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Where do you find homeschool support? If you’re lucky, your community is filled with like-minded homeschoolers who are there when you need them. However, if you’re like many of the homeschoolers across the nation – living in rural areas far from other homeschoolers or in places where homeschool is not popular – you might need to reach out for online homeschool support.

This post contains over one hundred links to places where you can find homeschool support online. These groups represent a range of homeschooling methods and styles and address a diverse set of needs. Some are linked to products or websites that you may already be using.

Find homeschool support online

I encourage you to tap into these resources. Homeschooling can often be isolating. We are all in our own homes with our own children for a good chunk of time each day. It’s sometimes difficult to find local support groups – especially if you are in a rural area or if you have a different view than the homeschoolers in your area. We are in the minority already. Some of us are the minority within the minority within the minority. But there are others out there.

You can find support here. This list contains groups that share resources and encouragement for homeschoolers just like you.

First I would love to invite you to my group! Creative Teaching Ideas is a great group of parents, teachers, and homeschoolers. We share ideas & support, and I’d love to see you for coffee on Wednesday mornings!!

This is by no means a comprehensive list of homeschool groups. There are a vast number of groups available to the general public online, membership sites, and secret Facebook groups. If you have a group that you’d like added to the list, please add it to the comments below with a link and description.

How this list was organized

There is so much crossover between resources and encouragement, homeschool methods and age groups – many of these groups fall into more than one category. For ease of browsing, I’ve listed them in alphabetical order.

Unless otherwise noted, the following groups are on Facebook. That is where you will find the biggest number of active homeschoolers online, currently.

Many of the Facebook groups listed here are the main group for that specific method or curriculum. Some of them have off-shoot groups for different ages or levels, buy and sell groups, or smaller clubs that cater to more specific needs to check out after you have joined the main group.

You will see some listed as online forums. These generally are larger forums with a variety of topics. If you’re not on Facebook or if you desire a certain amount of anonymity (keep in mind nothing is truly anonymous on the internet!) you may want to opt for a forum over Facebook.

Most groups have names that are self-explanatory. A few required further description. This was gathered from either the public information available for the group or from the group administrator.

A note: These are not my personal recommendations. This is a list of groups that are active, online, and appear to be accepting members. Be sure to read the membership requirements and full descriptions before you join. 


Abeka Homeschoolers – This is a closed group {membership by approval only}, for homeschooling MOMS {ladies only please}, who use the Abeka curriculum {some or all} in their home education.

ADHD Homeschooling Support Group – A support group for homeschooling families who are living and learning with ADD/ADHD!

African American Home School Network – The African-American home school movement is growing; however there is a lack of on-line networks. This FB Community is a prelude to the collaborative effort to create a membership site. Its main function will be to support, encourage, and promote African American Homeschool families. Including curriculum selection and co-op group start up in your local communities.

AmblesideOnline – Our primary purpose is to serve those who are actively using AO & those interested in learning about AO.

AmblesideOnline Forums (online forum)


Build Your Library Families – Using or interested in using the secular Build Your Library curriculum for home learning? You’re in the right place!

Build Your Own Homeschool Curriculum for FREE – A former teacher, now homeschool mom, offering encouragement and free internet-based homeschooling resources for building your own curriculum.

Black Homeschooling Families Support Group – This group is for African American homeschooling families that are looking for more opportunities to support and communicate with other homeschooling families. Our group has been created to provide opportunities for black families to support, motivate, uplift, educate, and inspire one another while we provide better opportunities for our children.

Blue Collar Homeschool – A place for encouragement, support, and ideas for those homeschooling students headed for trades, military or technical careers, or entrepreneurship!

Brave Writer BraveSchoolers – A safe space to share and discuss Brave Writer broadcasts from Julie and by the Brave Writer BraveSchooler community. Run by Julie Bogart and the BW team.

Brave Writer Lifestyle Group – Brave Writer Lifestyle Group is a HOMESCHOOLING lifestyle group grounded on the principles of Brave Writer.

Breakthrough High School at Home – A group to encourage and inspire parents who are homeschooling high school-aged teens.


Calvert Homeschool Families – This group is a place for enrolled Calvert Families, and those considering enrollment, to engage in community discussions, ask questions, and offer advice and support.

