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If you have a kid that is over the moon about marine life under the sea, have I got a recommendation for you! Read on for our thoughts about More Fish Faces: More Photos & Fun Facts about Tropical Reef Fish, connections for a marine life unit study, and a giveaway!

Books about Marine Life for Kids - If you have a little one who is over the moon about all things under the sea, I have a great book recommendation for you! #sponsored #raisingreaders #marinelife #elementaryscience

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Of all the places and things we’ve studied, one of the most interesting and weird is life under the sea. We spent years looking at illustrations and skeletons of dinosaurs, but even that doesn’t compare to my son’s ongoing love of marine life that began when I showed him a video of an octopus escaping from a jar. There’s something about seeing actual photographs and videos of real-life animals that exist today that just grabbed him (with all 8 tentacles).

Exploring Ocean Life with Children’s Books

Now, that love of marine life has spread to my other kids. Since common interests are few and far between around here, I’m always happy to come upon resources that they can all enjoy. One that we were particularly excited about this year was More Fish Faces: More Photos & Fun Facts about Tropical Reef Fish.

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More Fish Faces: More Photos & Fun Facts about Tropical Reef Fish is the second book in the Ocean Friends series by marine life photographer and author, Tam Warner Minton. This fantastic picture book will take your kids on an unbelievable adventure where they will discover all kinds of amazing facts about these weird and wild fish!

My oldest, the original lover of the sea has a favorite fish: the whale shark. He says he loves it because it’s the biggest, but I think the real reason is because he thinks it’s hilarious that a fish is named “whale.” Can you guess what is on the very first page of More Fish Faces? Tam swimming with a whale shark! He was pulled in immediately.

We found so many new and interesting fish and facts in this book, but what I really loved about More Fish Faces is that it also focuses on making sustainable, eco-friendly choices and how that can affect life in the sea. I saw my son making connections between the fish he loves from around the world to the simple choices we make at home. He even downloaded the Seafood Watch app that was recommended in the book to my phone!

Elementary Science Lessons on Marine Life

More Fish Faces: More Photos & Fun Facts about Tropical Reef Fish will make a perfect jumping off point for a marine life unit study for your kids. It’s appropriate for a range of ages.

Your preschoolers will be excited by the bright and colorful photography, and older kids will enjoy this engaging picture book filled with fascinating facts. The information included is very appropriate for upper elementary or even middle school students to use as an introduction to a variety of connected topics.

Books about marine life for kids (1)

A few connections that we made:

  • Coral reef geography – grab your globes for a trip around the world!
  • Characteristics of marine life
  • Impact of overfishing
  • Climate change
  • Learning about underwater photography and we made an art connection (try Yusei Nagashima)

This book also includes a wide range of new vocabulary to discuss and define: boycott, sustainable/unsustainable, biodegradable, predator, overpopulation, Keystone Species, and many more.

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You can find our more about All Fish Faces and More Fish Faces: More Photos & Fun Facts about Tropical Reef Fish on Tam Warner Minton’s website, and you’ll receive a 20% discount if you buy directly from the site, more information here.

And before I go, I have to share:
As I went to write this post I couldn’t find the book anywhere. Well, this little one seems to have snuck it off my desk and fell asleep reading it. I’m just glad he didn’t crush the pages when he rolled over! His big brother would be so mad!!! I hope he’s dreaming about sea anemones right now.

Marine Life for Kids