!

The literature based program has it all! Fun activities, experiments, and engaging readings planned for four days per week. Perfect for the in-depth exploration we want with the flexibility we need as a busy homeschool family.

My favorite part about Bookshark is that we read current, popular titles – like Magic School Bus and Usborne books. These fantastic books make reading about science fun. No stuffy textbooks!

>>>Find the best science curriculum for your homeschool right here

2. Field Trips

We can look at videos and pictures all day, but there’s nothing like holding a real boa constrictor. And seeing the eclipse through those weird, dark glasses. And going on a nature walk and finding poop!

We’ve learned (and will continue to learn) about a huge variety of science topics from kitchen experiments to plant parts, but our very favorite experiences are the real-life ones happening at our local museums, parks, and nature center.

1. Library Card

Never underestimate the power of your library card and a friendly librarian. 
Checking out encyclopedias from the library. Follow all of our homeschool adventures on Instagram.

I love online resources as much as the next mom, but you might notice Google is not on my top ten science resources. When my son asks me a science question it would be easy to tap it into the computer and see what comes up – too easy.

I tell him that all the answers he needs are at the library. If you catch us there (and if you know us, you will likely catch us there), you will find him carrying out a stack of encyclopedias and Magic Tree House Fact Trackers.

Get to know your librarians, and encourage your child to ask them for help! Be sure to check for free library classes in your area – sign up and go! And bring a cart – those encyclopedias get heavy!

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