Charlotte Mason Early Learning groupfor the early years (0-6) of a Charlotte Mason homeschool. There’s a Christian perspective but all are welcome!


Charlotte Mason Homeschoolers – This group is for families using Charlotte Mason’s methods or what is often called the “living book” or “literature” approach to homeschooling. This is the place to talk about books, nature study, handicrafts, picture study, music appreciation, and all of the various other things that go into having a real, living education.


Charlotte Mason Secular Homeschoolers – This group is intended for families of all faiths, backgrounds, and personal beliefs to be able to come together to discuss using the methods of Charlotte Mason in their home. A place to share non-religious based resources with one another.


Charlotte Mason Waldorf Homeschooling – Just that – homeschooling combining Charlotte Mason with Waldorf. How are you doing it? Do you have any questions? Would you like to share your victories and struggles with us?


The Charlotte Mason Way Community – The Charlotte Mason Way Community is for women looking to find encourage, ideas and tips for implementing the gentle methods that have been proven to work for over 100 years.

Classical Conversations (online forum)

Classical Conversations – The purpose of this group is to connect with other homeschooling families interested in educating classically with Classical Conversations.


Classical Conversations at *Home* – Classical Conversations at Home is a support group for those educating their children using CC, but who can not or choose not to attend community.


Classical Conversations: Special Needs – Help other CC parents with ideas to modify CC for kids with special needs.


Christian Homeschool Families – This group was founded for the purpose of encouraging and assisting Christian families to home educate with a Biblical worldview according to God’s clear instructions to do so. This includes those who are already homeschooling, those who plan to homeschool, and those who are wisely concerned about the government schools and who are seeking a Christian alternative


Christian Homeschooling Moms – This group is designed to network a unique group of Christian moms (not men) who believe God has led them to homeschool their child(ren) and are actively homeschooling.


Classical / Charlotte Mason / Eclectic Homeschoolers Extraordinare – We are home educators drawn to both Classical and Charlotte Mason styles (they’re not all that different) but not purists in either methodology. Welcome, all those who like to blend the best of the two with maybe some dashes of other things mixed in.


Classically Homeschooling Community A community to discuss classical education and the simple techniques you need to end the overwhelm so you can finally enjoy your classical homeschool.

Christian Homeschooling with Netflix, Amazon, You Tube, Roku and MORE! – This is a Christian Group for providing information about streaming movies through Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and your Roku player.


Decolonize Homeschool – This group is open to families of all colors and backgrounds who want to learn and teach their children from the perspective of the non-dominant cultures that are colonized around the world.


Discovery K12 Online Homeschool – This group is for people who are using Discovery K12 online school for HOMESCHOOLING their CHILDREN or are interested in more information about it.

DynamicHomeschoolGroup – Homeschool families community. Your group for resources and how-tos from seasoned homeschoolers. Share the high and lows of homeschooling with others who understand the road less traveled that we have chosen to take.


Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool – This is a user support group created for parents who are using EP as their curriculum.

The Educating Parents Homeschooling and Unschooling – This Australian group is for people interested in home education (homeschooling and unschooling). Members from elsewhere in the world are welcome but most of the information shared is Australian based.

10 Chapter Books


Family Book Club @ My Little Poppies – A group for parents of book loving kiddos (not limited to homeschoolers).

Family Schooling without Training Wheels – Oriented towards “Family Schooling” (i.e. teaching multiple ages together) but more generally about relaxed, eclectic homeschooling.

Fearless Homeschool – Fearless Homeschoolers is secular and inclusive, and encourages and empowers families to stop schooling and start educating, and homeschool thoughtfully in a way that suits them.

Frugal Homeschooling Moms – A community for homeschooling moms to encourage and equip one another. Have a question? Ask it here. Need encouragement or prayer? Feel free to ask. Have you found a technique or product that works for your family? Please share it with us


Gameschool Community | My Little Poppies – A group for gameschooling families (not limited to homeschoolers).

Writing Allowed – A group for families who would like to create a culture of readers, writers, and thinkers at home.

Global Homeschool Network – Welcome to the Global Homeschooling Network Facebook group! A community of homeschooling family around the world. 

Grow Your Homeschool with Grace Tribe – If you are a homeschooling mom who is constantly striving to serve her family well then you are in the right place.


