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Read on for 5 winter fun ideas that will have your family laughing all the way!

Ready for some Winter FUN? Check out these five great ideas for activities you will enjoy as a family!

1) Have Fun Winter Game Day

When the weather is not cooperating and we are stuck inside, rather than feeling caged, I want to try and make it fun for all of us. Declaring a game day is a perfect way to make even the dreariest days entertaining.

Playing games not only passes the time inside, it is also a great way to learn! I find that game days show how much my kiddos are really learning – whether it’s seeing the way they follow the game’s directions, encourage one another or read the playing cards. There are also a ton of games designed to help children practice math facts, geography and even reading. No matter what game we choose, I think game days are a perfect way for our family to connect, learn and have fun.

2) Have Fun with a Winter Pajama Day

Is there anything cozier than curling up in pajamas on a cold winter day? I love taking a day every now and again, when the weather is a mess and we have no outside plans for the day and have an impromptu pajama day.

The funny thing is, my kids think I’m a hero! There’s really no better time to build a fort in the living room. We grab some soft blankets, light some candles, turn on an audio book or favorite movie and make winter memories that all of us can cherish. 

3) Winter Fun in the Kitchen 

The smell of baking cookies or pies are the perfect complement to a cold winter’s day. I love to get my kids busy in the kitchen on days when playing outside just isn’t an option. Baking some goodies or even cooking dinner together is a natural way to spend time when it’s cold outside.

The warmth of the oven combined with the managed chaos that is inevitable when my children join me in the kitchen, is another great way to really take advantage of the season and create some winter fun.

winter fun

4) Have Fun Singing Wintery Songs

Can you hear those sleigh bells ring-a-ling, jing, jing, jing-a-ling, too? There’s nothing better than some fun holiday music to brighten your day.

It always ends up being an epic showcase at our house – my children each performing their own show (which sometimes has music and sometimes not!). You can find great free channels with all kids music on Pandora. Or rock out to the radio – if you still have one of those!

5) Get Outside and Play!

The most simple way to have some winter fun is to take advantage of what winter has to offer! Snowball fights will be legendary this year and building a snowman can turn an afternoon together into complete magic.

Snow angels, sledding, building forts, making bigfoot footprints – you name it, playing outside in the winter months makes joyful memories and gets my kids moving in the fresh air. This is a perfect way to celebrate the season.

winter fun
Image provided by CSG Helmets.

Bonus: Have Fun Volunteering

The holidays are a time for celebration to be sure. For my family, they are also a time to reflect, be grateful, and help others where we can. For example, each winter, my children and I gather supplies for the local homeless shelter. These include warm socks, toothpaste and other comfort items that can make a small but greatly appreciated difference in the lives of those struggling through the holiday season.

I know many families also serve Thanksgiving dinner at a shelter, help at food pantries and coat drives as well. In the past we’ve packed food with Meals of Hope – who makes it a really fun and enjoyable experience. I appreciate that my children have the opportunity to learn about giving back. 

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