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I’m thrilled to share a CTCMath review with you! Read on to find out how this complete and flexible online math program is a real benefit to homeschool families.

Check out this complete review of the flexible and complete homeschool math program, CTCMath, and all of the benefits of this program that really understands the needs of homeschooling families.

I received this product free of charge and compensation for my time to provide a fair and honest review.

I was excited to try our first *fully online* math curriculum this past year. I was a little nervous because I had been teaching math one-on-one for a year and a half. I feared giving up complete control of an entire subject!

I valued the completely individualized experience I was able to give my son using math literature and games in kindergarten and part of first grade. However as my son aged and got into more complicated math concepts, it became more challenging (and time consuming) to create everything from scratch.

Making up games for patterns and skip counting was fun. But when we got into double digit subtraction it became a slog. We had tried (and failed) textbooks and workbooks before. He enjoyed math games online so I knew an online curriculum would be motivating.

Enter CTCMath. A complete online math curriculum that offers kindergarten through 12th grade math instruction.

Almost immediately, my fears were put to rest. CTC is a company that understands the needs of homeschool families. This program provides excellent value with a customizable math program whose flexibility can’t be matched.

CTCMath Benefits Homeschool Families

Homeschool families have unique needs. CTCMath addresses these needs in a few ways. They provide a consistent, solid program that is also customizable.

1) Consistent Instruction K-12

Being able to stay with one math program, all the way through your child’s schooling is appealing on so many levels. Your child can stay with a program he is comfortable with, and never loses time having to learn the way a new program works.

Even better, you’ll feel good knowing know that all math concepts have been covered, without any concerns about when a new course is teaching a new concept vs. our previous curriculum.

Plus, that means you can have all your kids on the same program at the same time… well when they get to kindergarten that is.

2) Move at Your Own Pace

One of the greatest benefits of homeschooling is the opportunity to allow our children to learn and grow at their own pace. CTCMath encourages and supports individualized learning by giving us access to all grade levels, K-12, right from the start.

Your child can move as slowly, or as quickly as needed through the material, without any concerns about grade level limitations. It’s perfect for a homeschooler!

3) Access Any Grade Level

Math is one of those subjects that simply requires retention to be able to move on. Because it builds upon concept after concept, sometimes your child will need to review before moving forward.

CTCMath makes this easy. At any time, he can go back and review or even completely re-learn a particular lesson or concept, before continuing on. Starting 6th grade, but your child didn’t understand fractions from last year’s text book? With just a few clicks you can assign previous levels for review and build up a solid base for new concepts.

This is especially great for homeschoolers switching to CTC from another program. You won’t have to worry about holes in your child’s learning.

4) Pre & Post Test

I love this aspect of the program. CTCMath provides pre and post testing before and after the learning, rather than requiring endless review questions throughout the learning. This will give your child a great snapshot of the progress he’s made after completing a lesson and eliminates any unnecessary (and let’s face it, boring) review questions mid-lesson.

5) Email Grades & Updates

This is a much greater benefit than I anticipated. Rather than having to take the time and remember to go into your parent portal to check your child’ progress, CTCMath makes my life simple and sends a email updates on a daily and/or weekly basis (depending on your preference). It’s easy to see how well your child is progressing, react as needed, delete the email and move on. Easy and effective!

The alerts keep me aware of what’s going on with my son’s progress so I can celebrate his achievements!CTC Math Review

Homeschool Discount on CTCMath

Another big benefit is that CTCMath understands that many homeschool families are on a budget!

Homeschooling families receive a 60% discount from regular price! And if you’re a year-round homeschooler, you’ll appreciate that when you purchase a 6 month membership you get a bonus 6 months free. That really adds up with multiple kids over several years!

If you’re interested in trying CTCMath, but not totally sure if it’s for you, try it out for free before you buy. I think you will see the benefits right away!

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