Heart & Soul Homeschoolers – Are you a homeschool parent looking for connection with other homeschoolers? Are you looking for a group where you can ask questions and share you

Hip Homeschoolers – Are you a homeschool parent looking for connection with other homeschoolers? Are you looking for a group where you can ask questions and share your frustrations and struggles and encourage and support one another? Come join us Hip Homeschoolers on our journey and lets help one another along the way!

Hip Homeschool Moms Community – A vibrant community for homeschooling families. This group is an extension of our website.

Home Education/Schooling WORLDWIDE – Home educators! Let’s connect, share learning ideas and give each other inspiration and support. Share political ideas and learning philosophies. Inspire one another through our differing art and cultures. Strength and growth in numbers!

Homeschool Co-Op Teachers Ideas, lesson plans, activities, tips, encouragement and more related to the unique role of a homeschool teacher at a homeschool co-op, non-traditional private school, or other cooperative or co-learning environment.

Homeschool Curriculum 101 – An inclusive group to ask questions about curriculum and resources and to provide support and encouragement to new and seasoned homeschooling families.

Homeschool Deals and Freebies – This is a place for homeschooling parents and homeschool bloggers to post information and links to great sales and freebies available online and off. 

HSEduFreeMarket~Homeschool Educational Free Market – Homeschool Educational Free Market is a homeschool resource group, sharing only FREE resources.

HOMESCHOOL HANGOUT – Grab a cup of coffee, put your feet up, and come hangout and relax with fellow homeschoolers.

Homeschool Lapbooks – This is a group focused on Lapbooking! We will learn, chat, and share about lapbooking ideas. 

Homeschool Printables for FREE – FREE Homeschool Printables is a Facebook group dedicated to bring you FREE homeschool material. We are teaming up with some of the greatest homeschool bloggers out there to bring you fun, educational, content for FREE!!!

Homeschool Resource Room – Homeschool Resource Room is where you can come to get a boost for your homeschool. Tips and ideas to restore the passion and creativity while getting access to some experts for support.

Learn to read for FREE!

Homeschool Scopes – Homeschool Scopes is for moms who homeschool and enjoy Periscope / Facebook Live.


Homeschool World Forum  (online forum)


Homeschooling Around the World – This is a group for homeschoolers, or those seriously interested in beginning homeschooling. We share info about curriculum, questions we have, exchange ideas, and support each other on our homeschool journey.


Homeschooling Dyslexic Kids – This group is a support group for homeschool families where we can be free to speak our heart and mind on the subject of dyslexia and our children.


Homeschooling Freethinkers – This group is for discussion and support of adult homeschoolers and unschoolers who are Freethinkers.


Homeschooling with Bookshark – This group is for people who are using Bookshark or thinking about using Bookshark while homeschooling.


Homeschooling Kids with Dyslexia & Other Special Needs – This group is open to PARENTS who homeschool or are considering homeschooling their children that have one or more diagnose(s) of Dyslexia, dysgraphia, Dyscalcula, FASD, FAS, ARND, Autism, asperger’s syndrome, PDD, auditory processing issues, low IQ, math disabilities, writing disabilities or difficulties and other types of special needs.


Homeschooling Minimally Verbal Children – HMVC (Homeschooling Minimally Verbal Children) is for parents who have chosen to homeschool, or are considering homeschooling, a minimally verbal child.

Homeschooling Mom’s Hangout – An extension of the blog.


Homeschooling Parents of Children with Asperger’s Syndrome – We are a respectful support group for Parents of Asperger Children who choose to homeschool.


Homeschooling with Pinterest – Pinterest ideas to keep our homeschooling fresh and exciting!!


Homeschooling with Netflix – This is a place to share information on good educational videos found on Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, or anywhere else.


Homeschool Successfully: Perfection Not Required – Homeschool Successfully is a place of helps, tips, and encouragement for the homeschool mom! Perfection not required.


Homeschooling through the Seasons – A place to find/share seasonal & holiday educational resources.

Homeschooling Waldorf Support Group – A support group for active homeschooling families following a Waldorf / Steiner curriculum only. 

The Homeschool Lounge (online forum)

The Homeschool Help Desk for Beginners – Support community specifically for those who have been homeschooling two years or less.

