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I’ve found a fun and interactive homeschool Spanish curriculum that I am so excited to share. Read on for a full review customize a foreign language program to perfectly fit your homeschool.

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Homeschool Spanish Curriculum - fun an interactive Spanish Lessons for kids.

Disclosure: I received this curriculum free of charge and was compensated for my time in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Can I homeschool Spanish?

I do my best to be a child-led homeschool mom, but sometimes it’s really hard. Especially when my son decided he wanted to learn a foreign language! I had to figure out a way to homeschool Spanish, even though I don’t speak it.

We started with a general, gentle introduction to Spanish in kindergarten, but as first grade approached (and his interest wasn’t waning) I found myself constantly searching for more and more resources and needing more support to deliver Spanish instruction.

I wanted to make a switch to a more structured, engaging program we could stick with. I needed something to help me help him.

Spanish Lessons for Every Homeschool

The curriculum we tried is Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids®, and I am so pleased with this program. It is a fun, interactive curriculum for my son that provides the support I need as a non-Spanish-speaking teacher.

I’m going to describe some of the components of the program and what we enjoyed, but I’ll tell you right now – the biggest benefit is that you can completely customize this curriculum to suit your needs. So as you look at each component you can consider what will work for your unique homeschool.

√ Spanish Video Lessons

I’m just going to say it – these videos are so cute! I love them and, more importantly, so did my son. The first time we watched “Basketballs Aren’t for Breakfast” he wanted to see it 3 times!

The videos are the core of this curriculum. Videos are live, Spanish-speaking actors in a family setting. We’ve used a variety of videos and shows to introduce Spanish, but these are different (and better) for a few reasons:

  • Immersion: The videos are Spanish-only. No translation. Your child will understand what’s going on, but it won’t be explained in English. They will watch and understand the video in Spanish.
  • Live actors: There’s a real benefit to seeing live actors rather than cartoons. You can see their mouths moving and understand what they’re saying through gestures and body language – much better than watching an animated person or animal.
  • Family setting: The characters in the videos are so relatable – and will be for children in a range of ages. They are not babyish or silly. The portrayal of family dynamics really makes the videos fun and engaging for kids.

√ Spanish Quizzes

I don’t know why, but my kid loves taking online quizzes, does yours? I think it’s the funniest thing.

I love how everything works together in this program. The quizzes offered online are comprised of clips from the videos.The quizzes provide an assessment as well as review of the material.

Your child will be able to complete videos and quizzes independently. They don’t have to be independent readers, and you don’t have to read it for them.

√ Hands-On Materials

Homeschool Spanish CurriculumThe hands-on materials feature the same kids in the videos, so your child will automatically recognize and recall what they’ve learned so far.

Card games: Cards feature characters from the videos and come with an instructional guide with four games to play.

I love that the guide encourages parents to play and children to learn through immersion. It might seem daunting at first, but the guide shows you just what to say.

Spanish Label Stickers: We had so much fun placing Spanish words throughout our home – my son even labeled the dog and himself (see him laughing about it above).  I loved this activity because he referred to the labels again and again – which encouraged him to use Spanish and to read.

Reward Stickers en español – How fun to be able to dole out rewards in Spanish? ¡Fantastico! ¡Excelente! This was a nice touch that provides that little extra motivation.

√ Activity Book

There’s something about black line, newsprint workbooks that makes my son antsy. He hates them! That’s why I was so happy to see bright, colorful, interactive activity books in this program.

The workbooks include a variety of activities and games such as matching, fill-in-the-blank, crossword puzzles, word search, and even scripts for fun pretend play along with the video characters.

Homeschool Spanish Curriculum

√ Teacher’s Guide

If you are a person who is timid about teaching a foreign language, you will love this teacher’s guide. You have brief, step-by-step instructions to help you provide short, engaging lessons in Spanish.

This is just the right amount of hand-holding I needed to feel confident about teaching Spanish myself. Yes, we had a few giggles over my pronunciation – my son is an expert after watching the videos, naturally! Everyone loves to correct the teacher!

Customizable Homeschool Spanish Curriculum

I’m a comparison shopper. When I checked out different Spanish homeschool curriculum, I saw that many programs offer either/or. Either online or hands on. Either streaming or DVD. Either workbooks or computer games.

I really appreciate that Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® has a huge variety of products and packages to offer. It’s not an either/or curriculum.

They have everything you need and ways to customize your program so that you get exactly what you want.

This is a huge benefit for homeschool families. You can create a package for your unique needs – for your unique child. Check out a bit of what they have to offer:

  • Online Spanish Curriculum – Members receive online access to videos, games, puzzles, quizzes, and workbooks. Plus get in touch with a Spanish teacher to help you with the program. Don’t miss the 48 hour free trial!
  • Super Set – 4 level bundle: Choose from DVDs or Online access plus get all of the excellent hands-on learning tools!
  • Early Learner Set – Check out this starter set for little ones aged 3-6. Everything you need to introduce Spanish to young learners.
  • Single Level Set – Get started 1 level at a time. Great for families schooling year-to-year or those of you with kiddos (like mine) that might want to dabble in different languages over time.
  • DVD Set – Have a visual learner? Your child will love this relatable, friendly family. Purchase one DVD at a time or the whole set for a discounted bundle rate.

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