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If you’re just starting out, one of your biggest concerns is probably homeschool reporting. Every state has different end-of-year requirements – and they can be really confusing! And vague.

Prove my child made a year’s worth of progress? What does that even mean?

Before you create a huge, new pile of paperwork, I want to share an easy solution that could take a lot off your plate this year.

Make homeschool reporting EASY with CTCMath. Print & go reports for your portfolio & see your child's progress at-a-glance. #homeschooling #homeschoolcurriculum #secularhomeschool

We received this product free of charge and compensation for our time to provide a fair and honest review.

We’ve been homeschooling on and off for several years, but this is my first year homeschooling all three of my children (5, 7, 9)!

They all have different needs and learning styles. In order to provide each child with the best learning experience, I try to customize our curriculum choices with an eclectic mix of materials.

This essentially means that we end up with a slew of different lessons, units, and assessments to keep track of and report on. I use our homeschool portfolios to keep each kid’s work and assessments neatly together in one place. However, even with a proper system in place, it can still be tough when you’re tracking every subject for each child!

So I love knowing that I have one subject completely covered – math. When we use CTCMath, the homeschool reporting is done for me!

Homeschool Reporting with CTCMath

We have used CTC in the past. I know that it has the flexibility I need to accommodate all of my children, and it is a solid program. But this year, the ease of homeschool reporting was a major factor when it came to our decision to use CTCMath again.

When I was deciding which subject we wanted to outsource this year, I wanted an online solution that both took care of the curriculum and instruction and the organization and reporting.

Take a look at how easy it is to view and track your child’s progress on CTCMath. You can even save a PDF and print it out for your end-of-year portfolio.

Benefits of CTCMath‘s EASY Homeschool Reporting

You won’t have to monitor your kids every moment!
Two of my kids can work independently while I work one-on-one with the third. I don’t have to peek over their shoulders constantly. I just have to check my report a few times per week to ensure they remain on track.

Check on your kid’s progress at-a-glance!
You can access simple, visual reports directly from your parent dashboard. I’m able to see where my kids are making progress as well as the areas that need to be reviewed.

Your math portfolios will be organized and ready to go!
I can print all three of my kid’s records easily from one place at any point in the year. This makes our record keeping efficient and keeps my portfolio organized.

You will feel secure knowing you are in compliance!
Print and go at the end of the year to show off your children’s progress to your co-op advisor or portfolio reviewer. All of your assessments, retakes, and lessons will be accounted for.

Homeschool Family Membership

When teaching three children all on different levels and with different needs, organization has to be a priority. I love that CTCMath’s homeschool reporting helps keep me organized and confident my children on the right track!

I also love that CTC works with parents who are homeschooling a big family. I feel like 3 is big, but my bff has twice as many! Check out the Homeschool Family Membership from CTCMath.

It is a wonderful program for homeschoolers with a solid math curriculum that will help you remain organized and keep all of your kids on track for the year!