The Homeschool Summits group – Join us to connect with other Christian homeschooling families about Christ-centered home education and discipleship. 


Islamic Homeschooling – This group is for those interested in homeschooling Islamic Studies for their children.

It’s Not That Hard to Homeschool High School  – Homeschooling high school can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be that hard! Let’s encourage one another as we travel this path! This group is a place for homeschool parents to share tips and encouragement for everything that homeschooling high school entails, from picking curriculum to getting through the school day to parenting our teens — and more.

It’s Not That Hard to Homeschool K-8 – Homeschooling gets a bad rap as something that is scary or difficult. But it doesn’t have to be hard! This group is to encourage one another that homeschooling is very doable and rewarding! Let’s build a community of support for one another! 


Joyfully Homeschooling Community – An encouraging place for homeschool mommas.

JW Homeschool Group – This is a group for JW homeschool parents. I’m hoping we can share tips, money saving ideas on curriculum and end of year testing. It would also be nice to schedule some field trips together. Please add any JW homeschoolers you may know!

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Learn Around the World – This community is a place to share ideas, recipes, crafts, and resources related to World Geography for kids.

Life of Fred – A group dedicated to a series of unconventional mathematics texts (and other subjects now) written by Stanley Schmidt, starring our favorite 36″ math professor, Fred Gauss.


Mater Amabilis™ Catholic Homeschool Curriculum – Mater Amabilis™ is presented as a Charlotte Mason style curriculum for Catholics in the 21st century. This forum is intended to provide a place for support, discussion, feedback and encouragement among the many families who use the curriculum.

Military Homeschoolers Overseas – Military Homeschoolers Overseas aims to provide information and support to OCONUS military homeschooling families. We’re here to share resources, talk about issues relating to homeschooling in the military or in general. This group does not endorse any particular method of homeschooling or any religion. 

Minimalist Homeschooling – This group aims to bring together people who home school / home educate their children, and embrace, or inspire to live the minimalist lifestyle. Wherever you are from and however you teach your child you are welcome here. 

Moving Beyond the Page Curriculum Support – A support group for those using the homeschool curriculum, Moving Beyond the Page.

Music in Our Homeschool – Music in our Homeschool is a community where homeschoolers can discuss tips, resources, and ideas for our homeschools. 

Muslim Homeschool and Education – The group is to provide a friendly forum for all Muslims everywhere. We share and discuss about everything we need to teach Muslim Kids.

Muslim homeschool/unschool, attachment parenting, natural living support – Woman only. Salaam! I could not find a group of other like minded muslims so I created this one. Please post questions, answers, tips, ideas ect. pertaining to homeschooling, unschooling, gentle parenting, and natural living.

My Joy-Filled Homeschool – The purpose of this group is to be a safe place for homeschooling moms (or moms considering homeschooling) to come together, encourage one another, ask questions, and share tips & ideas.

Mystery of History Volume 1 – This group is for users of Mystery of History volume 1. It is a place to share ideas and support each other. 

My unschooler is interested in… – This group was inspired by the sticky-note thing at Wide Sky Days 2012 and is intended to help you gather resources for whatever your unschooler is interested in. 

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The Oaxacaborn Homeschool Community – [Faith-based] A friendly classical homeschool community. Celebrating work as worship, rhythms of rest, and the outliers of homeschool subculture.


Pagan Homeschooling – This group is for Pagans Parents who wish to raise and teach their children with a Pagan flavour. We welcome people from all Pagan Paths and related religions and spiritualties, such as Heathenism, Buddhism and Hinduism. We also welcome non-Pagan parents who have Pagan children and wish to facilitate their religious choice.

Parent Community and Forum (online forum)

iHomeschool Network 100 things link up!
Preschoolers at Home – A place where at home preschooling Moms and Dads can get together and share ideas about crafts, resources, products, education, planning, field trips, children, and fun!


Radical Unschooling – Radical Unschooling is trusting your children in *every* area of their lives, not just education. Another way it can be described is Radical Unschooling is living in a partnership paradigm of parenting, as opposed to the traditional authoritarian paradigm.

Radical Unschooling Info – LInks and directions to information for new and experienced Unschoolers who extend that learning beyond academics.

