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You’ve probably heard of eclectic homeschooling, but what exactly is it? Take a peek into an eclectic homeschool and see how this mom of three keeps her homeschool organized and fun!

This special guest post is part of our homeschooling methods series of interviews.

What is eclectic homeschooling? An interview with homeschool mom and coach, Courtney Messick of Homeschool Mastery Academy.

Today I had the pleasure of talking all about eclectic homeschooling with homeschool mom of three, Courtney Messick.

Eclectic Homeschooling interview with Courtney Messick

It is inspiring to speak with someone so enthusiastic about homeschooling. Many times I hear homeschool parents explain, “this is what works for us.” But talking to Courtney really makes me think that the eclectic method of homeschooling will work for YOU.

With years of experience homeschooling three kids (one in high school!), Courtney’s words of advice are appreciated by new and seasoned homeschoolers alike. She offers support and education on her website, Homeschool Mastery Academy.

In the following interview, Courtney shares her thoughts and advice on creating an individualized education for each child with an eclectic approach.

What is eclectic homeschooling?

Eclectic homeschooling might be the best of all homeschool methods. You can blend multiple philosophies and various curriculum options without feeling restricted to stay within the guidelines one only one homeschool method or style.

Eclectic homeschooling is particularly beneficial for families with multiple children that each have a different style of learning. You can custom tailor a curriculum to each child. Eclectic homeschooling has no rules, so the possibilities are endless!

What does an eclectic homeschool day look like in your family?

We usually stick to a 4-5 day homeschool week and complete each day by 2 pm at the latest.

My oldest child is in high school, so she “self-starts” before her younger siblings wake up. That allows her some quiet time to work on more in-depth subjects before the house gets loud and chaotic. The younger two will begin their core lessons around 8:30-9am, and we all break for chores.

Around lunchtime, we complete subjects we can do as a family such as art or music appreciation and nature study. After lunch, you may find us reading aloud, doing art, and enjoying more hands-on projects.

Our Fridays are #FunFridays that will include field trips, poetry tea times, group art time, and family outings.

How do you plan and organize your homeschool days?

We use a set time blocking approach. Each day we keep to the same routine for the most part. We begin with homeschool right after breakfast and complete school and chores by the early afternoon.

My children understand that they are not allowed to enjoy “free-time” until all of our school and tasks are complete. This system helps to keep them motivated to complete all of our responsibilities before we can play and relax.

Check out Courtney’s printable homeschool planner. Available now on Homeschool Mastery Academy.

What advice would you give a homeschooler interested in getting started with eclectic homeschooling?

Relax and Do Your Research. Find out what homeschool methods seem to mesh best with your children’s learning styles and family lifestyle.

Choose what works best for your unique family and creates a peaceful rhythm within your home.

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Read more about Courtney’s approach to homeschool and find a variety of excellent homeschool resources on her website, Homeschool Mastery Academy.

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