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We’re in the fifth year of our homeschool Spanish curriculum, and my fourth grader has officially passed me in both vocabulary and grammar! We all want our kids to excel beyond our own abilities, but it can definitely make teaching a challenge. Read on to find out about a unique curriculum solution that has made Spanish lessons fun to learn AND to teach!

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Easy and FUN homeschool Spanish curriculum in a surprise box! Check out our review of this unique alternative to foreign language instruction at home.

We received this product free of charge and were compensated for our time to provide a fair and honest review.

Foreign language is often one of the most challenging subjects for homeschooling parents to teach, especially if they have no background in the language (or haven’t looked at it since high school, hello!). You can go through all of the work with your child, but if you’re like me, you probably struggle with teaching your kids to use the language in an actual conversation.

Of course, it’s important to learn new words and understand the grammar of a foreign language, but being able to speak it is also essential. At this point, my son needs a homeschool Spanish curriculum that is fun, will keep his attention, and encourage him to start using Spanish outside of his lessons.

On top of that, the program has to help ME! I’m learning along with him, but I’m not keeping up. I want him to keep moving forward at his own pace, but I need a program that can help me guide him along. 

Enter TalkBox.Mom.

TalkBox.Mom: The Homeschool Spanish Curriculum with a New Twist

We were given the opportunity to try the TalkBox.Mom surprise box for our homeschool Spanish curriculum. I love the idea of this program because surprise boxes are instantly engaging. My son was excited to get his box! This program is truly unique – it’s unlike any of the other foreign language programs we’ve tried. We got the Snacks and Kitchen box.

What Makes TalkBox.Mom Different From Other Programs

While many other programs are more workbook-based, with a focus on vocabulary acquisition and grammar, TalkBox.Mom helps you integrate speaking a foreign language in your daily life.

homeschool Spanish curriculum

As a homeschooling parent, you’re likely as concerned as I am with your child learning to actually speak the language, not just conjugate verbs. Language speaking skills will last your child far into the future. TalkBox.Mom gives your child the immersion experience without having to hire a tutor.

TalkBox.Mom works under the notion that kids learn to talk by hearing their parents speak. This process works for a first language, so why not for a second or a third? The program relies almost entirely on the spoken word to get your kids speaking a foreign language.

What You Get in the Box

Language Guides

The language guides are heavy-duty, bright, colorful posters with vocabulary based on the box you get. Ours had Spanish words for food and snacks and is made to be hung in the kitchen. Other language guides are intended for other rooms in your house.

These guides help you remember the vocabulary and allow you to use the language in your daily life. You don’t have to stop what you’re doing and look up the word for “apple” – it’s right there on the language guide.

homeschool Spanish curriculum


The phrasebook contains phrases related to your box’s theme, phrases you would use in your daily life. Your family looks through the phrases, chooses a few to target, and then inputs them into the app. The app will then provide you with pronunciation and serve as a handy reminder to see what you need to work on. These phrases are shown on all of your devices running the app.


These cards are not flashcards for you to flip through. Instead, you place each card near the item it’s related to. For example, if it’s about cups, you’d put it near the cups in your kitchen. You’ll often see foreign language teachers using this method – their rooms have almost everything labeled in the language.

homeschool Spanish curriculum


The Native Speaker Audio App allows you to save the phrases your family is working on across all of your devices and gives you an audio pronunciation for each. The speaker is a native speaker, not a computer, so both you and your child will learn to correctly say the words.

Activity Guides

The box also comes with three guides. These guides are designed to help you get started with the program and will walk you through activities.

Takeaways on this unique alternative to traditional Homeschool Spanish Curriculum

Getting the box was a really exciting experience. Most homeschool curricula are just a book, but opening this box was an event. My son was motivated to learn right from the start. 

I was surprised by how quickly we were able to start using conversational Spanish in our everyday life. I put the posters up in the kitchen and boom! We were off and talking. 

The pronunciation guide helped A LOT. It turns out we’ve been mispronouncing things for years. Oops. We’re on it now.

homeschool Spanish curriculum

I really liked the family aspect of the program. TalkBox.Mom is designed to get the whole family speaking a foreign language, even the youngest members. Even though the box was intended for my nine-year-old, my younger kids starting joining in as well. They picked up a lot just from listening to us speak.

Another unique aspect of the program is a TalkBox.Mom members-only Facebook group. You’ll find a really active community of very supportive moms. They’re always sharing new ideas for helping your kids learn a second language. It’s also a great place to ask questions about the program and get answers from the community.

A Variety of Languages

We’re starting with Spanish, but TalkBox.Mom offers a variety of languages. This option is great for us since my son has wanted to learn Brazilian Portuguese for a while. I’ve always been hesitant – not because he isn’t capable, but because I simply don’t want to take on another language. 

However, TalkBox.Mom seems like it may be a great way to let him try out another language. It seems like an easy program to switch between languages and find one that suits your kids’ and your family’s interests without making a long-term commitment.

You can start with one box or four. Each box has challenges that last several weeks, but you can continue to use the posters and phrasebook for a lot longer to incorporate foreign language into your everyday life.

homeschool Spanish curriculum

Final Thoughts

We really loved our TalkBox.Mom experience. This new spin on homeschool Spanish curriculum is an innovative program that uses your child’s natural language-learning ability to teach a second language. It also makes language-learning into an everyday, family event.

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