Radical Unschooling Support Community – We are a tight, ever-growing, inclusive community of families who wish to pursue joyfully whole-life-learning alongside their children.

Raising Poppies – A community for parents of gifted and twice-exceptional children.

The Relaxed Homeschool Community Page – This group is for homeschoolers to get motivation and encouragement from one another. 

Rock Your Homeschool!  – Open to all Homeschoolers looking for a supportive place to ask questions & lift each other up in our Homeschool adventures.

Rock Your Homeschool Planner – We chat about all things Homeschool planning and Planners!


Sallie Borrink – Discovering and Doing What Works A Cozy Gathering Place – A friendly, positive place for people to discuss a variety of topics I write about on my website including cozy living, faith, parenting, homeschooling, gifted/2e, learning with themes, children’s books, and more. I’m a moderately conservative Protestant Christian and some of the content I share in the group will reflect that. The group is open to anyone of any faith or beliefs who is comfortable with that. 

Secular Homeschool (online forum)

Secular, Eclectic, Academic (SEA) Homeschoolers – We are a community. This group is a friendly, diverse bunch. The SEA motto is, “Our differences are our strength.” We highly value the diversity each member brings to SEA. This group is open to any homeschooler or educator who considers themselves an eclectic academic, who appreciates the value of an academically rich education, and who wants to promote that within our homeschool community.


Secular Homeschool Families- Closed Group – Are you homeschooling for non-religious reasons? Do you want tolerance for all beliefs? You have come to the right place. Secular Homeschool Families (SHF) is an amazing group of homeschooling families that are here to support each other.

Secular, Relaxed, Eclectic Homeschooling with Older Kids – A group for parents that are Secular with older kids.

Simply Charlotte Mason (online forum)

Simply Joyful – “Simply Joyful” is the new private group for Raising Clovers. This Christian group is dedicated to encouraging and inspiring moms to find “simple solutions for a more joy-filled life.” 

Sonlight Homeschool Moms – This group is for moms using Sonlight curriculum to meet for support, fellowship, and ideas. Conversation should be related to Sonlight and at the very least, homeschooling.

Special Needs Homeschooling – This group is for those homeschooling their special needs child or seriously thinking about it. 

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Techin’ Your Homeschool – Join for discussions about homeschooling and technology.

There’s No Place Like Home Homeschool Community – A group all about encouraging one another in finding a path to a simple and relaxing homeschool environment. We also focus quite a bit on helping new homeschoolers to let go of the public school mindset.


Thrifty Homeschool – This group is a place to find and share giveaways, freebies, deals, sales, and money-saving tips for homeschoolers. If it can benefit homeschoolers, it’s welcome here.



Unschooling Charlotte Mason – In this group we have a delightfully eclectic bunch of ladies…from unschoolers who are interested in incorporating the lovely ideas of the Charlotte Mason method into their family’s lifestyle of learning to more relaxed Charlotte Mason style homeschoolers looking to add more interest-led learning into their routine.

Unschooling Mom2Mom – Here in this group, we might try to gently nudge you into seeing that learning is everywhere but everyone is encouraged to speak respectfully and be gentle with each other.

Unschooling Special Needs – This is an UNSCHOOLING support group for parents and caregivers of Special Needs kids. We have found that NON-COERCIVE and RELATIONSHIP BASED approaches work MUCH better for our kids than most mainstream methods of education and therapy.


Veritas Press Homeschoolers – [Faith-based.] A discussion and support community for homeschoolers using Veritas Press classes and materials.


Waldorf Homeschool Curriculum Discussion – This is a discussion group for Waldorf-inspired parents to explore the Waldorf/Steiner education philosophy in the homeschool context. This is a place where members can share their homeschooling experiences as well as seek reviews, get suggestions, and make comparisons of specific curriculum.

Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers Community – An online community for homeschooling families, WUHS Community is for followers of the Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers blog and Facebook page. 

The Well-Trained Mind Forums (online forum)

Well Trained Mind – This is a group for classical homeschool parents who are inspired by the book, The Well Trained Mind, by Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer.

The “Working Homeschool Mom” Club – A group for working moms who are homeschooling that are looking for encouragement on how to do both.


You ARE an Artist– For artists of all ages! Sharing tutorials, tips and art encouragement.

What to say and what not to say when you meet a homeschool mom

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