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Are you considering trying the Charlotte Mason approach to homeschooling? Take a peek at a day-in-the-life of a homeschooling, homesteading family applying the CM philosophy!

This post is part of a series of homeschooling method interviews.

An insider's look at a homeschool family taking the Charlotte Mason approach! Homeschoolers and homesteaders practicing the CM method! #homeschooling #charlottemason #homeschoolmethod
Charlotte Mason Approach - Yvie Field

Today I’m talking with Yvie, homeschool and homesteading and mom of two boys who both embraces and expands on the Charlotte Mason approach.

In the following interview, Yvie shares what the Charlotte Mason method looks like in action.

What is the Charlotte Mason approach to homeschooling?

The Charlotte Mason method immerses children in learning through living and literature. Nature studies, reading aloud, and hands-on activities are all a part of this teaching method.

We take this a step further (in subjects such as science and history), and do unit studies as well – focusing on one topic, or a set of connected topics, for learning reinforcement.

What does your typical homeschool day look like?

On a typical day, we get up and do farm chores. Then the boys make breakfast, and I read to them while they eat.

We clean the kitchen and sit down to do ‘family stuff’ (history, science) together. Each does it at their level, but we do a lot of Socratic discussions at the table…we also incorporate current events at this time.

Once that is complete, they begin on their individual work (language arts, math). We break for lunch, and spend some time with Dad (if he’s home that day). We take a short walk and then begin the afternoon session.

After school time, the boys can work on special projects. Some days we have therapy or other appointments, too. In the evening, after dinner and chores, we read together for an hour or so before bed.

Charlotte Mason Approach to Science
Check out how the Field family’s incorporates Charlotte Mason into their history lesson plans! Neuclear Science Unit

How do you plan and organize your homeschool days?

There are two parts to my planning – what each kid is doing separately (such as math) and what we are doing together as a family (literature, science, history, nature, PE, etc).

Each child has a responsibility chart that is created at the beginning of the week. They have to complete the work by the end of the week, and some of it must be done together.

I make sure that we get the ‘family stuff’ done each day, and they are responsible for their individual work (I still do individual instruction on these subjects).

It took a bit, but they finally figured out that if they did a little extra work at the beginning of the week, then they had most of Friday for ‘special projects day!’ (However, we did have to teach the adage “a stitch in time saves nine” when they tried to rush too much…)

If you’re using the Charlotte Mason approach, I’d encourage you to check out the gorgeous variety of printable planners and calendars from TheHumbleHomeschool.

Charlotte Mason Homeschool Planner
Charlotte Mason Homeschool Planner for 2019-2020. Find the updated version and more on TheHumbleHomeschool.

What advice would you give to someone interested in the Charlotte Mason approach?

Children (and adults) learn and retain much more from living stories than they do from assorted facts. When you see the science and history incorporated into a well-written piece of literature, that information is more likely to stick.

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